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Group Info

We are a group dedicated to manga and anime art in all its shapes and forms. (We also like video games)

You must read our rules… to join us.

We accept traditional art, digital art, cosplay and literature works.

If you want your commissions to be featured on our front page, just leave a comment and we will add you to the list. Remember there is also a Commission's Info folder on the groups gallery.

Our main priority are our members, so we do what we can to help them. In exchange, try making the admins jobs easier by following the DA rules and our Group rules…

Remember you can check who are the current members of the staff here…

We will try to feature the best artworks of each folder every week.
Founded 7 Years ago
May 26, 2012


Group Focus
Art Creation

2,053 Members
1,575 Watchers
45,893 Pageviews
Daily Pageviews

Commissions and Contests


is taking Emergency watercolor commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconaimimay: is taking commissions and selling Halloween adopts.
Halloween Adopts:…
Sketch Commissions:…
Other Commissions:…

:iconnajinichan: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconkrislalev: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconartisticallystrange: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconhoshaseikaku: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconaauditor: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconomkarpatole: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconswasbi: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconits-a-paco-thing: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconnasta55: is taking Semi-Realistic commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconvhinoekun: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconrizut4: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconfidoria: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconkurotatsuo: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:icondrvauclair: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconstelliformsouls: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconlira-althena: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconpillaridha: is taking LineArt commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconangellinx3: is taking Chibi commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconmochatchi: is taking commissions.
Info Here:

:icondeyvidson: is taking PayPal commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconrineclipses: is taking commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconlady-blackwings: is taking PayPal commissions.
Info Here:…

:iconledum: is taking commissions.
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:iconsofielofie: is taking Point commissions.
Info Here:…

Gallery Folders

Winter Schnee by Algirium
Waiting for Summer (Animated) by ari-6
Winter by sakohju
Winter Stroll by Cal-Tran
Digtal Art NEW
[Secret Santa 2018] Nightwish by kuromikku
GS Adopt 10 (open) by moehwa
Hiver by Emmpr
Akemi 'Pax' Nakamura - Art Style Study #2 by SnekkestSnek
Traditional Art
Colorful Girl by Medori
Astryd vs Vanessa by SawakoPhoenny
Reproduction by AstaQte
Countess De Corazon by TheShinyOne333
Fan Art, Digital
Hatsune Miku by Skydicer
Alexis Heart by jcorbari
Yotsuya Evernight by mio-m3
Graf Zeppelin by Mirecchi
Fan Art, Traditional
KUROSHITSUJI - Sebastian Michaelis (COLOR) by mickytaka558
Yamazaki Sosuke by Anaitmarihel
Chibi Akali KDA by nayu-me
Konosuba Christmas card by stray-life
Skin Tones Palette by jt-designs-123
Face profile tutorial part 2 by Lily-Draws
Face profile tutorial part 1 by Lily-Draws
Pose Studies by Asteltainn
Critique my work
Snow Villiers - FF XIII - Give My Heart Back! by DashingTonyDrake
[ Gift ] Syravene by miminaa-chan

Mature Content

Upside Down Mun by DeadSlot4
Thursday Prompt: A mind that spills like ink by Shadako26
Sketches and WIP's
Zelda Hawthorne - commission wip by CristianoReina
Anthro Adoptable2 #2 [SET PRICE OPEN] by KuroMokonaChan
YCH auction - close by KotaVa
~ Halloween YCH auction ! ~ close by KotaVa
LineArt and Colorings
Lineart - Yasumi by Silerna
Wiedergeburt [sample pages] by yamashyn
Star of the Battlefield +SPEEDPAINT by FaerieWarrior
Inktober Day 7: Star of the Battlefield by FaerieWarrior
Page Strips and Comics
Legio Arcana-Chapter 1: 1-5 by bluehorse-rmd
Meet The Artist by LunaCraftsandArt
Snow Villiers - FFXIII -  Cool for the Summer by DashingTonyDrake
Artisan Craft
SWEETS HOLO Sticker Sets A5 by Dreaming-Witch
Digital Art FULL
Lighthouse by Deyvidson

:iconkrislalev: is taking manga & anime commissions!

