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The Sick Lion

I finally completed it! YIPPIE!
I had to do this for my TAFE course. It's loosely based on an Aseop fable of the same name.
Sound effects from (including the screams and the manical laughter)
Music from
Voices provied by me and my dad :D
Audio edited with Adobe Audition
Toon made with Macromedia Flash
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The animation is pretty well done. =3
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MINT!! :) i'm doing an animation course in uni, i wonder if i'll get to make something similar...btw, i love the sound effects!!! *goes off to hunt through teh website*
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Well, it was just of matter of finding ones I felt happy with and when that failed, I got me and my dad to voice act and just fiddled with the pitch. My dad does the whistling for the police-dog, for instance, since I can't whistle myself. Then it's all down to your sense of timing
I'm glad you like it, and hopefully you'll be more productive with what you learn than I am ^^;
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So what happened to the lion?
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He barricaded himself in his apartment when the Police Dog called for backup. The cops couldn't just barge in their though coz he claimed that he had all sorts of crazy-ass weaponry, including explosives he'd stolen from demolition sites. They had to evacuate the enitre block, and it was a huge standoff lasting for about five hours. He finally gave up when they cops turned off the water supply and he was desperate to go to the loo. He's serving a lifetime sentence
As for the little Foxy, reports are she's doing well thanks to counseling :)
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Thank you for the indepth play by play...I just don't think you put that in an animation. Nice work by the way.
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I don't get it. =(
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It's loosely based on this Aseop fable: [link]
But I've kinda redone it as a slasher flick
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sad? how do you mean, 'sad'? Do you mean that it moved you, or do you thin that there's room for improvement?
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neither, it's kinda hard to explain but i'll try my best...what i mean is that's just silly (in a good way!) and it's kinda ... dumb and silly but funny at the same time... and none of these are criticism, they're compliments...seriously!
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That's good, I geuss! ^^; Sorry, I didn't mean to put you on the spot, but you have to watch out for the jerks that prowl around :p
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:) nicely done! Good sounds for sure.
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^^; Like I said, I just downloaded the sounds from a website, no big deal, really.
But thanx anyways :3
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i doesn't matter if you downloaded them, they were USED well, and TIMED perfectly! XD
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That's awesome dude...or dudette.
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Dudette -- and thanx :)
Kitt-sama's avatar
Welcome, dudette.
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