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In The Big Top

All the robots, along with Atom, Ochanomizu and the Brains Trust, are discussing things in the seating area.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Well, Tobio. I suppose you're wondering what this is all about.
ATOM: Well, yeah... I mean, it's obvious we're not in any trouble, so I see no other reason for you to really be here...
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Ah, but that's where you're wrong, Tobio.
BRAINS TRUST 1: Tobio, we've always known you were a very unusual robot. What we never understood was how... uh...
BRAINS TRUST 3: Important?
BRAINS TRUST 1: Well, for lack of a better word, yes, how important you really are.
The other robots gasp and start chatting amongst themselves.
ATOM: But... the old circus master salvaged me from a pile of junk, remember?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: What do you remember from before then?
ATOM: Well... I lived with the Tenma family. I was... their 'son'. But I guess I wasn't, really...
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Dr Tenma, or your 'father' I suppose, was also the man who made you. He was my predecessor as the minister of science.
ATOM: So, what does that mean?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: He didn't build you to be any ordinary robot. Perhaps you could tell me what your capabilities are?
ATOM: Well, I have a hundred thousand horsepower. I can fly, because I have jets in my arms and legs. I can magnify my hearing, and I can usually tell when people are lying...
CLOWN: We use those two in Kino's mind-reading act!
KINO: (embarrassed) Hey!
ATOM: I also have laser cannons in my hands and... Uh... another weapon... somewhere else. I never use those, though.
TROMBONE PLAYER: We tried, once. You know that trick with the whip where the guy holds a cigarette in his mouth?
CLOWN: We went for the audience-participation angle – no biters.
BRAINS TRUST 1: The point is, Tobio, no factory would make a domestic robot, or even an industrial robot, with those sorts of capabilities.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: More importantly, at this point in time, you are one of the most human-like robots in existence.
Stunned silence
HAWK: Called it!
BRAINS TRUST 1: Basically, Ochanomizu is offering for you to leave the circus, and come with him to the Ministry of Science.
The circus crew goes into an uproar
ATOM: W-what?!
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Now, don't panic. The final decision is entirely up to you. My main concern is for your welfare, Tobio.
He hands Atom a business card.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: You don't have to make your decision now. And this isn't a 'one-time offer'. Even if you choose to stay here, the Ministry is more than happy to assist you if you should ever need it.
ATOM: I... I just don't know what to make of all this... I have so many questions...
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Well, perhaps if you choose to come to the ministry, you might be able to find the answers to them.

Getting Ready For The Next Show
Atom, in his circus costume, is sitting on his trunk, just staring at the card. Some of the other robots are watching from afar.
CLOWN: What's he gonna do, frame and mount it?
KITTY: Go easy on him; he's got some big decisions to make.
ATOM: I can hear you, you know.
KINO: Well, if it makes it any easier for you, no matter what you choose...we'll support you a hundred percent.
CLOWN: Even if he ditches us?
Hawk elbows the Clown.
ATOM: Thanks guys, but... I'm seriously thinking of going.
KITTY: So go! What's stopping' ya?
ATOM: What about you guys? Don't you feel insulted? What about 'us'?
KINO: Wow... you really ARE like a human...
ATOM: What do you mean?
CLOWN: You take something so simple and complicate it beyond proportion. The Doc said that it was important for you to be happy! That's why robot's were given rights in the first place, knucklehead.
Meanwhile, the audience stands are filling up. The delinquents are also visiting. However, once they show the Booth attendant their tickets, they sneak out of the line and start crawling under the stands -- each of them armed with a bunch of the lethal-looking fireworks.
KINO: Think about it, Tobio -- you haven't been happy here.
ATOM: Wh-what? No! That's not true!
HAWK: He's right, Tobes. Why else would you keep losing focus backstage? I mean, with those abilities of yours, you should be kicking Kino's backside when it comes to popularity -- no offense.
KINO: None taken.
KITTY: But you've always lacked that certain 'star quality'. Face it hon, your hearts just not in it.
ATOM: Do robots even have hearts?
STAGEHAND: Get ready, guys!
The robots head out for the parade. Atom puts on a brave face, smiling for the audience
Meanwhile, back under the stands, the delinquents are putting their plan into motion.

