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Dino and Butterfly

Did this one last night. The grass is a standard Photoshop paintbrush, the background is a scan from an old calender that has been color adjusted and run through a filter, and the butterfly was a GIF file I found on the net that I colorised. The Dino, however, is 1005 my own creation :)
Originally he was green with a yellow belly, but I felt he looked too much like yoshi so I preformed a bit of color-replace
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Cuute! :D I did a story with a similar concept (except instead of a dino it was a dog). I like how shiny he is, heh heh.

And thanks for watching my gallery :3
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
A little photoshop makes any hack artist (eg -- moi) halfway decent
And you keep up the good work! :D
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That looks GREAT! :o
*worship* Your improving so fast *0000* I dont know if I'll be able to keep up~
Manga-in-a-Bottle's avatar
I made a few snafus with the shading here and there, though :p