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I got my inspiration for this chapter by listening to Pink Floyd's legendary album 'The Wall'. Check it out sometime.

Oh, I would also like to point out that suicide isn't cool, so please, if you're thinking about it talk to a doctor.
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FirefuryAmahira's avatar
Yiiiikes, the situation is just getting more and more screwed up! I hope there's a happy ending waiting for everyone!
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
soralover012's avatar
Poor Yomiel and Miss Sissel.......... both get killed and now suspect for a murder? Things are shaping badly in this story!
It's becoming a great story with every turn and every death actually XD

Ami: .....

You're silent for once....

Ami: I feel all those emotions....... sadness, madness, self control, suffering and i have to sit and watch it all before my deathly eyes................ unable to reach out and lend a paw......... i wish a small light would help...
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Not murder, arson -- I didn't mention anyone getting killed in the fire
soralover012's avatar
Oh Sorry ^^; i type to fast and miss things DX

Ami: Still..... i feel sadness for being a bystander.... I'm going to comfort Yomiel.... *leaves*

*blinks* Wow... this story has really changed her thoughts......
DiceAura273's avatar
....One harsh twist after another...

*WTF? Did I hust say "harsh"?*
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
I try my best.

Why you all hung up about using 'harsh'? It's a perfectly cromulent word :D
DiceAura273's avatar
Not sure. I guess cause I nevwr used in awhile.
scytheskid's avatar
so their is an other ghost out there who dosen't like Sissel for some reason. i think it an other ghost because i think the twister would have kill her by now and Toon-Face is too scared to do anythink right now. anyway great chapter can't wait intill the next
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
Thankyou for your continued support
junochan's avatar
After the last chapter, I expected that Yomiel and Sissel would show up again in this chapter, but I totally did not expect *this* :wow:

Yomiel seems a bit overly angsty to me. After having over ten years to process and to get over the undone ten years, I'd expect him to be a bit more composed... but then, after all that's apparently been happening lately with his beloved wife, he can't be blamed, right? I guess the memory of loosing her will hurt him forever. Well, at least he was cool enough to pull this suicide stunt to save poor Sissel from further harm. :clap:

Still, with his wife arrested, he should probably get a grip on himself and cooperate with cat Sissel... and Sissel should just stop beating around the bush and tell Lynne - she's not a kid any more, she can handle what happened (or rather, was prevented) in the past.

Oh, while reading this chapter, I wonderd why you never mention Yomiel's shades. Did he stop wearing them?

All of this being said, I want to thank you for going on with this story. It's really gripping. And I'm impressed by how fast you release new chapters :D
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
I know that CatSis and Yomiel are kinda juggling the idiot ball... guess I'm not that clever a writer ^^; And I did kinda forget the shades... whoops :s
junochan's avatar
Aww, don't worry about my rants, your story is great :heart:

... wait. You forgot the shades??? :noes:
Ah well, I guess as a writer it's easy to not care too much about them :shrug: As I try to draw GT fanart, I'm rather preoccupied with them at the moment.
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
I do try my best in keeping up the general quality of the story, trying to keep out of the 'Worst FanFic Ever' pile. :shrug:
armor-dragon-knigth2's avatar
joematrix01's avatar
things are getting more and more,well, "twisted"
ailaghast's avatar
Hmm, I wonder if Sissel is being controlled or if is there someone who wants her dead... Could that be the invisible ghost? I mean, she seemed really distressed about something/someone in the early chapters.
Tensions are getting higher here... Again, very nice job! :D
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