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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 13, 2016, 4:23 PM
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Hello everyone!  I'd like to take a moment to direct you to an excellent artist and resource today!

Becca Hillburn is an artist, YouTuber, and blogger of many talents - focusing on comicking, art education, and helpful and informative reviews of supplies!
She has a Master's degree in Sequential Art from SCAD, and has experience with a variety of media.  Her YouTube channel, Nattosoup, is a great tool for information and demonstration, especially if you're looking at experimenting with things like inks and markers for comics and illustration.

Blog | Youtube | Twitter

Artist-Postcard-Front-A by kabochaArtist-Postcard-Back-B by kabocha
Images courtesy of Becca Hillburn

Interview With Becca

  • Hi Becca!  Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
    • Hey guys!  Well, I'm a convention artist, reviewer of materials, and a comic artist! These are the three huge areas of my professional life, but of course there's a little bit of overlap.  I enjoy art because I find it's something I can get very focused on, but I'm also really able to switch gears between the different facets of what I do in order to keep myself engaged.
  • What are your current projects?
    • Right now, apart from the blog and YouTube, I'm working on a comic called 7" Kara.  It's an all-ages adventure comic done in watercolor, about Kara, who discovers that humans are more than just tall tales!

      Note: You can find Volume 1 of 7" Kara online through Gumroad or Becca's store directly!
  • Do you have any goals at the moment?
    • Oh, gosh. I really just want to finish Kara no matter what right now!
      Apart from that, I also want to connect with other artists and get to know them and their experiences - the area I'm from is kind of not a great place if you're a comic artist!  Everyone in the art scene here so focused on fine art, which is a totally different mindset, so you end up kinda relying on other comic artists you meet online for that sort of interaction.
  • What do you find is the best way to make connections?
    • That can really vary depending on what audience I'm looking at.  Twitter's been pretty useful for meeting people.
      Conventions, though, have really been a great way to meet new people and get readers and viewers, especially since I got those postcards (pictured above) printed out to give out.  Over the course of a year, I usually average at least one convention a month, but you know that means sometimes you end up with two or more a month during the busy season.
  • Why did you choose to go for your Master's degree?
    • Well, one thing I was finding is that I wasn't really progressing on my own the way I wanted.  I needed some guidance, and SCAD really gave me that opportunity.  It's not for everyone, and I started the blog to not only help myself remember what I learned, but to share that with other people.
  • So, what is your main goal out of doing all of this instruction?
    • Like I said, it started out as a way to keep track of what I learned, but I also really wanted to pay it forward.  When I was a student, I learned a lot from Julie Dillon's tutorials at the time.
      I also had experiences at some schools in my area where, you know, one would have really great supplies and experiences, while another school was really impoverished. So, I wanted to do what I could to help make art education accessible for everyone - especially for the kids who aren't so well off.
  • Do you have any advice you'd like to share?
    • Oh, man, this is a hard question to answer! Everybody asks it, too.  Well, hm.

      • First: Remember that you don't need to have the latest and greatest thing being pushed in order to be a good artist. There's so many cheap alternatives around to stuff like Copic markers, or some of the really expensive papers and watercolors... Shop around!  Experiment!  I like to refer people to places like Blick and Jerry's Artarama because they have really good prices on a lot of things, and some of their store brand items (like the Blick Studio markers) are really good, especially for the price!
      • I'd also say you really should take anatomy seriously.  I'm not even joking. I really didn't when I started out drawing, but when I got into art school, I was like, "I can't draw anything!" and needed to study. I liked Glenn Vlippu's Drawing Manual for breaking down anatomy without getting into things you might not need to know.

Highlighted Resources and Tutorials

If you're curious about the sorts of resources Becca has available, we've gone through and selected a few resources that might be of interest.  She's had her channel and blog going for quite a while, though, so there's years of information to dig through and learn from!

:bulletwhite: Intro to Comic Craft:…
:bulletwhite: Let's make a Mini Comic in Black and White:…
:bulletwhite: Artist Alley Essentials for Under $30: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5
:bulletwhite: 3 Cheap Copic Alternatives:…
:bulletwhite: Kara Marker Render and Process:…
:bulletwhite: Starting a Marker Collection from Scratch:…

If Becca's work interests you, you can support her by:

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