DELINQUENT 1: Man, those rust-buckets ain't gonna know what hit 'em.
DELINQUENT 2: Yeah, they'll only be good for scrap metal!
DELINQUENT 3: Serves 'em right, dirty tin men.
A guy lights up a smoke bomb, and throws it out into the parade. The Robots break their formation in surprise.
KINO: Wh...What on earth?
DRUMMER: Don't tell me I left the generator running...
DELINQUENT 4: That's great, man! Do another one.
Delinquent 1 lights up a bigger explosive, much to his friends' horror.
DELINQUENT 5: Idiot! How are we gonna get that out there?
DELINQUENT 3: Put it out! Put it out!
They madly stamp on the lit fuse. One of the guys empties the contents of his beer bottle over the flames, causing a huge flare-up, which slowly creeps its way to the rest of the fireworks.
DELINQUENT 5: Run for it!
They scramble out from under the stands, into the ring. The audience watches on in astonishment.
CHILD: They don't look like part of the show.
MOTHER: Now that you mention it, the parade seems a little off tonight...
She notices that smoke is rising from beneath the stands.
MOTHER: Oh my gosh! I think we're on fire!
This outburst causes the audience to leave their seats and shuffle away, which is just as well because there is a huge explosion as the fire finally finds its way to the explosive fireworks.
The robots are trying to reorganize the parade, but are once again distracted.

RINGMASTER: Holy...! Everyone, please make you way to the nearest exit as calmly and as quickly as possible!
Not all of the fireworks have gone off, either -- one rocket if set off, and Kitty is right in its trajectory.
HAWK: Kitty, look out!
He jumps in front of her, taking the full force of the explosion.
KITTY: Hawk!
A charred and mangled Hawk falls to the ground, groaning in pain.
HAWK: Ah- I'm OK, but I can't move...
One of the elephants picks him up with his trunk, placing him on the back of a horse.
BRAINS TRUST 1: C'mon, let's get outta here.
The explosion has spread the fire out pretty far. To make things worse, it is crawling up the curtaining of the big top, cutting off many of the escape routes.
ATOM: We can't -- a lot of the humans are still in trouble!
The other robots look at each other, then look around and see that a lot of other humans are in distress.
BRAINS TRUST 1: (To the horse carrying Hawk) get him outside.
(To the others) And the rest of you, if you're willing and able, it's our duty to protect these people until help arrives. Understand?
The others nod in agreement and split up to help a montage of the various robots helping people out -- a group of spectators make their way to an exit, only to have it blocked by a flaming pole. An elephant arrives and lifts them up onto its back, then walks over the flames. The clown comes across a group of frighted, crying children; he stands on his head to make them laugh and calm them down, then, still in a handstand, he leads them safely to the nearest exit, and so on. Outside, Kino is shown on the phone, while the other robots round everyone up to check that they are safe.
Back inside, it becomes obvious that not everyone made it out of the blast zone in time.

MOTHER: My baby... my baby! Someone help me -- I can't find my baby!
ATOM: Ma'am, where did you last see you kid?
MOTHER: (sobbing) He was right next to me, where we were seated. His name's Hiroshi!
She points to a pile of splinted seats. Atom wastes to time in rushing over.
ATOM: Hiroshi! Hiroshi, can you hear me? Are you there?
CHILD: Momma!
Atom lifts a heavy-looking plank, revealing Hiroshi's dirty face.
CHILD: (crying) Where's my momma?
ATOM: Don't worry -- you'll be back with your mom as soon as I get you outta here.
CHILD: I want my momma!
Atom grunts in exertion as he lifts the rest of the heavy planks. Soon Hiroshi is free, and Atom carries him to his mother's waiting arms.
CHILD: Momma!
MOTHER: Oh my god! Hiroshi! Thank god you're safe!
ATOM: Ok, now let's get outta here!
They're almost at the exit, when a steel pylon starts to groan and comes crashing down towards Hiroshi and his mother. Atom sees this, and zooms over using his jets, grabbing the pylon just in time.
ATOM: You're almost there! Get going.
They make it out without any further trouble. Atom drops the pylon, looks around and is satisfied that there's no one else in trouble. His costume torn and dirty, Atom heads outside, sees everyone safe, and seeing the lights and hearing the sirens from the fire engine, he collapses from exhaustion.
KINO: T-Tobio...!

An Hour Or So Later
Atom opens his eyes -- Ochanomizu is standing over him, its morning, the big top has burnt to the ground, and everyone is giving statements to the police.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: I came as soon as I heard -- are you alright?
ATOM: Hawk...
ATOM: Can you fix Hawk?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Oh, yes! I'll have him up and swinging again in no time!
ATOM: Thanks. He and Kitty will be glad to glad to hear that. So everyone's safe, then?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Well, they may need a bit of patching up, but they'll be fine.
ATOM: We did it...
POLICEMAN 1: (off-screen) Professor!
Three policemen comes on-screen, holding the delinquents firmly by the shoulder.
POLICEMAN 1: We caught these louts sneaking around -- they're known in this neighbourhood for causing trouble.
POLICEMAN 2: They were trying to get rid of these.
He holds up a bunch of unexploded fireworks.
POLICEMAN 2: We found the remains of similar explosives at the origin of the fire.
DELINQUENT 3: We were just trying to have some fun...
The policeman holding him slaps him up the back of the head, and the group walks off.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Well, Tobio. I've been talking to your co-workers and the audience members -- apparently you were really brave!
ATOM: (embarrassed) Nah, not really...

