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Gallery Folders

Spring Time by HaruShadows
She-Ra and the Princesses of Power by ethereal-afterlight
C: The Summoning by Winterleigh
Commission#2 by Sundelion
FULL Original Traditional
Show By Rock - Cyan by Silvextris
Through The Leaves by himehisagi
#inktober esquizofrenia by hinataakairo
FULL Original Art-Digital
Commission for Xiraphox by Sombrewood
Shu Manga Fighter by abn5x
Young Jedi by Mefi-Mnyama
Rose by AnnaChaveiro
Fan Art-Traditional
Pekoms Vs Sanji by Jayto91
Mikorin Mikoshiba - Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun by 18ritikak
Vocaloid- Hatsune Miku by BillieKlemm
Sink with me! by FlightlessFlare
Commission: Melissa/Naga cross-playing by Sabu-chan
Pollitos! by Patitodesu
FULL Fan Art Digital 2
Fear is freedom, control is liberty. by oreokeki
Color pallet meme - Rose by NoVaNoah
Allen Walker Crown Clown by DC-san
Kid Goku SSJ by hsvhrt
Aging Proccess (Manga) by jessecarlsteen
I'm Sorry Gray-sama by AJM-FairyTail
Happy Halloween by Nigzblackman
Kaze ni Naritai by kgfantasy
Comic Panels
The key to chaos is fear by suzarte01
Demon Hunters Chapter 4 Page 25-26 by darthmanga
Fight scene, by ZXY8 by zxy8
Hinata like Covergirl (G.I.Joe) 52 Special 2/01 by gekkodimoria
Character Reference Sheets
Tesa Lykia | OC Design (1st Ed.) | [TM] by TheUnlimitedFortress
Pottermore Ravenclaw - Original Character by Bluemeowcat
CM|Timeline reference by himeRra
Sacred Angel Sheet Ray 1 by Zee-qow

Mature Content

CM Unicorn Gal by HaruShadows

Mature Content

Here to Serve by HaruShadows
Cream Maid by HaruShadows
Greedy Witch by HaruShadows
Sketches, Linearts and WIP's
Let's TWIST! by AndromedaSwan
Cosplay Photos
Kunzite and Zoisite. Sailor Moon cosplay by Vaishravana
Ramen by LitaTan
FULL Original Digital 2
[Request] by bonny993
FULL Fan Art Digital 3
FULL Original Digital 3
Always grumpy by Deiseki
Fan Art Digital 4
I will be your light! by Kuroyuu-chi
Original Digital 4
Sunset by Fuulan
Original Traditional 2
Soulafein Arkhenneld - Drow Swashbuckler/Sorcerer by s0ulafein
Fan art Traditional 2
komi-san in my style by happerex
FULL FanArt Digital 5
Magical Halloween by chienu
Slime TG Animation by cchimeras
Original Digital 5
Eternal winter [AF MISSION] by fireytika
Fanart Digital 6
Beryl - xiao lu he xiao lan- by LealBoni
WIPS,Sketches,Line Art 2

Mature Content

Waynita N by anikaitofx
Original Digital 6
Mousey by Pigliicorn
Fan Art Digital 7
Kaworu Nagisa by Nenril-Tf
Original Digital 7
burnt wishes [oc] by sarurun
Fanart Digital 8
[FKBU] Happy Birthday Haru! +31 by Dalhia-Gwen

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Group Rules


All positions for co-founders or contributors are closed, so please do not bother asking for a spot unless role promotions come up.

---> Please click on the "Join" Button if you decide you want to. Please do not ask us in notes or leave comments on the front page.

You will be expected to follow rules, so take a quick look through them before you join.


:bulletred: Please do not note the group on why submissions are declined. Only ask the correspondence message since most of the time it is a wrong folder issue.

:bulletorange: Your best work only please. Nothing scribbled off in 5 minutes. There is a level of standard expected, so please understand that this may be a reason your artwork was declined.

:bulletorange: No spamming up the comments, logs, or blogs board.

:bulletyellow: Please be reasonably nice to people in the group. Do not insult others.

:bulletgreen: Do not steal or use art from withing this group without the express permission of the original artist. Including so called cropping vector artists.

:bulletblue: If you're a joke account trying to join-forget it.

:bulletpurple: Pictures containing mature work that violate DA terms on pron will not be tolerated or accepted.

:star: :star: Folder descriptions :star: :star:

Featured : You can't submit in there. We try to choose the best works to promote the group ! So do your best and maybe your drawing will be in ! =D (edit) folder is a bit of mess due to DA's new updates

Original artworks digital/traditionnal : Only your own drawings, with your owns characters. We accept full colored artworks only. OCs created from an existing universes goes inside ! (ex : a One piece OC)

Fanarts artworks digital/traditionnal : All drawings with characters you don't own. Commissions and art trades go inside. (ex : A drawing of Natsu from Fairy Tail, or one of your friend's OCs.)

Comics Panels : All drawings with texts and panels are accepted her. Covers included ,but please state it is a comic cover.

Reference sheets : As the title says, it's a reference. Not obviously a beautiful drawing or whatever. But still, we would like to have a clean drawing.

Animations: Anything that is animated.

Sketches, linearts, wips : A sketch is something quick, colored or not. A lineart is not a full artwork, as its name says. Nothing to say about the Works In Progress.

Cosplay photos : It's not about normal photos, only cosplays, thanks =D

Crafts : Objects you created. We do accept garage kits inside.

Submission limit should still be 1 per week

:bulletred: Do not submit Advertisements to the group folders includes adopts,journals ,commission links etc. If want in your advertisements in the group this is how.

:bulletred: No pay only or watcher only folders. If we can not view the work it will be denied.

:star: This is the last warning since to many are not following simple rules and spamming the group and will result in a ban. :star:


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HaruShadows Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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