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I have been working on Chapter 13, I swear. I'm just not with it, though. I really don't want to say that Twisted Fates is dead, but I've got this awful feeling in the pit of my stomach that it might be the case.

Look, I can't say when Chapter 13 will be finshed, if ever. I'm gonna try my best, but I can't make any promises. Dear god, I feel like such a skunk.

A note to Rockerfoxx -- the deal for those commsions still stands since you've worked so hard on them. I'll pay you for what you're prepared to finish, it's simply not fair for me to make you go to all that trouble for no good reason.

To the rest of you in the meantime, don't hold yer breath...
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awww, know any other good Ghost trick fanfic?
~WhereIsMyDoctorr @ Tumblr
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You could try the Ghost Trick fanclub -- they might have something. [link]
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Hmmm, the dreaded writer's block & the Muse gone AWOL...I know what that's like. Don't push yourself, inspiration comes & goes but your writing isn't going to set the world on fire if your heart's not in it. Sometimes the best stories are those you come back to finish after a break, when you look at what you've already done with fresh eyes. I wish you all the best!
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Yeah, good point. I'm thinking maybe I should replay the game to try and get myself re-inspired :p
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Like I said, don't push yourself. It will happen when it happens, when you least expect it :)