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Okay, I was fooling around in photoshop with some photos of tigers my bro got off the net, and I found that I liked the effect that the Neon Glow filter had on one particular pic. So I sketched the little anime girl, scanned her in and put her through the photocopy filter and cut and pasted the two images on the same canvas to create this little scence.
I should also mention that I had difficulty catogorising my work -- is it traditional or digital? Photomanipulation or Drawing? There are a few holes in the system that need to be addressed.
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I like tigers. Then again I like most animals. But I like tigers especially. Prefferably those living in India or where ever the particular tiger comes from.

And the category for the piece is simply what you wish to put it in. If you want people who are looking at photomanip to see it then put it there. If you want people looking for traditional drawings to see it, put it there. Either way noone's gonna object to it. Whichever category you preffer.