At The Train Station
All the circus robots are preparing to leave town on the train, with one exception. Atom is holding Ochanomizu's hand as he says goodbye to his friends, including a repaired Hawk.
ATOM: Are you sure you don't need me?
CLOWN: Hey, we were doing just fine before you showed up. We'll manage.
SNACK VENDOR: We're gonna miss you, kiddo.
BRAINS TRUST 1: Life on the road certainly won't be the same without you.
KINO: Yeah, not to mention I'll have to find a new way to pull off my mind-reading trick.
HAWK: And who's gonna catch Kitty for our trapeze act?
Kitty embraces Hawk.
KITTY: Ah, who cares about that, sweetie? You're my real hero.
Hawk blushes.
BRAINS TRUST 2: But seriously, Tobio. When fire broke out, you really kept it together!
BRAINS TRUST 1: Perhaps helping others in difficulty is what's right for you.
ATOM: As much as I'll miss you guys, I think you're right. For the first time in ages, I feel confident in myself.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Now Tobio, if you ever change your mind, you know you can always go back to the circus.
ATOM: Thanks professor. But I do have one request -- can I change my name?
A stunned silence.
ATOM: I know it's kind of strange, but I've always felt it wasn't really mine.
CLOWN: What's that supposed to mean?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Yes, that would be perfectly alright.
The circus robots look on, as Ochanomizu and Atom seem to come to an understanding without saying anything. Evidently the two know something about Atom's past that they don't.
ATOM: I was thinking Atom.
KINO: 'Atom'. I like it.
ELEPHANT: has a nice space-age ring to it.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Atom it is! I'll fill out the forms when we get to the ministry.
ATOM: (to the circus) I am going to miss you guys.
BRAINS TRUST 1: We'll be sure to write.
CLOWN: And we come back every year or so -- we'll give you free tickets to the show.
Silence. Atom and the crew look rather mournful, not really wanting to say goodbye. A monkey and a French poodle step forward.
MONKEY: Um, Tob... I'm mean, Atom. We wanted to give you something, to remember us by...
They hand him a wrapped gift.
POODLE: It's not much -- the rest of it was ruined in the fire. But I hope you'll think of them as a good luck charm.
KINO: Good luck with everything.
They board. Ochanomizu places his hand on Atom's shoulder. Atom slowly opens his gift, and sees that it's the red boots from his costume. He waves goodbye to his old friends as the train pulls out. Close up on Atom's face -- his eyes are starting to tear up.



ATOM: (voice over) A special report from the ministry of science!
Cut to a science lab with Ochanomizu standing next to a large computer screen. Atom zooms in and lands next to Ochanomizu.
ATOM: Pleased to meet you. I'm Atom.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: And I'm Ochanomizu.
ATOM: And it is our dearest wish for robots and humans to be friends. So Ochanomizu and I decided that a good way was to share with you all sorts of cool stuff about the world we live in.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: I thought a good place to start would be that fancy costume you wore for your act in the circus, Atom.
An image of Atom in costume shows on the screen.
ATOM: Well, it's kinda embarrassing, really.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: You know, Atom, I have a strange feeling I've seen you in that costume before...
ATOM: It's true, Professor! Back in 1972, I appeared in a special comic story called 'Atom Returns',
Screen shows panels from aforementioned comic
ATOM: Where I was rebuilt to look just like this. It's never appeared in a TV version before now, though. In this version, it's only my circus outfit, and most of it gets destroyed -- but I've still got the boots.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: I suppose we can expect to see those boots more often then, Atom?
ATOM: Why of course, professor. They're a reminder of the wonderful friends I have at the circus.
The screen turns off, and Atom turns to face the audience.
ATOM: I hope we can also be friends!
ATOM & PROF. OCHANOMIZU: (bowing) Please do join us again next time! Goodbye!


Next Episode Preview
ATOM: (voice over) Have you ever had to join a new school? It's scary, isn't it? Well, imagine being the first ever robot to attend school with human children! Most of the people are friendly, but some definitely don't want me around and will do anything to get me to leave. Then I discovered that someone from my past is attending my new school... This isn't gonna be easy!

Here's part two. The part at the end about the name change seems a bit random, but there's a point to it, I swear!
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