Astro Boy Season 1 Ep 1 Act 1

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Mighty Astro Boy 1.1: Home is a Circus
By MangaBottle
Based on Tetsuwan Atom by Osamu Tezuka

(Health & Safety Warning)
(Opening Credits)

Dream Sequence
Flying through cyberspace from an unknown first-person perspective -- flying past are fuzzy images and garbled audio of various events such as a man working at a desk, a woman holding a child in her arms, a man and woman arguing, etc. In the mess of the audio, one name is slowly made out...
DR TENMA: Tobio...
HOSHIE: Tobio...
KINO: Tobio!

ATOM: Huh?
Camera pulls out, showing Atom (here known as Tobio), in normal clothes, sitting on a trunk. Kino stands across from him with folded arms.
ATOM: Mr Kino?
KINO: Tobio, do you realize what time it is?
ATOM: What?! You don't mean...
Atom jumps off from the trunk and rushes to the curtain. He peeks outside: in the distance the audience stands can be seen and it's a full house.
ATOM: Oh, no!
He rushes to the trunk, flips it open, takes out a costume, and begins to put it on, particularity struggling as he puts on the red boots.
KINO: OK then - I'll let the others know you're getting ready.
ATOM: I'm sorry Kino - I don't mean to let the team down...
KINO: It's OK - just try to focus in future.
ATOM: Yes, sir!

Show Ring
The robot marching band is playing an instrumental version of the classic Astro Boy theme. The robot ringmaster's voice is muffled slightly by the band's music and the audience cheers as the circus stars parade into the ring, and an especially big cheer is given when Kino comes out - he's evidently the star of the show.
RINGMASTER: Well, he's a little late, but he just made it in time for the start of the show! So let's all give a big hand for own pint size powerhouse, the one-and-only, amazing Astro BOY!!!
Atom, having finally wrestled on his costume, comes sprinting into the spotlight, only to trip on his own loose boot and falls face first, as his co-stars wince in sympathy. Atom, however, is a trooper, getting up on one knee and giving a an embarrassed smile.


Next Night At The Circus Ticket Booth.
Prof Ochanomizu and his grandson Takashi are waiting at the ticket booth.
TAKASHI: We goin' in yet, grandpa?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: (Chuckles) Not yet Takashi, calm down! You'll tire yourself out before the show evens begins!
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Oh, see? That's us now!
Hands the Booth Attendant the tickets.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: I hope everything is in order, then.
The ticket is shown, with the Ochanomizu name clearly printed on it.
TICKET ATTENDANT: Hey, aren't you...
TICKET ATTENDANT: You are! Oh, Professor Ochanomizu, it really is an honour to have you here at our little circus! (Pause) Um, is this some sort of inspection?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: No, I'm not here on business. I'm just spending a little quality time with my grandson; it's been a while since we've had time together. And I highly doubt a circus run by robots would be abusing robot rights.
TICKET ATTENDANT: Yeah, we keep things pretty tight here. Not like when it used to be run by a human...
Takashi starts tugging on Ochanomizu's sleeve.
TAKASHI: Grandpa, we're gonna miss the show...
TICKET ATTENDANT: Hey, we just had a cancellation on a bunch of front-row seats. How's about I give you guys a real treat and set you up there?
TAKASHI: Wow! Really?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: (embarrassed) What? Oh no, I couldn't possibly...
TICKET ATTENDANT: Aw, c'mon, it's the least I could do for the guy who gave robots their long-awaited freedom.
TAKASHI: Can we, grandpa? Puh-leeeese?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: (sighs) Oh, all right.
Focus shifts from Ochanomizu and Takashi to a group of delinquents hanging at the back of the line.
PASSERBY: Pretty amazing what robots are capable of these days, huh? Running a circus without human help...
The delinquents just glare at him. Passerby realizes he's with the wrong crowd and makes a hasty exit.
DELINQUENT 1: Man, talk 'bout lame.
They head off.

