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Rules- Please read- Seriously

How to join :--: Joining is simple, just click the "Join our Group" button and that's it.

:bulletred: What to submit and where to submit :--: All folders are self explanatory. The folder name says what belongs in it. For more specific information, go the following journal:…

:bulletred: What is not accepted :--: This group accepts just about anything, but it must be submitted into correct folders. Gender bending images are allowed in main folders, only if they are copyrighted characters (i.e. Naruko, Ivanko). All other gender benders are to be submitted to OC folder. We do not accept gore, cosplays as well as photograph works. We don't accept motivational posters. We also don't accept anti-work... We will also stop accepting work in progress.

:bulletred: For the people who neglect the rules, there will be no warnings. If your submissions are declined, we will not give any explanation. But you should know it's only one of two reasons: reason 1: your submission violates the group rules or DA rules; and reason 2: submission was submitted to the wrong folder.

Bullying :--: Bullying is not accepted at all. Bullying will result in being banned from the group with no further discussion.

Please do not argue why one image is accepted and another one is not. Manga colorings are not illegal and here are the links to prove it: Tracing ; Art Theft

Gallery Folders

Akiha Tohno by miura-n315
Nadeshiko~ by GUWEIZ
Pin up Damilla by UlielArt
Luffy by ZhangDing
Adoptable #31 line by kurumaiart
Pose A by Astrorella
In a dark room by askly839
Waiting for you by omarhassan913
CUSTOM Commission by Lozanica
Teamwork together  by Astrorella
Hinata like Julie Bourassa 03 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Denise Milani(Tennis) by gekkodimoria
Illustration by Ohalaz
YCH Commission by Lozanica
Lisa Yadomaru Feet by OrangeThunder2
(Open) ADoptable Auction #070,071 by henfruity
(Open) ADoptable Auction 069066 by henfruity
(Open) cA Adoptable Auction 031 032 by rkey557
ADOPT (OPEN) by Derikka
ADOPT (OPEN) by Derikka
Fairy tail-fanart
ADOPT (OPEN) by Derikka
Cute Lucy! by himyon
[FairyTail] Erza Portrait 04 Fear by Avia-tika
Juvia Lockser - Fairy Tail SFW by freshpicked
Fairy tail-Manga
Rebbecaa Bluegarden by Angea22
Juvia Lockser (9) by KrazyKamikaze44
ADOPT (OPEN) by Derikka
Hinata Rambo by gekkodimoria
One piece-Fanart
If Zoro has a little bit of Kaido's form by ebiiiebiii
Nam  swaan by Mrvectorpath
Yamato - One Piece - SFW by freshpicked
Uta One piece Red film - Fanart by xMaruMaru
One piece-Manga
The Thousand Sunny- One Piece live Wallpaper by favorisxp
OP Wano Kingdom by ZoroDaSH
The Thousand Sunny - One Piece Live Wallpaper by favorisxp
One Piece 1055 - Shanks by MavisHdz
KH Reborn
[CLOSED] YCH#95 by ininomie

Mature Content

Hinata like Diamond Foxx(Milfs Soup) by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Pamela Anderson 02 - Movie 1 by gekkodimoria
Air Gear 18

Mature Content

[CLOSED] YCH#96 by ininomie
Akame Ga Kill
Leone new bikini by megared1997
Ao No Exorcist
Avatar TLA

Mature Content

Ty lee by konekurodraw
My Hero Academia

Mature Content

Nejire Hado by Araneesama
Code Breaker
[CLOSED] YCH#91 by ininomie

Mature Content

Road Kamelot #7 by Keenesleyar
Dragon Ball Z

Mature Content

Android 21  Comic by zetarok
Fate Stay Night
Astolfo Sketch by Salad1V
FM Alchemist
Selim Bradley Pride by Salad1V
Lights Out - Takagi Saya x Saeko Busujima (HOTD) by dindakai
Ikitouson 18

