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Updated: April 25, 2011 - Writers Looking for Artists

If you're looking for an artist or a writer to help you get your ideas out there to the world, you've come to the right place! Have a look around and check out this list of talent just below. :) And if you'd like to be listed here, please send us a note with the following info:

If you're an artist:

Describe your style: (anime, realistic, etc.)
What materials you use: (digital, traditional, etc)
Genre you'd like to work in:
How often you'll be able to update the manga:
What you're looking for in a writer:
Other info:
Sample of your work:

If you're a writer:

Genre(s) you write:
Title of the manga you want to work on:
Brief summary: (no more than 2 short paragraphs)
What you're looking for in an artist:
How often you're available: (if the artist has a question, or needs to contact you for any reason)
Other info:
Any samples of previous work: (Any mangas that you may have previously written)

This section is for artist/writer teams looking for an extra member:

Writer & artist seeking another writer:

Genre(s) you write:
Title of the manga you want to work on:
Brief summary: (no more than 2 short paragraphs)
What you're looking for in an artist:
How often you're available: (if the artist has a question, or needs to contact you for any reason)
Other info:
Any samples of previous work:

Writer & artist seeking another artist:

Describe your style: (anime, realistic, etc.)
What materials you use: (digital, traditional, etc)
Genre you'd like to work in or currently work in:
How often you'll be able to update the manga:
What you're looking for in a writer:
Are you seeking an artist that can draw in a specific style for your manga?
Are you seeking an artist for a specific task? (Drawing, coloring, toning, etc.)
Other info:
Sample of your work:



Writers seeking artists:

Genre(s) you write: Comedy and Action like DB and One Piece
Title of the manga you want to work on: Jake & Evil-Bob's Inter-dimensional Police Force
Brief summary: There are an infinite amount of Dimensions out there. The Nexus Police Force was set up to help Dimensions in need. They also attempt to reform villains but lets face it some things go wrong.

Jake is a young DI who must reform the villain Evil-Bob if he ever hopes to become anything more.

Evil-Bob is a none too enthusiastic villain who against his will is in the VR program so he can make himself a better person.

What you're looking for in an artist: An artist that can do a humorous style like what :iconiandimas: does. Good with gags and action.
How often you're available: Everyday. I live in the central time zone so it may present some challenges.
Other info: I have to describe things or draw the as best as I can for references.
Any samples of previous work:


Genre(s) you write: Fantasy, Comedy, Action
Title of the manga you want to work on: Untitled atm
Brief summary: Based off the life of a creature that lives in exile, only to have a bigger destiny in her own tribe. Brother versus brother, Sister versus brothers, and so on and so forth. There's many in-between tales but I'm not sure if I'll be using any of it.
What you're looking for in an artist: Someone who loves to draw animals of all kinds. You don't have to be brilliant :) Just understanding and easy to work with. As for backgrounds, it's not a MUST but it would be nice if you have some capabilities. Or if I could get a background artist, I might be able to work on the characters myself.
How often you're available: I'm available most days. I live in an Australian time zone however, but would be available around 8pm and so on East Coast time in the US [ That's a bit after 2pm for me ]. I can also provide an e-mail address or you can note me on DA.
Other info:
Any samples of previous work:… This is the piece that the current work is based on. I'd like to remake it.


Genre(s) you write: Mainly action an adventure, but I can write any other manga genres.
Title of the manga you want to work on: Sonic the Hedgehog: The Chaos Emeralds Quest
Brief summary: This manga tells the first adventure of Sonic and Tails, as well as their first encounter with Doctor Eggman. Sonic and Tails must avoid that Eggman finds the Chaos Emeralds and rules the whole world with his army of robots.
What you're looking for in an artist: I need an artist able to reflect Sonic's speed. The artist also has to be able to draw action scenes.
How often you're available: Everyday. The only problem are the hours, because I live in Spain (GMT +1).
Other info: I need to know if the artist has Windows Vista or XP, because I have a Vista laptop.


Genre(s) you write: Shounen, Action, Comedy and a bit of suspense and romance
Title of the manga you want to work on: Spiritual Universe - Earth Chosen
Brief summary: This is one of the stories of Spiritual Universe, an alternate universe to ours with all kinds of beings. Each story has various seasons so I'll leave here the first's plot summary.

The story is about a group who is charged of defending a town. It starts really simple but then new threats appear and the story reveals itself while the group fights.
What you're looking for in an artist: Patience, skill and avail for drawing scenes/manga/character designs for a big story as this.
How often you're available: I'm normally available.
Other info: I already have two seasons done (though not completely translated) and i would be glad to have someone to draw what I imagined. The artist is also free for giving ideas.
Any samples of previous work:…


Genre(s) you write: Shounen: Steampunk, fantasy, action/adventure, romance. (I can write about most anything.)
Title of the manga you want to work on: Red Sky
Brief summary: In the Clockwork Kingdom, people suffer under a cruel king. Crime rates are high, as most people turn to piracy to escape the strict laws. The only thing making matters worse is that the king's favorite son is soon to be crowned and married...

Not if they have anything to say about it.

After the death of their previous captain, Vincent (New captain) sets his eyes on revenge against the Clockwork kingdom and the king. With the appointing of the Clockwork Princesses, a plan hatches. If the soon-to-be king cannot pick his bride, the previous king must continue his reign under the constant stress until the chosen princesses can be recovered, that is until the crew attains what they need to dethrone him.
What you're looking for in an artist: I want an artist with a unique style, who is serious about manga and doesn't just take it lightly. Someone who takes criticism well, and can work well with creating things that are described to them.
How often you're available: Almost always.
Other info: I am seeking publication, so I can offer future payment for work.
Any samples of previous work: Red Sky is the only thing I've ever written, as far as manga goes.


Genre(s) you write
I'm pretty versatile and try to forge skills in many genres. But my main are:
Romance, Drama, School Life, Slice of life, Action, Adventure, (Dark) Fantasy

Title of the manga you want to work on
Can be an exciting story I have or I can create a new one.

Brief summary
(look at my DevART ID)

What you're looking for in an artist
- No half hearted people who quit half way.
- Needs to be able to draw with some quality.
(You may be able to draw far better than I ever can but it needs to have some level) But know this! If I turn you down it's not because you suck! It's because it's just isn't the level I'm looking for and you need more practice.
- Have a voice: It would be nice to hear what the artist thinks and wants. (although not required)
- If your in need of a certain story than give me info like: Genres, where you want it to go, maybe a basic plot and so on. (No guarantees though)

How often you're available
Well I'm pretty much available every day. At least on a Note/comment level that is.