Atom is once again struggling to put on the boots of his costume.
ATOM: Why do I keep doing this to myself?
KITTY: Will you just relax, Tobio?
HAWK: Yeah, everyone has their off days now and then.
ATOM: Every human has their off days. And this isn't now and then; it's every single show...
He slumps as he finally gets his boots on. Kitty and Hawk sit on either side of him.
KITTY: You think you might need a service?
ATOM: Nah, I've run a full system scan... but I just keep screwing up. No wonder I got thrown away...
HAWK: Nah, the guy probably just switched ya for a newer model.
ATOM: No - he said I was a failure. I remember it specifically...
KITTY: It's all in the past, kid. Why worry so much? You're here now...
ATOM: I'm sorry. It's not that I don't like it here. I don't mean to be a burden to you...
HAWK: Relax, Tobes. You always pull through on stage. Geez, the way to worry, sometimes I'd swear you were a human!
There's a slight pause as Atom contemplates this statement, then the Stagehand enters.
STAGEHAND: Small talk's over, fellas. The parade's about to start.

Circus Ring
Ochanomizu & Takashi have front-row seats. The parade is passing in front, on again playing the Astro Boy theme. Takashi is so excited that he is almost hanging over the barrier.
TAKASHI: There's the elephants, grandpa!
TAKASHI: And the clowns!
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Yes, I see them.
TAKASHI: And the lion-tamer and the lions!
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: And the acrobats and the horses and the monkeys. Oh, there's Kino! He's a magician.
TAKASHI: Will he pull a rabbit outta a hat?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: (chuckles) Maybe. Won't your mother be jealous when we tell her everything, eh?
Something in the ring catches Takashi's eye.
TAKASHI: What's that robot do, grandpa?
Atom is shown in the middle of the parade. Ochanomizu blinks, as if to make sure he's not seeing things.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: That robot...
He opens up the program.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Says here he's Astro Boy... the strongman?
TAKASHI: Really? But he looks like a kid.
Ochanomizu is focused intently on Atom, who is oblivious to Ochanomizu's presence.
A short montage occurs. Clowns, animals, and Kino are shown doing their respective acts. Takashi is enjoying himself, but Ochanomizu keeps double-checking Atom's listing on the program. Takashi notices this.

TAKASHI: Don't worry, grandpa. He'll be on soon.
Sometime later, Atom is doing his stuff as he lifts one of the robot elephants above his head. The crowd gasps in awe, but Ochanomizu is clearly deep in thought.
ELEPHANT: Ready for the big finish, Tobes?
ATOM: You betcha!
Atom puts the elephant down, who walks over to a group of five other waiting elephants, who proceed to climb on top of one another in a pyramid formation. Atom then picks up the platform, and with a little effort, he lifts the whole load above his head. The crowd goes wild.
TAKASHI: He did it, grandpa! He did it!
He realizes that Ochanomizu isn't cheering.
TAKASHI: What's wrong, grandpa? Aren't you enjoying the show?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Hm? Oh Takashi, I'm sorry. It's just... I think I've seen that robot before...
TAKASHI: Maybe he came to you for a repair job once.
The elephants are back on solid ground. They surround Atom, and then pick him up with their trunks as the crowd cheers. Atom blushes in modest embarrassment.
RINGMASTER: That was own hundred thousand horsepower wonder-bot, Astro Boy! Give him a hand, folks!
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: A hundred thou-! Oh, they're probably just exaggerating. A small circus like this is unlikely to acquire a robot that strong...
RINGMASTER: Now for our next act, I'd like to present to you an aerial feat unmatched in the entire world of entertainment! Proudly presenting, those amazing artists of the ether, our very own Kitty and Hawk!
The spotlight focuses on the Hawk and Kitty at the top of the trapeze set. Hawk & Kitty start their routine, and the crowd awes and ahs at each stunt. And the end of this routine, the two are at opposite ends of the set.
RINGMASTER: (whispering) Now this is where this gets really serious. This stunt is known as 'Grand Invitation for the Angel of Death'. It's just as bad as it sounds, folks!
The Trapeze artists prepare for the fearful-sounding stunt. The crowd hushes as a drum roll begins, and the two begins. After a series of particularly fancy-looking stunts, everything seem to be OK, but then Hawk fails to catch Kitty, and she is left dangling on her swing, holding on with only one hand. Hawk reaches out to her desperately as the crowd gasps in horror. Finally, she slips and starts to fall. The crowd shrieks in panic, and Ochanomizu instinctively covers Takashi's eyes. But then, Atom rushes in from the wing, fires up his jet-powered feet and flies up to catch Kitty just in time, and is greeted enthusiastically by the crowd as he and Kitty land safely.
Back at the wings, Kino and a few of the other circus crew watch in approval.

