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Another boring chapter. Hopefully the next one will feature a new apperance from the Twister.

EDIT: Thanks to ~Rockerfox999 for pointing out I'd mixed up Jeego and Tengo!
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FirefuryAmahira's avatar
It was not a boring chapter! The plot's thickened further, we got to see Jowd eat a cake to the face, and more character and plot development! So the blue guys are involved again, veeeeery intriguing!
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Yeah, well, I hope I can keep up the intriguge and avoid the fatiguge...
scytheskid's avatar
great chapter and i wonder if Mister Sith is work with the twister
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
armor-dragon-knigth2's avatar
great work on this matle-san:D
armor-dragon-knigth2's avatar
soralover012's avatar
Crud! The return of the Blue foreigners!!! D: *hides behind Jowd*

This chapter really suprised me!!
Though the Cake scene was so funny XD
I wanna help protect Yomiel!! Though i would be suspious XD
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Well, I'm glad it wasn't boring or too unbeleiveable. The Twister will hopefully show up in the next chapter. Did I mention I'm kinda making things up as I go along? ^^; (Although I do have an overall plan in mind)
soralover012's avatar
Nope, it was perfect!
And Alright, i hope none of the cast gets hurt, otherwise they have to answer to me!! XD *Still thinks Yomiel is a Hero~
And Really? 0_0 i thought it was planned! That's suprised me! (Ah.. i see!)
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