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Geez, I thougt I'd never get this chapter done. But on the bright side we have our first official use of the 'f' word!

Originally I wanted to have Sissel possess the gas canister and stop the flow of gas, only for him to realise afterward that Cabanela had escaped, but I couldn't find any information on the net about tear gas canisters. Oh well.

Oh, btw, I've startes up a TV Tropes page for Twisted Fates, if anyone's interesed :D
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SilentPianist's avatar
Cabanelaaaaaaaaaaaa :iconcryforeverplz:
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Hey, you gotta admit the dude's got balls
SilentPianist's avatar
joematrix01's avatar
well i just realized that twister is already dead
joematrix01's avatar
wow this fanfic is awesome!!
just what i needed after completing the game, i'll wait for more chapters
ps:twister MUST die in the worst way i hate him XD
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Thankyou, I'be been running late recently but the next chapter should be up sometime this week
scytheskid's avatar
you done good work of making the twister as the villain because he is alway one step ahead , he dosen't care who he as to kill to get what he what and you make us hate him. not many people can make a villain so evil that you can't wait intil the hero comes to kick his ass. so you done great job of making him.
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Thanks, I really worked hard making the Twister as repulsive as possible
ailaghast's avatar
Nice work! This chapter left me on edge, especially when Cabanela cut his own leg. I wasn't expecting that.

And, The Twister has a date? Ew. Now THAT is terror.
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Well, you can't blame Cabanela for going into panic mode once you look up just what mustard gas does...
ailaghast's avatar
Yep, you're right. Better to escape without a leg than die slowly and painfully. =p I like how you stick exactly to the personalities and attitudes of the characters: that's just like Cabanela, making a radical decision without hesitating.
armor-dragon-knigth2's avatar
greaaattt work matel-san:D:D
armor-dragon-knigth2's avatar
soralover012's avatar
oh Damn! That Twister really is burning me up! *grabs a hammer*

Ami: *possesses a suit of armour and grabs hammer* Don't direct your anger at the computer!

But....but that guys reallllly making me wanna do that!

Ami: *Sighs* I wish i could help Sissel and Lynne, Plus it would be good enough to get away from her *looks at me* But Anyhoo, as she ain't saying it, A excellent, but bloody chapter!
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Ami still think the Twister's 'just lonely'?
soralover012's avatar
Not so much now, but she feels that he has a motive, unknown to everyone else, and she won't rest until she finds out, she's just like that!

Ami: *nods* And i don't care if i am questioned or have to possess any dead or inanimated objects i see, i shall reveal the truth!

Quit doing that!

Ami: Sorry, i feel sorry for Lynne and Sissel though, since Jowd's off case and Canbanela is in hospital, i wish i could help *flattens ears*

(Wanna rp today? If you can't i understand :3)
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
I'm not really much into rp, to tell the truth. But thanks for the offer.

Sorry if I sounded a little snippy with Ami, I'm just surprised at how she can feel sympathy for the Twister when so far he's shown not a shred of remorse for his crimes.
soralover012's avatar
Ah i see, it's alright, i understand your point!

Ami: It's Ok, i'm used to it from her *looks at me*


Ami: *shakes her head* But i do certainly think that he has a motive, a unlikely and unknown reason, since i've worked out that he's the 'New Timeline's' Yomiel
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