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Happy Valentine's, everybody! :D

Yep, I'm back after about... two years? Jeez...
Anyway, my New Year's rez is to finnish this damn thing. I'll be trying to go for a chapter a month.
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Shineingphoenix's avatar
hey, I saw the dates on the comments, and i was wondering if i should be waiting for the next chapter or not. not when the next one’ll be out, i’m not trying to pressure you, i’m just wondering if there is going to be a next one. thanks
Man, I gotta say this is a really awesome fan fic. I just marathoned this whole thing with the ost in the background. I hope you get to finishing it soon.
scytheskid's avatar
this was nice surprise it really brighten up my day to see you update this so thanks. great chapter as always you know how to end a chapter with people wanting more cant wait for the next chapter.

btw i trying to write my own manga and i was wounding if you can give me avice on how to make character  more realist because you done a good job with your  charters yours and the ones from ghost trick
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Um... well, I'm not sure how good I at this sort of thing, but basically, if you think about a situation, think about how you'd most likely react is probably a good bet. Another thing is consistency -- people tend to follow certain patterns of behavior. Like, Aang from Last Airbender is a peaceful sort of dude, so he's not going to just jump into a fight without good reason.

Sometimes the best thing though is to not over think things, funnily enough.

I'm still kind of a rookie at this thing myself. Honestly, I'm just a competent hack. There are hundreds of resources out there on the internet, maybe invest in a few books, or join a writing course. And good luck!
scytheskid's avatar
thanks for the advice it was really  helpful also keep up the good work on twisted fates
ZeldaQueen64's avatar
I was getting all ready to write a long, heartfelt review to the last chapter, where I told you how much I loved this fic and it was a shame it looked like it was ending there and how I understood the loss of inspiration for fics (lord knows I've had my share), but I did wish I knew how things turned out.

*inhales deep breath*

But then you updated, and I can't tell you how unbelievably happy that makes me. It seems like most of the really good fanfics I find are long dead by the time I read them, and this is one of...what, two to actually start updating again. So yeah, when I saw this updated on, I squeed. ^_^

As for the chapter itself, very well-done and very creepy! I really can't wait for the reveal about who the Twister is, given everything that's hinted about him. And poor Sissel! (Both of them, though especially the fiance.)

Happy Valentine's day! :D
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Now to just keep this up! Thanks for the vote of confidence.
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