Other info
- Looking for artist to draw Manga’s with.
- Looking for people who need a story.

Any samples of previous work
Kage no Monogatari (On hold for now) kage-no-monogatari.deviantart.…
My House Your House (Work in Progress)…
Bittersweet (work in Progress)…


Genre(s) you write: usually fantasy or some sort of horror
Title of the manga you want to work on: well i was working on one, but atm unknown
Brief summary: well ill talk about the one i was doing,
It was a story of a young girl from Florida on her way to Washington into enroll into a music school for gifted youth. On the plane she meets a strange young man with an even stranger hair color. They chat and in the midst of laughing the plane starts to go down. Suddenly a great white light raps her up and she is saved. She soon learns the young man is her guardian angel. She also finds that she is traveling to the same place (obviously) and they start a life of magic, mayhem and possibly love (AWWWW)
What you're looking for in an artist: Im looking for a clean style. Nothing to sketchy and someone that is patient
How often you're available: I am available almost everyday. Very persistent in checking my da and email plus aim and skype is always an option.
Other info: I am a bit pushy but all you gotta do is tell me to do is chill and we will be cool
Any samples of previous work: I can post it soon :D like in a few days on my da just look for it


Genre(s) you write: Supernatural/Activism
Title of the manga you want to work on: Mercedes Rule
Brief summary: Mercedes Rule was published by Midici as a short, 1,000 word story, in an anthology. The fan feedback has been so great there after, that it was extended. Cain was born into darkness... As the saying goes "you cannot chose your family" and Cain's proof of that... he is also proof that the sins of your parents, don't have to reflect you as he lived through their mistakes, while his caretaker fights to show him it doesn't matter what your parents have done, it only matters what you do.
What you're looking for in an artist: Realism or manga, would prefer it not be a... this comic was started, but the artist realized she did not have the time/experience. Full sketches and such are already done and the new artist may use them, or create new versions.
How often you're available: Every day, I am online. However, I do not want to start this project till March or so...
Other info: I am a published author and I go to comic conventions every single year, with a table. For my artists, I always get them business cards and put them up at the tables.
Any samples of previous work: Releasing 2 webcomics very soon. One based on my published novel has been out a while, but we decided to turn it into a webcomic as it keeps a constantly editable workspace so the artist can be less restricted.


Genre(s) you write: Anything from fantasy to scifi to romance to drama to horror... etc.

Title of the manga you want to work on: I attempted to start on a yaoi assassin story, but looking back at the last fourteen pages, i was unhappy with how they came out.

Brief summary: I've been writing ever since I was in middle school. Just last year, I had my very first novel published. I'm currently nineteen years old. Now I've got a few other prior commitments, particularly my own pet comic with a friend, but I like plenty of side projects.

My specialty is dialog and plot. I've been schooled from day one with the three-act story structure and understand the fundamentals of story like the back of my hand.

What you're looking for in an artist: I enjoy manga style, but if you've got an attractive style, I'll work with you :3 What's most important is that we need to be on the same wavelength.

Other info:
If you'd like a sample of my writing, go here:…
If you want to check out my book, go here:…
And if you want to buy it, that would be quite appreciated 83


Genre(s) you write: Any but Sci-fi. I am incredibly flexible and can come up with stories for just about anything, so if you prefer to draw around a certain genre, that's fine. I prefer original stories to fan-fiction(they're boring and hard to work around), and I'm not amazing at comedy.
Title of the manga you want to work on: I have many; mostly fantasy based. Some modern, some other-worldly. Two of them come from fully completed stories I've written and never published, so. The only other thing to note (an exception to my fan-fiction rule) is that I love doing stories for Pokemon, whether about trainers, gijinka, or themselves. I can't help it~
Brief summary: Note me if you're interested. I'd take up too much space trying to fit them all in here.
What you're looking for in an artist: Someone who can draw better than me (haha) and someone who's willing up update at least once a month. Someone who uses either screentones or coloring; I'd rather it not be plain. Backgrounds are cool.
How often you're available: Every day. I'll answer a note if you send it to me the same day, 99% guaranteed.
Other info: I consider myself to be easy to work with because I am willing to negotiate and I have a caring personality :3 Character development is my specialty.
Any samples of previous work: GPC--it's in here, but terrible quality, as I can't draw; also it's only nine pages as of now. I'll send you a link if you're really interested. I've also done another, but the quality is terrible. If you want to find it you can dig through my gallery xDD


Genre(s) you write: Many genres, actually, I can adapt myself to many of them. Many of my stories includes knights, magic and dragons; other are futuristic and others are realistic. I would emphasize in an adventure story with knights and dragons mainly. No matter if it has a bit of horrour or realism (bloody like Gantz, for example)
Title of the manga you want to work on: Dragon hunters (if you want another just tell me)
Brief summary:
Gricha was a little reign in the middle of no-man's land. They were brave warriors but they get close to extinction after many wars, so they made a deal with a demon called Drarramir. Their souls were doomed to the eternity in trade of reincarnate in dragons when they die in battle. With their new powers they're trying to destroy everything in their way.
Far away to the west, in the other side of the continent, exists the Reign of Faerios. When they got invaded by the dragons from the east they sent Rasiu, one of the best generals and soldiers in the Faerian army, to defeat Drarramir and their dragons. They're called: The Dragon Hunters.
What you're looking for in an artist: I think I prefer pictures like Gantz, Bleach or Lost Canvas, but show me a few examples and the we can talk about it
How often you're available: by now, any time during the week (remember I actually live in a UTC-3:00 place)
Other info: My mother language is spanish so i'm a bit faster with it. If you speak english... sorry about my mistakes!
Any samples of previous work: Unfortunately, i'm a beginner in this world but i trust in my ideas.


Genre(s) you write: EVERYTHING except for: anything with homosexual content, Shōjo, Josei, Gender Bender, School-Life, Slice of Life, Historical, Sports, and Detective/Criminal Mystery.

Title of the manga you want to work on: Blade Born: Wielding Destiny

Brief summary: In an undying war between two races, humans and beings known as the Van'Kae, a prophecy arises in the distressed human nation. It speaks of a bringer of light that will wield a legendary sword to eradicate all of the darkness in the land. A darkness, that the humans take to be the Van'Kae.
The story follows the actions of a squire and his knight; who is believed to be the prophesized bringer of light. But when the squire accidentally finds the sword of the prophecy instead of his knight, he keeps it for himself. The squire's knight unknowingly continues to search a war-torn country for a sword that her very own squire keeps a hidden secret.

