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Journal Entry: Fri Feb 26, 2010, 5:48 PM
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Welcome to Our Feature Article Section!

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:bulletred: Having a COMIC Block?
Here are Some Practical Tips to Deal with It!
by xxheartlessbitchxx

:bulletorange: Take Care of Your Hands!
Don't Let Carpal Tunnel Happen to You!
by kabocha

Informative: Advice and Links
:bulletred: The Big Blog of Useful Links
Links to shops, helpful websites, and lots of other things!
by Everyone :D

:bulletorange: Links to Anatomy Tutorials and Guides!
Another link list!
by Kita-Angel

:bulletyellow: So You Wanna Make Some Merch...
A quick listing of printers and various places to get ready for the Artist's Alley!
by kabocha

:bulletgreen: Artist Alley First-Timer? What You Need to Know!
Some consideration before you take the plunge and get an AA table!
by ArtByMelissaM

:bulletblue: InkBlazers Shutdown and Webcomic Hosting Options
Some options for choosing a place to put your webcomic for your readers!

:bulletpurple: Hosting Your Own Webcomic
A review of what options are out there if you choose to host your own comic.
by kabocha

Art Related
:bulletred: Screentones Resource Compilation
What are they and where do I find them?
by bakenekogirl

:bulletorange: Basic Guide to File Formats
Overview of Common Formats
by kabocha, HeyTayHolt, Ashikai

:bulletyellow: Links to Anatomy Tutorials and Guides!
Another link list!
by Kita-Angel

:bulletgreen: Tearing Your Hair Out Over Bleeds and Trims?
Prepping for prints means upping your spec vocabulary! Print guidelines are easy to understand with this walk-through!
by HeyTayHolt

Characters, Creation, and Writing
:bulletred: Original Characters: Art and Beyond!
Making unique characters isn't only about the art, you know~
by Kita-Angel

:bulletorange: How to Write a Story:  A Guide by Kita
Going through the basic steps of a story with an example!
by Kita-Angel

:bulletyellow: Creating a Story: Where on Earth Do I Start?
Sometimes getting started is the HARDEST part!
by :devLOOMinate

:bulletgreen: #1: Getting Down with Genres and Target Audiences
The ugly truth about "writing for yourself!"
by HeyTayHolt

Manga-Apps Contest Information

:bulletred: 2010 Entrants List
Curious to see who entered and what they did?  Have a look!

:bulletorange: 2010 Short Story Winners
Here's our winners for the short story entries!

:bulletyellow: 2010 Long Entry Winners
Here's our winners for the long entries!

:bulletgreen: 2011 Contest Information
2011's contest information can be found here!

:bulletblue: 2012 Contest Rules
Here's the rules for 2012!

Outside Announcements and Events

:bulletred: About MICC and yen Press Talent Search
Brief overview about international & local comic contests!
by HeyTayHolt


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