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Finally! This one was a doozy.
Published:   |  Mature
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smonruiz's avatar
I hop to that puppy won't be missile's Family
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
... OMG, Fridge Horror! :s
smonruiz's avatar
Yes I just like missy so small do loyal so foolish so sweet so missy will revenge his familiar
blazichu's avatar
Whoa. I am in awe.

Your plot is sublime, the OCs are believable and some even loveable, and, for the most part, your grammar is great! And the tropes! The tropes! It's glorious~

I apologize for WMG-ing all over your page, but I really have to ask-- since it was mentioned outright like that, Sissel's going to regret that comment about Lynne not finding out about the averted fate, huh? And, er, while I'm at it, were Kenshin's scratched up eyes inspired by Matt Engarde? Because... that's definitely the first mental image I got when it came up. Brr... I do not miss that man...
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Well, I always appreciate a little WMG :D

Actually, I wasn't thinking of Matt Engarde when I wrote the freaky-eye thing with Toon-Face. It is relevent to his past, but I don't want to spoil anything.

Oh, btw, I've actually made a page on TVTropes for this fic I've you'd like to comtribute :) [link]
blazichu's avatar
I'll just wait semi-patiently, like a normal person, then.

Ah-ha! I can think of a few additions to that page... It's a good thing I didn't have any plans for this evening, since that site is a grade A time eater. xD
DiceAura273's avatar
..... How'd ya think up of a backstory like that?
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Would you beleive from a crushing fear of failure? ^^;
DiceAura273's avatar
Fear of failure? That brought up the twister? That consept scares me more then the twister himself! Although. I'm sure everyone has had a psycho feeling. Before……… I know I have....
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
A fear of failure is what pushes me to work on the story. As for the Twister, I have no idea where the hell he came from ^^;
DiceAura273's avatar
Psycho side! Everyone. Has one!
smonruiz's avatar
Me too when I find that asshole girl in my school I stab my things so everybody has it
DiceAura273's avatar
Thank you for proving my point! And watch what you stab, you don't want to stab something important,right?
smonruiz's avatar
Nooo just my drawin' notebook so I don't care my sketches are in paper rolls they're easy to take
and the note book is damn hard so im like emma I make as her when gets angry and yomiel in the grill but with fran in the table
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Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Y'know, I'd reckon you're right.
FirefuryAmahira's avatar
Oh... man, each chapter where we find out more about the Twister just makes me feel more and more ill. I really hope that the bastard gets what he deserves!
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Don't you just love a villian you can really hate? :)
scytheskid's avatar
so it look like the twister was alway mess up in the head any way great chapter it was worth the wait
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Now to work on the next chapter!
joematrix01's avatar
yay!! more ghost trick!!
i hope cabanela will dance again!

and the twister...dude...give him a lesson!!! he deserves it!!
soralover012's avatar
Well this was certainly a interesting Chapter! But atleast we have more information than before!

Ami: *nods* But i'm getting the idea of who the twister's 'host body' may be......
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Tell Ami to keep it to herself please ^_^;
soralover012's avatar
She knows, se won't say

Ami: *nods* Ghost's Promise.......... *sits down and continues to watch the events*
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