What you're looking for in an artist: Is able to work well in a team, can at least do foreground pencilling, is enthusiastic about their work, and can draw outside of stereotypes.

How often you're available:
At least eight hours daily, for every day of the week.

Other info: The genres of this fantasy story are: Seinen, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, and Romance. For more information, or applications, please send me an email at

Any samples of previous work:N/A


Genre(s) you write: Fantasy, mostly
Title of the manga you want to work on: God's Sin
Brief summary: An elite force of angels were assigned to put the human race into hibernation. But an arc angel messed up and damned mortals into living with Zombies(living dead) Vampires(Leaches) etc... The high counsel sent him to Earth in search of the Chosen one. It's said she'll have black feathers for birth marks.
What you're looking for in an artist: I need a darkish style of art mine is to chibi...
How often you're available: I live in mountain time so yeah and I'm usually always on ^^
Other info: I'm usually a control freak but I'll try not to piss any one off...
Any samples of previous work: Not sure what this is for but you can look at my gallery for any samples.…


Artist seeking writers

Describe your style: Anime
What materials you use: Mix of traditional and digital artist (for digital I use Photoshop 7.0)
Genre you'd like to work in: Action/Fantasy (Either would be nice)
How often you'll be able to update the manga: At least once or twice a week
What you're looking for in a writer: Good portrayal of the characters (If they can't relay the character to me, I won't be able to work with them very well)
Other info: I'm good at adapting to styles (not like with characters for already known anime, I can't copy that style without reference)
Sample of your work:


Describe your style: My style is mainly A mix of Nanae Chrono and Chayamachi Suguro. Anime, realistic,deformative depending on the genre.
What materials you use: digital and traditional (photoshop and Manga studio for digital)
Genre you'd like to work in: Shonen, Shonen-ai, Horror, Yaoi, Yuri, Adventure, comedy, Sci-Fi
How often you'll be able to update the manga: 1-2 times a week
What you're looking for in a writer: Patience and good description of characters,personality, theme ect.
Other info: I am pretty flexible when it comes to style so whatever the genre, I will make sure the style fits well. My schedule can be random at times, so unexpected things may occur.
Sample of your work:


Describe your style: I can draw anything anyone wants me to draw, in a most baller fashion, However I mostly draw manga and anime for the moment.
What materials you use:
For Manga:
- Black comic ink;
- Pens and Nibs;
- Deleter/IC Screen Tones
- Marked B4 Manga paper
- Pigma Micron Drawing Pens
- Exacto Swivel Ultrafine cutter
- IC Screen Tone cutter
- Screen Tone Erasers
- White Ink / Correction fluid
- French Curve and Straight Rulers

For Editing:
Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended

Genre you'd like to work in: Anything besides furries. I refuse to draw that stuff.
How often you'll be able to update the manga: At worst, once a month.
What you're looking for in a writer: Someone who knows how to lay out a script
Other info: I only work for money. $50 per page, period.
Sample of your work: ApocalypticAtsuko


Describe your style: anime, similar to shoujo but not quite
What materials you use: wacom bamboo tablet, SAI, but I use GIMP for stuff sometimes too
Genre you'd like to work in: shoujo with not a lot of action (I have trouble with the angling in action based stories)
How often you'll be able to update the manga: whenever. I have a lot of time.
What you're looking for in a writer: Someone I can get along with well enough. I need them to be friendly and compromising if and when I disagree with something...
Other info: It's not that I dislike yaoi or yuri, because I actually don't, it's just that I don't feel comfortable drawing it... Oh also, I don't want to do color because I really screw it up when it comes to backgrounds and such...
Sample of your work:……

I haven't posted much recently but I have improved as far as hands go, and my hair is getting better, as well as my work with natural poses and different expressions (all of these that I've done are sketches and not drawings, so they probably won't be uploaded unless I feel like scanning a million pages for a sketch dump)

Writer & artist seeking another artist:

Describe your style: Manga
What materials you use: Traditional (Seeking someone either in Traditional or Digital)
Genre you'd like to work in or currently work in: Over-The-Top Action, Drama, Deep Thought
How often you'll be able to update the manga: Monthly Basis, Several Pages at a time.
What you're looking for in a writer: Someone who has a firm grasp of action, human emotion, and isn't afraid to utilize any possibility for a story element. Must be original as much as possible.
Are you seeking an artist that can draw in a specific style for your manga? An Artist who isn't afraid to draw Anthropomorphic Animals.
Are you seeking an artist for a specific task? (Drawing, coloring, toning, etc.) No.
Other info:
Sample of your work:…

Writer & artist seeking another writer:
Add a Comment:
Alr112 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Describe your style: preferably anime/manga style with nature backgrounds if needed. I don’t mind any kind of plot.

What materials you use: (digital, sketch rough draft and scan to my iPad, if called for I use PrismaColours

Genre you'd like to work in: fantasy, action, horror, preferably fantasy

How often you'll be able to update the manga: once a week or at the start of the next week. I’m available 24/7 so finished pieces may be finished earlier than expected.

What you're looking for in a writer: someone who can draw in attention with just words, help paint the screen the viewers are experiencing before I add my art. Simple work is best, if there’s too much detail it starts to get muddled in the mix.

Other info: I mostly specialize in people, specifically first, but I’ve been doing really well at backgrounds.
Sample of your work: Starlit Sky  by Alr112   Come play with me... by Alr112   Redemption! by Alr112   In Blue by Alr112   Dance of the Mist by Alr112  
ZeroTheWriter Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
Genre(s) you write: Fantasy, Slice of Life, Phycological horror, Ecchi (Not as often though)
Title of the manga you want to work on: Pieces Of The Mind, Tales of Inaria
Brief summary: Pieces Of the mind despite its name isn't a phycological horror at least not mainly. As of Tales of Inaria, it's mainly just a fantasy adventure.
What you're looking for in an artist: Anyone who is dedicated and can draw shoujo style of art
How often you're available: I'm available just about every day and if I'm not going to be I always make sure to give a notice in advance or if something urgent comes up I will try to tell you as soon as possible.
rose0522 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Describe your style: slightly more realistic shoujo manga-ish

What materials you use: I can do digital or traditional. I use Krita as my art program

Genre you'd like to work in: slice of life, romance, fantasy

How often you'll be able to update the manga: once every week or 2 depending on how long the chapters are

What you're looking for in a writer: someone who is good at staying in touch because I like to keep my client updated in order to get their approval. 