KINO: Well done, Tobio. Just like we practiced.
STAGEHAND: Even if he missed, Kitty wouldn't need that much of a repair.
Back at the stands, Ochanomizu no longer has any doubts.
TAKASHI: What a cool robot!
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Yes. And now I'm certain I know who that robot is.
He calls over to a snack vendor.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Pardon me, is there any way I could speak to the manager after the show?
SNACK VENDOR: Uh, sure, I guess. May I have your name please?

Sleazy Alleyway
A sleazy, rundown, downtown alleyway. The gang of delinquents from earlier from earlier are crowded around a lit-up oil drum, drinking beer, smoking cigarettes, and playing poker.
DELINQUENT 1: Dude, I'm bored.
DELINQUENT 2: Me too -- watcha wanna do?
DELINQUENT 1: I dunno, watta you wanna do?
DELINQUENT 2: I dunno...
DELINQUENT 3: Watta 'bout the circus?
DELINQUENT 1: Idiot -- why would we wanna go there?
DELINQUENT 3: We could heckle them.
DELINQUENT 2: They'll just call the cops and get us thrown out, you moron.
DELINQUENT 4: Yeah. Ever since they gave robots rights, it's been no fun...
DELINQUENT 1: Stupid tin men.
DELINQUENT 5: So why don't we teach them a lesson?
The others stop their activities and look to him. He pulls out a load of dangerous-looking explosives from under his coat.
DELINQUENT 5: I've been waiting to use these babies for ages.

Next Morning At The Circus Office.
Various robots, including Atom, Kino, Kitty & Hawk, are crowded at the office door trying to catch what's being said.
TICKET ATTENDANT: He said it was his day off...
KINO: Just relax -- we haven't done anything wrong.
KITTY: Don't forget we're talkin' bout humans here. They don't need much excuse to get us bots in trouble.
Inside the office, Ochanomizu is discussing things the Robot's Circus 'Brain's Trust' Brains Trust 1 pours some green tea for Ochanomizu.
BRAINS TRUST 1: So, Professor Ochanomizu, I understand you were very eager to meet with us.
BRAINS TRUST 2: Yes, you've got the whole circus in a real tizzy!
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Well, I understand you concern, but I assure you there's nothing to worry about.
Ochanomizu takes a sip of the tea.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: I am, however, interested in the welfare of one of your team...
BRAINS TRUST 3: You mean Kitty?
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Well, it was certainly a nice little act you put on. Even I was fooled, until I thought it over back at home.
BRAINS TRUST 1: Eh he... the aerial performance was the easy part. It was the block on lying that we had trouble with. Luckily there's a bypass when it comes to acting and performance.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: (laughs) Very sneaky, but I am interested in one of the robots involved in that act -- the one you call 'Astro Boy'.
BRAINS TRUST 2: (surprised) Eh? You mean Tobio?
Back outside.
HAWK: So that's the new minister of science, right?
LION: Yeah, something happened to the other guy, so he had to quit. I think he, uh... broke down?
TICKET ATTENDANT: What? Humans don't break down!
LION: I'm just saying that's what I heard. I didn't think it sounded right, though.
CLOWN: Hey Tobes, think you could do that super-hearing thingy of yours and listen in?
ATOM: No, sorry. Listening in on a private conversation is breaking the law...
CLOWN: (disappointed) And robots can't break the law. Geez.
Back inside the office.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: So you see, Tobio isn't your everyday robot. He may require special care.
BRAINS TRUST 1: I see. It's natural that you just want what's best for him.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Of course. And given what I've just told you, deciding what that is won't be easy.
BRAINS TRUST 1: It seems the wisest course of action would be to question Tobio himself on what he wants.
BRAINS TRUST 3: I think the rest of the team should also make themselves heard.
PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Yes, of course. But it is imperative that Tobio has the final say in all of this.
They get up from their seats.
Back outside there is a sudden movement from inside, and the robots scrambled to 'look innocent' As the door opens, the Brains Trust glower to show that they aren't entirely fooled, and Ochanomizu looks embarrassed on their behalf.

PROF. OCHANOMIZU: Can't blame them for being curious.
BRAINS TRUST 1: No more fooling around, folks. We've got a big decision to make, and it involves everyone. Especially you, Tobio.
ATOM: M... me?


This is just a pet project, but here's the first half of the first episode. Basically, trying to stay true to Tezuka's original story, as well as adding ideas form other adaptations, and a few of my own. My goal is to do about 80+ of these -- if I don't go crazy first!

PS: Can anyone guess the inspiration for the names of the Trapeze artists? :D
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