Mature Content

Let The Show Begin (Ciel Book of Circus) by Heatray2009
Nix by Acaciathorn
Nessa Needs a Larger Size by SoberTsundere
Seven Deadly Sins
Soul Eater
Soul Evans~ by Saviursa
Rin Kagamine by MiriamRaincom
My Yu-Gi-Oh OC Marianne Corals by CatCamellia
League Of Lengends
African Mermaid by Thrillosopher
DC Universe
Sydney Sweeney as Power Girl (Superman) by MZimmer1985
Marvel Vs. Capcom
SIF by Lugfrancis
Omniverse Facts: TMNT Universes by GodDragonKing
Esdeath  Tatsumi   Commission Night by ZAIN-ART
Solus Twilight by Closz
Kanna by Taiqa
She-Hulk by Flowerxl
Merry Christmas 2018 by mesiasart
I'll Keep Loving You by emayuku
[OPEN] Adopt - KITTENS by mjarfart
Naruto Oc's
Hinata-Android 18 fusion by YurixTheWanderer
Other OC's 1-Full
Hairu Ihei by miura-n315
Other Oc's 2-Full
Cornet Espoir: Commission for SIMIFU by Achirimotedo
Other Oc's 3-Full
Eve by JaezX
Other Oc's 4-full
Tip Toe Hug by Super-Chi
Other Ocs 5-Full
[Animation] Fluttershy's hair blowing by Veemonsito
Other Ocs 6
[OPEN] Kemonomimi Adoptable - demon girl by ponpufie
AF - Fabulous by Isi-Daddy
Pantalone [Genshin Impact] by kochikuchan
-Traditional art-
knaves i cannot rule by cardenus
-Traditional art2-
#101 by EliTanDark
Traditional art 3
Surfer by YurixTheWanderer
The small room adopt open by NatArtxx
Hordak Speculative Redesign by Thrillosopher
Starfire by Flowerxl
mature 18-Full

Mature Content

Claire Jurassic World by Flowerxl
captain and mermaid by HBM20
Richard Ranashinha de Vulpian fanart by Kirishimeoo
Adoptable the auction is closed by matso77
Black Clover
Mimosa Vermillion | Black Clover SFW by freshpicked






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hi guys I Do NSFW/SFW Commission OC/Fanarts IN HIGH-RES.
If Interested pls check my journal below for prices and further info.

Open For Commission I Do NSFW Fanarts/OCI`ll Draw NSFW Fanarts/OC`s illustrations in semi-realistic Style. High-resolution artworksI Do:FanartsOC`sMale FemaleAnimeVideo-game CharactersSuperheroesI Don't Do:Furries Male to MaleMinorsGoreVoreScatNecrophilia DiapersSex ScenesNote:must be 18 yrs. old of age and above when getting a commission from meAll characters in my paintings will be over the age of 18I reserve the right to refuse any commission that I don't want to paintMy works are not to be used for commercial may take 7-10 Days to finish the artwork depending on how complicated the artwork that you commissioned.Payment is done through Paypal, half when I accept the commission, and half when it is finished.Once I receive the second half of the payment I`ll send you the final Image.When I`m finished about the painting I will send you the preview of the final image.For refunds:First half of the payment is non-refundable once work has started.there are no refunds once the artworks is already finished.Here is my complete price:(SINGLE CHARACTER ONLY)Line Draw with or without Shading - $15 (no Backgrounds)Line Draw colorized - $20 (no Backgrounds)Full color, no Backgrounds head to bust : $20Head to Thigh: $25Full body : $30ADDITIONAL PRICES FOR:Revisions: $25Additional 1 characters: $15Additional 2 characters: $25 Additional 3 to 5 characters: $30Simple Background: $5 Detailed background: $35 Samples of my works:Line Draws,head to shoulder,Head to thigh,Full body,

Mature Content

Cammy by h3uw1
  2B Alt Costume by h3uw1   Yamato Commissioned by Anon by h3uw1   Akali by h3uw1  
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