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commission are open contact me 

Webcomic part 2  by Ken-chan94   Webcomic part 1 (watercolor)  by Ken-chan94  
is it ok if you can add my latest comic to the drama section since is about ponies going through things in order to become better
Ok, for the new pages or the previous ones too ?

um idk if the previous ones are in that folder because idk if it said but maybe the recent one i have now

Ok, I will try to remember when I add them.
Thank you for requesting my comics all the time TwT You're my hero!
Thank you too for the great stories you draw :)

I try my best to add the comics on Manga-com when I add them on CanterlotComics (sometimes I reach the 10 Deviation per day limit, so on that case an addition to this group can be missing).