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For 's comic. Aliza is a Jewish bat. Her name means 'Joyful', which is supposed to be a joke because she is very jaded and cynical. She's had to deal with a lot of idoits in her life -- y'know, the paranoid freaks who belive the holocaust never happened and that the Jewish people are in control of the world. So she's basically given up on humanity as a whole. She has a dry, biting sense of humor and rarely shows any emotion other than pissed off
So, yeah, faol-man, hope you like it :)
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I love her expression :D
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Yeah, she's a little ray of sunshine, huh?
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Thanks. I did this one a looong time ago...
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Hahah! She is EXCELLENT! :) Thank you so VERY much Manga! I will write her into the story A.S.A.P! :D Great job! (I like her pose hahaha)
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I decied on a bat since you already have a cat -- and thanx sooo much for the fav! :woot:
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Gotta love that face.
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^_^ very nice, the lighting behind her is cool.
Oh yes, very 'joyful'.
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The lighting was achived by using a few filters in photoshop -- no biggie. But thanx anyway :)
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