Other info:It would also be helpful if the writer could make rough thumbnails of how they imagine the page will be

Sample of your work:  Contest Entry Yuuma by rose0522 Blue Diamond by rose0522   
mickstar5412 Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
(Writer looking for artist)
(This is for a specific story and style)
Genre: Comedy/Slice of Life
Title: Secret Diaries
Brief Summary: A CPN (cellphone novel) about a young naive girl who writes entries in her diary.
What I'm looking for in an artist: I'm being really specific on this one. I want to find an artist that can draw adorable chibi art. Just simple pictures of a small yellow hair girl and just a pattern background.
Sample of Work:…
Contact Info: Email: Discord: Sean Yanife#1244
Ethereal-Ghostpop Featured By Owner Jun 28, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a style that I'd consider to be manga.
I usually use the digital medium.
I'm most comfortable with horror, thriller, and slice of life.
I can update probably once or twice a week.
I'm looking for a writer who doesn't write romance/NSFW stories.
I'm better at drawing more feminine characters and I can draw animals.
Hikari Yo by Ethereal-Ghostpop    
RileyFlowz Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2018
Genre(s) you write: Ecchi, Action, Adventure, Shounen, Lewd Stuff (Rarely)
Title of the manga you want to work on: Cosmic Goddess
Brief summary: (no more than 2 short paragraphs) An alien dominatrix defends the universe from horrendous, universe-threatening villains, and all the while tries to seduce a naive teenager to love her.
What you're looking for in an artist: Anime-style graphics, clear schedules (if something comes up outta nowhere, I'll understand.), willingness to draw NSFW content (if it goes to that level)
How often you're available: (if the artist has a question, or needs to contact you for any reason) I'm available mainly Monday-Friday, sometimes Saturday or Sunday. I'm normally on for quite a bit of time, so you should be able to catch me.
Other info: My Discord is RileyFlowz#6713. I'm primarily there, but you could note me here or contact me at Thanks in advance for any consideration!
ro48 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2018  New Deviant

another project: short comical stories, i've wrote many short funny, you will see one of them in the link bellow. it's a webtoon project too, we'll have to publish one every week. so if you are interested, please use my gmail to contact me (

the title of this one is "how did i lose faith in fairytales", i still didn't choose a name for the comics.

rose0522 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Id be interested in helping with this webtoon ill be sending you an email
ro48 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2018  New Deviant

writer looking for an artist

Genres : Action/Adventure/Comedy/Romance/Shounen.

Title of the project : Descendants of the dragon.

Summary :as Yumiro was running from a certain death, he had no choice but to enter the cursed forest, where not even the animals lived. in there, he found a little girl, who seemed to be lost. taking it upon himself to protect her and escort her to her home, he start a journy around the country and what seemed to be an easy task turned into a deadly one, as for a strange reason, strong peopels started tracking them in order to get to the girl.

The artist i seek : degital drawing/ anime style.

Available : i take a look daily on my emails and my deviantart account. (email:

Others info : this is a webtoon project (webtoon is a corean website). if the project get popular, we will get a monthly paye. also, this is the first project of many, if it works and get popular, i wish to keep working with the artist on other webtoons or even games.

Hirunak Featured By Owner Edited Jun 17, 2018  New Deviant
Writer looking for a Partner(Artist)
(I am a newbie writer looking for an artist who wants start their career in art.)
Genre:I am flexible with genres(I am in midway of a story Romance/Action/Fantasy.)
Title: I want to fix the title after discussing with the partner. 
Brief:Romance part - Story mainly revolves around 4 people. Three best friends and a girl. How those three peoples life change after they meet that girl and their journey. (Heads-up:Those three have a backstory which will be interesting if anyone is interested they can mail me.) 
What you're looking for in an artist: Someone who is new. I am not looking for an artist, I am looking for a partner.
How often you're available: Well I am pretty available . I check my mail mostly three to four times a day and I will reply as soon as I see the mail.
Sample:I can send you a brief story if you are really interested. You can mail me.

I want someone who is new and looking for a partner. Interested person please mail me.
K-E-D-A-M-A-R-I-S Featured By Owner Jun 16, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Imma redo this since my art improved drastically.

Artist looking for projects, writer, art team.
Describe your style: (anime, realistic, etc.) Semi Real
What materials you use: (digital, traditional, etc)
Genre you'd like to work in: Any including NSFW
How often you'll be able to update the manga: Once a week, maybe twice.
What you're looking for in a writer: Good grammar, good story.
Other info: I have a project coming up in october called RUDE GHOST and I need a art team including writers.
Sample of your work: Driver select: Sina by K-E-D-A-M-A-R-I-S   RUDE GHOST!: Character batch pt. 2 by K-E-D-A-M-A-R-I-S   RUDE GHOST!: Character batch pt. 1 by K-E-D-A-M-A-R-I-S   RUDE GHOST!: Kenai and Ren by K-E-D-A-M-A-R-I-S   I'm keda. by K-E-D-A-M-A-R-I-S  
Rheydll Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2018
Writer looking for an artist

• Genre(s) you write:

• Title of the Manga I want to work on:

• Brief Summary:

Set in the future (year2121) Cyruss wakes up screaming in a king-sized bed of his room in the Genesis Academy as a black lightning storm rips the room apart. All he remembers is that he was having dinner with his parents and twin sister and everything was wrapped a blinding white fire. There were forty other “students” just like him, each with their own new abilities and missing memories. The only thing the academy’s teachers and masters would tell the kids is that they were terrorists being hidden for their own safety, and that the powers and mutations that they developed were a result of their fight-or-flight instincts advancing and generating a physical manifestation due to each person’s unique “will”. The students are then subjected to rigorous education and training during the day, and a wide variety of miscellaneous missions after school hours. The only problem is, Cyrus’s doesn’t have any strong or distinct will, but his incredible powers are undeniable. For this reason, he can’t believe the pseudoscience of “Will power” and is forced to question the real source of their mutations and the sheltered and strange lives that the students lead in the academy, as well as the true intentions of the Academy’s headmaster.

• What you’re looking for in an artist:
I’m really hoping for great explosions and intense action/fight scenes, as well as high quality blood and gore. Also, I’m looking for nice high-tech (technology)illustrations and good weapon detail because most of the characters have custom weapons that they are able to reforge. I also really need some help with improving the clothing design on the characters. Furthermore, I’m looking for someone who is also good with drawing different auras as well as the elements (lightning, fire, water, etc.)and elemental effects. Lastly, I’m looking for an artist who is able to draw distinct and natural emotions on the characters and also do exaggerated/funny drawings of the characters when they’re joking around or trying to loosen the tension.

