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Rules- Please read- Seriously

How to join :--: Joining is simple, just click the "Join our Group" button and that's it.

:bulletred: What to submit and where to submit :--: All folders are self explanatory. The folder name says what belongs in it. For more specific information, go the following journal:…

:bulletred: What is not accepted :--: This group accepts just about anything, but it must be submitted into correct folders. Gender bending images are allowed in main folders, only if they are copyrighted characters (i.e. Naruko, Ivanko). All other gender benders are to be submitted to OC folder. We do not accept gore, cosplays as well as photograph works. We don't accept motivational posters. We also don't accept anti-work... We will also stop accepting work in progress.

:bulletred: For the people who neglect the rules, there will be no warnings. If your submissions are declined, we will not give any explanation. But you should know it's only one of two reasons: reason 1: your submission violates the group rules or DA rules; and reason 2: submission was submitted to the wrong folder.

Bullying :--: Bullying is not accepted at all. Bullying will result in being banned from the group with no further discussion.

Please do not argue why one image is accepted and another one is not. Manga colorings are not illegal and here are the links to prove it: Tracing ; Art Theft

Gallery Folders

Akiha Tohno by miura-n315
Nadeshiko~ by GUWEIZ
Pin up Damilla by UlielArt
Luffy by ZhangDing
Protection by MuffinMonstah
Tifa II version! fanart. by Reneg30
Naruto: Ready for Autumn (Full-Ver) by JuPMod
Expansion by CHIBOY622
Boruto 36: Don't Insult the Seventh! by YametaStudio
FF14 Character Commission by Luna-rii
Edo Itachi by EternaJehuty
Konan y por su puesto yo by KonanYamanaka
Bleach fan art by EJtheDemonKid
Ichigo 100 by Itselfsearcher
Memories of Somebody (The Twilight ll) by Maithagor
Far Away | Senna by VizardGirl
Gotei 13 by gmattosx
Genryusai Yamamoto by gmattosx
Kisuke Urahara by gmattosx
The group by xKawaiiNyux
Fairy tail-fanart
Emiraryu by lacieon
Bunny Erza Scarlet by KrazyKamikaze44
Fairy Tail: Which of these 3 should die? by TitanXecutor
Edens Zero - Hermit by iNash19
Fairy tail-Manga
Fairy Tail 483 | Eileen Belserion (2) by Asylagi
Merlin BBC by LivingAliveCreator
Makarov _ Fairy tail by Dragon--anime
Fairy Tail Shrine Madiens by quamp
One piece-Fanart
Beautiful And Strong by YametaStudio
Boa Hancock Fanart by coresix
Male OCs Sketch Series #38 by Andromeda-Swan
Sweet commanders - One Piece by Daisy-Flauriossa
One piece-Manga
Room.. by AizenSowan
One Piece Boichi Special One Shot by natsuki-oniichan
One piece 672 Knock out by Rollando35
One piece color ch 943 Nico Robin by RedKorsak
KH Reborn
Colorful KH3 Kairi by SugarPopBlossom
Mael  _ Nanatsu on taizai by Dragon--anime
[Step by Step] Neria the Elf by Meryosie
Kairi by Rane0n
Air Gear 18
Manaka by lacieon
Akame Ga Kill
Where are you Tatsumi ? Esdeath req. Akame ga Kill by SchniiTaube
Ao No Exorcist
Ao No Exorcist HELP ME by natsuki-oniichan
Avatar TLA
Anthro Adopts #6 [13/24 OPEN] by KuroMokonaChan
My Hero Academia
Creati by Inteaselive
Code Breaker
Gazing into the abyss by Mischievous-Hyena
DGM Demon-Allen by Delila2110
Dragon Ball Z
Vegeta by KingPuddinArt
Fate Stay Night
Lancer's face by Sexyanimes
FM Alchemist
Strong.. by AizenSowan

Mature Content

Saeko Busujima by Esther-Shen
Ikitouson 18
Ryomou Shimei (Drawing) by William-Art
Thompson by misspiichi
Madoka by Tiny-Doodles
Glaceon with a clothespin~ by Alice-D-Bunny
Seven Deadly Sins
The Seven Deadly Sins - Merlin by KrazyKamikaze44
Soul Eater
Surprise by Mao-na
Hatsune Miku by Goodguy67
Darkness Touch by Yami-No-Spirit-luver
League Of Lengends

Mature Content

Ahri and  Sona kissing by SASHlMlSAN
DC Universe
Caroline Vreeland as Power Girl (Superman) by MZimmer1985
Marvel Vs. Capcom
Paul Levesque as Mike Haggar (Final Fight) by MZimmer1985
Twilight Sparkle Super Saiyajin 4 V2 by gonzalossj3
Esdeath  Tatsumi   Commission Night by ZAIN-ART
Solus Twilight by Closz
Kanna by Taiqa
She-Hulk by Flowerxl
Merry Christmas 2018 by mesiasart
Other 7
Narek by mio-m3
Naruto Oc's
+Video| Magical Girl (and I have a question) by taoshiriou
Other OC's 1-Full
Hairu Ihei by miura-n315
Other Oc's 2-Full
Cornet Espoir: Commission for SIMIFU by Achirimotedo
Other Oc's 3-Full
Eve by JaezX
Other Oc's 4-full
Tip Toe Hug by Super-Chi
Other Ocs 5
Art Trade - Sora by mio-m3
Commission - Noah by mio-m3

Mature Content

R. Mika Sketch by zetarok
-Traditional art-
knaves i cannot rule by cardenus
-Traditional art2-
#101 by EliTanDark
Traditional art 3
Downtown Train by Andromeda-Swan
[Winner] chisayo by Dianyaa
How To Draw Koro Sensei by PromisingMangaka
'Owl' Page 24 by LordGuyis
mature 18-Full

Mature Content

Claire Jurassic World by Flowerxl
maature 18- 2

Mature Content

You are mine, Peach! by Ange1Witch

Mature Content

Rias x Akeno Commission by Hayes-irina
Everybody Finds Love by Yeraa
Sasuke Uchiha (The Last) by meshugene89
Black Clover
NOELLE SILVA: Princess Royalty by Jacqthehermit







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