• How Often you’re available:
I live in the Eastern time zone and I check my DA in the mornings and evenings, but I can be reached at any point in the day via email

• Other info:
I have been working on the WillStröm project for about three years now and it has a very solid plot. I’ve poured a lot of time and energy into this story and prioritized it above the numerous other titles I’m developing. Unfortunately, I was never able to really start working on it due to stress from a very heavy coursework. However, I’m very optimistic about finding an artist that I can rely on (and vice versa) in a long term partnership that will (hopefully) eventually involve work on my other titles. I’m more than happy to help in any way possible by providing and updating references, and assisting with translations and editing work.

Thanks for your time and I’m looking forward to working with you!!!!
mickstar5412 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
(Writer looking for artist)
Genre(s): I do all sorts of genres but mostly stick to Romance, Slice of Life, and Fantasy.
Manga Title: Innocence, Living Alone, or Don't Cross The Line
Brief Summary: Innocence (romance) is a story about a high school girl who has always been an outcast and alone. With a past full of regret, she thinks there's nothing interesting left for her. One night, when a skygazer falls from the sky, she rescues him and tells him he can stay at her house. Throughout time, this skygazer gives her a necklace that allows her to have a chance to go back and change her past. Most of this story resides in the present and has a love triangle. This story is mainly about letting go of the past, embracing the present, and creating a brighter future.
     Living Alone (slice of life/teen fiction) is a story about a 17 year old boy whos parents passed away when he was in high school. Having to take care of two younger siblings, he has a hard life but supportive friends who keep him positive and help with money issues. One day, he sees this girl and becomes interested in her and soon, she becomes friends with him and the rest of his friends. This is a story about persevering through hardships and enjoy the great moments in life. This story has some astronomy to it as well as romance and mainly slice of life.
     Don't Cross The Line (fantasy) is a story which takes place on a whole different world. A world with human-animal hybrids and people with skills. The whole planet is a dead field but civilization had survived by building tall walls around each village. The story is mainly about a rebellious boy who finds himself in trouble and almost executed but escapes in to the wild. There, he meets 3 other people who managed to escape like him. This story is about principles and how the government wants to keep order but instead creates violence. Like Star Wars, these 4 people have to somehow save the system; even if their lives are at stake.
What I'm looking for in an artist: Anyone who's interested can email me! Even if you think you're not a great drawer, still ask me! Who knows, I might just love your artwork! As long as you're available weekly and check your email often, I'll definitely consider you! As for payment, any profit earned from these stories will be split up with you! Determining on the status, you'll get a share ranging from 20 to 50 percent of all earned income! Please email me for any questions or clarifications. Please send me some of your works if you're interested! Email is:
Other Info: I'm mostly looking for anime/manga styles but if you have an interesting style (like I wrote above), I'll accept you!
Samples Of Works: I'm mostly on Wattpad:…
Contact Info: Email:   My stories:… Discord: Sean Yanife#1244
Please Apply! I look forward to working with any of you talented artists! XD
RyujiKamijou Featured By Owner Edited Jun 14, 2018  New Deviant
Writer looking for an artist
Genre(s) you write: Action/Adventure/romance/ecchi/comedy

Title of the manga you want to work on: Twilight Blade's Familiar
Brief summary: 
     Ryuji can see things most others can't, being that not everyone is as they appear to "normies". Angels, demons, dragons, and many other mythoi are at all times present in society. He doesn't know why he sees these things either. After waking from a one-year coma, he finds most of his memories are missing along with this "sight". For over 6 months after waking, he just gets used to the idea that his memory will be full of holes, but just as he's comfortable, a young demon enters his life, reigniting a few memories along with some troubles he's definitely not ready for. 
What you're looking for in an artist: the ability to draw action scenes, but be able to take a step back and enjoy some fanservice once in a blue moon for comedic purposes. (Don't let the fanservice take away from the storytelling)
How often you're available: I'm available daily. I can promise a reply within 12 hours at the latest.
Other info: These character designs can be tweaked. They really need clothes from our earth like jeans, t-shirt, etc.
Ryuji1 by RyujiKamijou    Serena1 by RyujiKamijou   Astaroth1 by RyujiKamijou Dramok1 by RyujiKamijou  
          Ryuji                                  Serena                      Astaroth                       Dramok
RyujiKamijou Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018  New Deviant
Contact me at if you're interested!
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RileyFlowz Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2018
My Discord's RileyFlowz#6713. I write.
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rose0522 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Are you still looking for an artist because I am very interested in this position. 
Hana44440 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for reaching me but i am sorry but we have found our artist.
I thank you again for the offer and hope you can support us and the project (^^)
rose0522 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
No worries, i hope it turns out great!
Haikeipasse Featured By Owner Edited Jun 3, 2018  New Deviant
(WRITER looking for an ARTIST)

Genres you write: BL, Shonen-ai

Title of the manga you want to work on: 'Chased by a Demon'

Brief summary: A boyslove story between an androgynous MC and an ex delinquent.

What you're looking for in an artist:
I am looking for someone who loves Bl (like me!) and is wanting to draw a webtoon preferably (otherwise a manga). I also prefer the artistic style to be similar to mine if possible (you can see from my link on my profile page), otherwise be in manga/manhwa style. I would be extremely happy if the artist is someone who is interested and ken to draw for my manga, perhaps on long term as the story may extend longer as it progresses.

How often you're available:
I'm mostly always available, and prompt with my messages.

Other info:
I am currently drawing many stories and mangas both in Japanese and English, and 'Chased by a Demon' became a project that I couldn't prioritise anymore simply because I don't have the time and the new webtoon style (I had only been drawing manga previously) was more time consuming than I'd imagined.
However, I have a lot of passion for this webtoon and since I'd already sketched out the story of the upcoming episodes already, I thought it would be a waste to abandon this project and I also really wanted to continue for the sake of my readers who were kind enough to follow me.
This is my first time looking for an artist and I'm not sure how it would work out but I'm super excited to have fun and just create something together!! Since I'm also an artist myself I think it's easier to communicate and I'm also willing to cooperate in places that I can :> (eg finding reference, editing)

I'm not sure if the project would have income in the future (depends on the number of fans and ads etc) but if there's any I'm thinking of a split payment(half-half). 
Contact me if interested or if you just want to ask any questions, and thank you for taking your time in reading this!

(For some reason Deviant Art won't let me post my e-mail address or the link on this post, so please send me a note on DA if interested and if you'd like to take a look at my project please click the link from my profile otherwise search up 'Chased by a Demon' on the web. Sorry for this matter!)

K-E-D-A-M-A-R-I-S Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like BL a lot! Look at my request above to see if I fit your standards! 
Leg-Maker Featured By Owner Edited Jun 1, 2018
(writer looking for an artist)
Genre(s) you write: Fantasy/Action/Adventure/Comedy

Title of the manga you want to work on: Project Warlords (working title)

Brief summary: A story about humans and half-humans, how their lives go and the problems they are facing. The main protagonist is a Half-Dragon who wants to become a Warlord like his dad and change the world for the better. He also has a couple of teammates who are crazy enough to work with him and help him out. He joins a Warlord training camp with his older brother and they form a team with other allies and go on missions and adventures in which they encounter friends, foes, racist cults that hate half-humans and memorable adventures.

What you're looking for in an artist: I am looking for someone who is well experienced in manga style art, if I have to be specific about the art design then I am going for a shonen-like look or something. (forgive me, it's my first time doing these things so I have my doubts about what happens after I post this comment). I am happy with someone who is great at art and is generous enough to give this poor and cheap soul a helping hand but I really want the artist to be interested and passionate about my manga since I want to make this a long-running story and I will be posting this story on a website and potentially publish it. Basically, I want to just have fun making a story and see how far I'll go from there, I do want people to enjoy it and I want to have a blast working on this with someone (seems childish but I am a dreamer).

How often you're available: (if the artist has a question, or needs to contact you for any reason): I am mostly available but not completely, I follow EST time if you wanna know that. If I do get busy I will inform the artist.

Other info: I will be looking around in DeviantArt but I am not too familiar with everything and I would rather have someone send me a response from this email: (I will likely send a reply as soon as possible and I would also prefer talking through discord since its quick and easy but that's after I find someone who is willing to help out.)
1-1-1-2-1-6 Featured By Owner Edited May 25, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
-[Writer looking for artist.]-

Genre(s) you write: Fantasy

Title of the manga you want to work on: Cynnadel: Two Moons

Brief summary: A ragtag group of individuals must stop a man with a god-complex, who believes humans are the cause of all his wrong actions - and the reason he cannot fix them. (This is the easiest way to sum it up, if you are interested, please contact me!)

What you're looking for in an artist: Overall I am looking for someone who has genuine interest in the story. Noted that I am looking for an artist that will work for no pay, BUT WILL receive full credit on artwork. I would prefer someone who can draw anime-ish, but I am open to other styles!

How often you're available: Mostly everyday, but not all day. (EST)

Other info: I will be checking DeviantArt, but it would be easier on me if you could send responses to me email: (It will most likely lead to a quicker reply. ^^)
DarkSuperSpyro123 Featured By Owner May 22, 2018  Student Artist
Writer looking for artist
Genre(s) you write: Fantasy, Action, Adventure, Romance, War
Title of the manga you want to work on: Inflight Dragons
Brief Summary: War. Some would define it as a conflict with no end in sight. Constant battle, chaos, bloodshed. But this war was the worse this world has ever seen. I should know, I fought in this conflict. I lost many friends, family, good people who would’ve done great things for the future, but nevertheless...their lives were cut short. The sounds of bullets ripping through the air, bombs exploded; the sound of flesh and limb tearing apart. But this story isn’t just about how the war ended, but rather who ended it.

The story begins on January 18th, 1927. The battle of Libertalia, capital of Animalia. The largest country in all of Gaia was forced into a civil war that lasted for decades. This battle, however, would deal a decisive blow in the rebellion as their leader, Alex M. Dregen had been defeated by the King of Animalia. King Salazar, ruthless tyrant leader who would do anything to make his power absolute, even the senseless slaughter of innocent children.
During all of this; the wife of Alex Dregen was in labor; giving birth to their offspring who was born on the same as his father's downfall. It was said that after the birth of this child, his eyes glow a bright sapphire blue and a strange symbol appeared on his right cheek. Signifying that he had the qualities of a long forgotten power. Eighteen years had passed since that time, the young boy had embarked on this great crusade. Bearing the family symbol down his back (鋼の 12 のドラゴン) which means “The 12th Fullmetal Dragon”
What you're looking for in an artist: An artist who has the same story vision as I do. Someone willing and determined to help me see this story through to the end. Also, I want to publish the story on Webtoons and Patreon where the artist will get paid more than me. 
How often are you available: Every single day for anyone who is serious about helping me with this manga
Contact: or send me a note here on DA. If you have Kik or Facebook then it's safer to send me a note for those outlets.
This is my first manga series and probably my only one. I want it to be near perfect if that's too much to ask for, and I may be inexperienced also so I'll try my best.   

gargoylelover Featured By Owner May 20, 2018  Student Writer
Writer looking for Artist
Genre(s) you write: Superhero/Action/Adventure
Title of the manga you want to work on: A Heroes Guide to Surviving High School
Brief summary: In this world, I’ve created, in the future, a large biomedical corporation accident caused an incident that is ‘lost to history’ where every human contains special abilities known as powers. Very rarely even animals are affected and grow mutations that cause them to become highly destructive, almost in a Godzilla type fashion. Most people don’t have substantial powers, and typically have ‘useless’ ones like turning into a beach ball or being able to read the thoughts of starfish. After the incident occurred the world fell into total anarchy until people with incredible (i.e Super strength, Super Speed, Flight) powers formed a government and restored order to the planet. Now the government now pays extraordinary powers to keep the peace whether it's an out of control power or a mutated creature. Not all people with exceptional powers turned into heroes, however, as many turned to ‘villainy’. People who are found with ‘extreme’ powers are often discriminated against due to the possible damage they may cause.

To train potential heroes, there is a special school called the ARK Academy run by former Heroes to hopefully turn extreme powers away from any potential villainy and towards the path of becoming heroes. The ‘sidekicks/henchmen’ of famous villains are brought to this school to hopefully rehabilitate them. Here the children discover a plot to destroy enhanced powers in an attempt to return the world before the incident that gave everyone powers. Where they must juggle all the struggles of high school, learning to save the world and lots of other complex social issues.

What you're looking for in an artist: An artist with an interest in the project and with. I've been working on this for quite some time so I hope to find an artist who will like the story I create.
How often you're available: Every day and for the majority day I'm pretty available, but I will provide any serious candidates with my email so we can discuss the project more.
Other info: Contact me for serious inquiries at
This is my first ever manga so I'm a little inexperienced but will make up for it in eagerness and willingness.
atenzya Featured By Owner May 23, 2018  Hobbyist Artist
how long are you planning this story to be?
gargoylelover Featured By Owner May 24, 2018  Student Writer
At least 5-7 complete books with 10ish chapters a book , possibly longer. Depending if the story gets popular or not. It's not a small project by any means but I've been working on it since 2014. 
Bree-101 Featured By Owner May 2, 2018  Student Artist
Writer looking for an artist
Genre you write: Fantasy/ Action/ Adventure 
Title of the manga you want to work on: Magical Misadventures
Brief summary: Magical creatures go on misadventures
What you're looking for in an artist: the ability to draw cool stuff.
How often you're available: anytime late at night or around mid-day
Other info: contains Centaurus, Robots, and other creatures like that.
Any samples of previous work: Link to a writing of the story - Magical Misadventures
Zenith-Beliver Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
(Writer looking for an artist)
Genre(s) Romance, Supernatural, and Animalized People
Manga Title: Love is a Joke (BL)
Brief Summary:
A boy named Zane Sina was living a normal life as a Foxin (A person with fox ears and tail. The color or their ears and tail will never be the same color as their hair or eyes). The only thing that is NOT normal about his life is that every female he looks at falls in love with him. He never returns the love. His mailbox is full of love letters from people he knows and doesn't know. Some are even from males!

One day, he sent to live with 9 men in a household. Kati Natoi, Owen Natoi, Otis Natoi, Odion Natoi, Oz Natoi, Noah Natoi, Lucas Natoi, Isaac Natoi, Xavier Natoi. Each one of them falls in love with Zane. They all try to win over Zane's Heart. Which one will win? Hint: The name that's very appealing.  

Availability: Everyday. Not all day though. CDT is my timezone. Any email after 10:35 p.m won't be answered until the next day.
What you're looking for in an artist: I'm looking for an anime artist that will work for no pay, BUT full credit on the artwork. Also, they need to be comfortable with a yaoi or gay drawing. 


Other Info: I really hope someone can help me out with this. BL means boy love and I have many ideas about what the characters would look like. I would like the artist to NOT ask for payment. The artist WILL get full credit for drawing the art. I would NEVER say I made the art you make. I have no talent in drawing.  If I got an email saying someone will help me, I will explain more about the project. PLEASE REMEMBER, I AM LOOKING FOR ARTIST WHO WILL WORK FOR FREE, NOT FOR PAYMENT! Sorry for using caps, but I needed to put this as a reminder. Also, quick statement. If you know what the app/website Webtoons is, I would more than happy to work with you. If you don't that's fine too! I can help you understand what it is if you don't know because I am making this comic there! Link to webtoons -

Other work: |Please understand that my art is not good.
Zenith-Beliver Featured By Owner May 1, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
Oh also, please contact me by email, not DA please if you can
Naian-Diamond Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Looking for an artist:
My story is titled Deep In Naia, and it is a action packed, romance, kind of thing. 
I would really appreciate a great artist, and I know Deviant Art is filled with them
It is about the year 2231, and what it is like. The continents of North and South America crash together, and the U.S system fails. So the new land was claimed and built into the super country Naia. This story is about the underground, the royal family, the rebels, and forbidden love.
My story includes:
-Diamond Shrewwood-undergrounder/rebel general
-Joshua Woods-/underground guard/rebel general
-Katniss Woods-/trainer/rebel
-Jordan Brooks-/underground guard/king's boy/ rebel
-Cara Roya'l-princess/rebel
-Daniel Roya'l-king 
-Sophie Decaro-fake queen
-Jessica Roya'l- real queen
-Craig-right hand man/evil demon

In a artist I would like to have: 
-some realistic elements worked into the art
-a positive attitude
-unique style
I am available most of the time and will try to get back to you as soon as posible
I also would like to see some sample art. 
Teja888 Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2018

Looking for an artist :

Hi guys I have a story based on supernatural,martial arts,  comedy, romance gender. 
If interested please do reply. 
Title : Rasimo 
Description :this is a story of 14 year boy. One day because of his power an obstacle comes into his life and he has to solve that issue so that he can be with his grandma without any threats. How he solves it and what happens after that is my story. 
Content :

Hero        -  Seemo Aburame
Heroine   -  Azuka  Ryoma   
> God who created this world has divided his powers into three types
1)forbidden style - It uses inner energy which is dangerous for the user as by using it life span decreases and inner organs are affected
2)nature style -it uses the energy within users surroundings and it takes time to use this as we should absorb natures Ki
3)swords style -several techniques are used in this and  every clan has a sword which is passed through generations.
clan swords can be used by only their clan members and every clan sword has a  beast spirit.

> Generally evil people uses forbidden style and good people uses nature style and sword style is used by both and also there are exceptions but of course one cannot decide who is evil and who is not. 

Episode 1  -     Seemo - A swordsman 
> Some people will be chasing a man and a  10 yrs child with an intent to kill them in a forest.
Man     - Rasimo
Child    - hero
Rasimo- I will stop them with my life no matter what and promise me that you will  run away from here without seeing back even if I loose my life
Child tells while crying 😢 - I don't want to leave you even it costs my life dad. 
Rasimo- No, you should live and from here alone to become a great  warrior.if you respect and love me, do what I told you .Remember kid, becoming a warrior means not fighting and killing countless people but getting people who believe in you and protecting them without killing others.

>Rasimo hits his child on the forehead and the child falls some miles away and he hears his dad's voice which is at verge of death and with fear he runs away without seeing back into the forest.

> After six years in a village called Daisy.
 seemo's grandma -zante aburame
  azuka's friend       -sandy
>  In the forest of daisy village at the bank of a river hero gives his entrance.
 seemo  closes his eyes and stand near the side of river to hear the movement of fish 🐟 and to catch that .he  picturises the movement of fish and jumps into the river and catches it and later he goes to his swords shop to do work as he makes swords and sell them.
 At the entrance of daisy village two girls named azuka and sandy enters the village and the first thing they saw is the gambling stall .azuka is a short tempered girl and sandy is a very cool thinking girl. azuka places her bet on cards in gambling and she looses with the village people.
 then she insists that they cheated and asks her money to give back .then the people tells her to bring an intelligent person to win. azuka gets angry 😠 and takes her sword out.
She asks the people to place bet on sword fighting.
All the people around there starts laughing and tells to her that you really are a brainless kid. azuka pisses off and decides to fight seriously .then she takes her clan sword and attack the person  infornt  of her then  seemo stops the sword swing with a small knife 🔪
Seemo - a swordsman should never attack an enemy who has no weapon.
 Azuka - ah! really?
Seemo-well, i guess it has nothing to do with a  small girl who plays with a sword. 
 Azuka - then how about if I attack you??
Seemo- careful girl, i have my own pride. i can't backoff if u offer a duel.
Azuka- lets see , what you have villagy(teasing in a sarcastic way).villagy(in a sarcastic way)

This is just a sample I wrote and if you are interested we will proceed 
I also have another short interesting stories 

silver-thefox Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Student Traditional Artist
I am interested in helping you out with this! I've worked with comic making before, and if you'd like we can discuss further in notes < 3
4l4k4z4m4n64 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Genre(s) you write: Shonen
Title of the manga you want to work on: N/A
Brief summary: Taking place on a world tainted by lies and murder, a yound boy gets thrusted into the world of Era, Era being the "magical capital beyond the wall.", and he takes it upon himself to become the best caster, liberate the world, and figure out who he is.
What you're looking for in an artist: It doesnt matter!! i am a OK artist but refining my talent!How often you're available: I have two jobs, but dont worry, my art and manga come first!
Other info: although this template doesnt express what I am looking for, it did help me build a foundation to present my offer: I am a 21 year old male who lives in america. i am very creative and artistic and believe that I have created to next, "New hit shonen". My last few years have been rough and i lost my motivation to work as hard as I need to to make this a reality. Back to what I am asking! I want to meet someone who will support me on my journey anyway theu can. I dont habe anyone to talk to about this stuff and I feel i need some direction. if youre interested please contact me!
Waruvi Featured By Owner Edited Apr 4, 2018   Digital Artist
I have an anime art style but can also be a semi-realistic too.

I mainly use digital.

For the genre, I would like to work on a Shounen-ai/ Fantasy or Yaoi (androgynous protagonist is a bonus to get me hype ;) (Wink) ). But I keep an open mind to see other works if it is interesting.

I have yet to know how often I can update the manga but we can start a trial first.

What I'm looking for in a writer is that they can give me a clear image of their world.

You can check my art gallery.

Here my FB page:
Lost25 Featured By Owner Jun 1, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Writer
Hello I was wondering if you would be interested in making my ideas a reality, obviously input from the artist is always good I hope you consider
Also sorry to bother you. xD
Here is my email if you would like to reach out to me.
Zenith-Beliver Featured By Owner May 11, 2018  New Deviant Student General Artist
Hullo, Hullo I would like to help you with that. If you like you can contact me at
I would like to do a Yaoi Fantasy if you like. More detail will be provided in e-mail.
Waruvi Featured By Owner May 17, 2018   Digital Artist

You can provide me the description of your project here:
Kungfu12 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
Genre-Shonen& Adventure

Title of the manga- Last Royal blood

Brief Summary-    Story took place in other world , where magic describe status of your power ,so naturally the most powerful warrior or mages rules the world as king of those world, the world was peaceful until the brother of king fall in the power of darkness to slaughter the whole royal family including the king who are only capable of stopping him , some how they managed to send their new born prince away from the eyes of evil placing the 8th teir(8 locks ) seal on him to seal away his magic so that no one can know his real identity as he will be the last royal blood who can fought against that evil, so its journey of prince who is adopted by peasants went out in the world of darkness to know about his real identity, know about his true power and to make the world free of evil.
What you're looking for in an artist: I want an artist with a unique style, who is serious about manga and doesn't just take it lightly. Someone who takes criticism well, and can work well with creating things that are described to them.
How often you're available: Almost always.
Kungfu12 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2018
You can contact me at
Kamatrick Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2018
Genre(s) you write: Action, Comedy, Suspence, Adventure, Superheroes, (A lil romance)
Title: NXHero
Summary: Two best friends manage to meet the superhero of their city, not knowing that the superhero was the father of one of the two boys. He takes them under their wing to become his sidekicks. They go on fighting crime they never seen in their city meeting new heros and ultimately fighting some of the biggest and baddest villains.
What you're looking for in an artist: Comic or manga style artist, Very understanding and cooperative.
How often you're available: You can email me at anytime and I'll get back with you as soon as I can.
Other info: I wanna start the project in webtoons. I don't have the means to pay but to do this for fun, money will come in the future if the project is a success. If you want more info on story feel free to ask.
Bedengus Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Professional Writer

Genre(s) you write: Fantasy, Poetry

Title of the manga you want to work on: Kaiho

Brief summary: A first-person book where every mythological being exists; from the wide spread Egyptian, Greek and Norse to the ancient Mesopotamian, Mesoamerican and African or the strange Oriental world. Join the MC as he travels the world, changing both him and it.

What you're looking for in an artist: I look for passion on the mythology style of my work and patience to work on a long series.

How often you're available: I am available to contact most of the time that I am not sleeping.

Other info: Sadly I am not available to work on new stories on short pieces as I am looking for artists who like my story and would like to make a comic or the like out of it, with 50/50 of any gains. I have been working on it for the last few years and have some knowledge of the publishing industry (one publisher recently replied that I should submit to graphic novel publishers, but those publisher require more than just writing), have several thousands of words written that would be worth years of serialization; but do not let that intimidate you and you can just take a look at the beginning to see if you like it. One crucial aspect if for the illustrator to like it and find it worthy of working on. I write in Portuguese and translate into English, so any comic would have the advantage of being on the two languages. I am planning into translating into Japanese on a near future where I feel the work would fit nicely as a graphic novel.

Any samples of previous work I have never worked with any artist, but you can find samples of my writing at my website; there is a short resume of my work (the 'brief summary' is a single twitter pitch I use) and on it you can have an idea of my writing style, as well as other samples.…

I just created this deviantart account and know not how active I will be here, so any contact will be better done by my twitter (Bedengus), website or e-mail (

Athakos Featured By Owner Mar 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist

(Writer looking for Artist)
Name: Spencer Larson

Genre(s): Mostly fantasy/action (Lord of the Rings or Aragon style stuff

Title: Of Cabins and Castles

Summary: A twin-story line set up, that takes place in a medieval/fantasy world called Aerdterra. 

Availability: I’m about as available as they come, having most nights free and some mornings. I can honestly say I would love to work closely with the artist out of sheer love for my characters.

Other info: The idea is: I’m working on writing a story, and want to create a comic/manga version of it. I’d want to share the end result over something like webtoon (And thus a possible source of income for the artist, whoever is interested can let me know what they would want out of it and we can work something out).

Work sample: is the website I built to host my project. 

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April 25, 2011


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