lupusregina Beta by KrisLalev  APrinces by KrisLalev  Luffy: Gear Forth by KrisLalev
Beerus-sama by KrisLalev  Erza Scarlet by KrisLalev  Jotaro Kujo by KrisLalev
Naruto Jiraya by KrisLalev  Atem, The Pharao by KrisLalev  Jaden Yuki Collaboration with a cosplayer by KrisLalev Natsu by KrisLalev

  • Description:

  1. All commissions should be manga/anime related.
  2. Pick a desired Commission option(s) from below.
  3. Payment (At least Partial).
  4. Prices are in EU but other currencies such as $, £, ¥ etc. are also accepted.
  5. Time span of commission may vary from one to three days.
  6. For slower commissions you will receive an update every other day.
  7. After the art is finished he is allowed to post it on Social Media unless you request to keep it unpublished.
  8. All art can be done traditionally or digitally. Then scanned in full HD.
  9. Payment: Only through Paypal.


Note: For more complex commissions, like mecha, extra details, weapons and concept art, the prices may vary. Discuss everything beforehand, not after the art is done, so there won’t be any misunderstanding or confusion.

Pencil Sketch:

1. Character Headshot

€ 5

2. Character Bust

€ 10
(extra character + € 5)

3. Character Half Body

€ 15
(extra character + € 10)

4. Character Full Body

€ 20
(extra character + € 15)

Background Additions:

May vary depending on the layout description

Black & White line art:

1. Character Headshot

€ 10

2. Character Bust

€ 15
(extra character + € 10)

3. Character Half Body

€ 18
(extra character + € 15)

4. Character Full Body

€ 22
(extra character + € 18)

Background Additions:

May vary depending on the layout description


1. Character Headshot

€ 15

2. Character Bust

€ 18
(extra character + € 15)

3. Character Half Body

€ 22
(extra character + € 18)

4. Character Full body

€ 30
(extra character + € 22)

Background Additions:

May vary depending on the layout description

Page Commissions

Black & White Only

1. Penciled Page

€ 35

2. Inked Page

€ 50

3. Front Cover Colored

€ 70

My Manga Page 1 is Out Now! by KrisLalev My manga by KrisLalev Manga bad guys by KrisLalev original manga  by KrisLalev

Scanning Quality:

The Black & White quality scan is full HD without any blurred pixels whatsoever! Weather it is on .jpg or .png it will still be the same quality and fully customizable.

For further Information, Please Visit the Original Journal Post.

More Journal Entries

Recent Journal Entries





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AimiMay Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2018
Open Cheap Adopts

OPEN 10 Special Cheap Auction Adopt batch by AimiMay
GodsDemonsMen Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018  Professional General Artist
MetalPorSiempre Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
I will add them to the list and give them a feature as soon as I can.
VexingYA Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2018  New Deviant Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for the consideration. My friend & I are grateful
animafuture Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2018
Lemanntim Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018  Professional Digital Artist

 Hello everyone!  
I'm a professional illustrator. 
I draw books, portraits, fan art, etc. 
I do not have a list of things I can not draw. 
So just write to me and I think we can come to an agreement. ^^

My commissions are always open to you!
My price varies depending on your budget. 
Offer me a convenient price for you, and I will tell you what I can offer.
Bullet; PinkPAYPAL ONLY!Bullet; Pink)

I have a very great experience in drawing cute characters and backgrounds,
and also i very fast draw - 1-2 days.

 Please check my illustrations and send me a note.  
Thank you!Kawaii fox Purple ver.  

Family commission by Lemanntim  Dnd characters commission by Lemanntim   Couple commission by Lemanntim  Half-elf commission by Lemanntim  Suiren and  Misaki commission by Lemanntim
Blackmambauk Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Currently looking for writing collaborators for my Code Geass/Black Lagoon crossover fic Roanapur Connection. A range of commissions available for it, from one shots, to multiple chapters. Or just plain beta/editing that I will pay whichever rate you deem fair. I'm very flexible with working to a schedule that fits the writer and so on. 

Roanapur Connection
Disclaimer: We do not own any of Code Geass/Black Lagoon characters, stories or anything else related to Code Geass or Black Lagoon, all of it belongs to their creators.
A/N: Hi everyone, finally have the first chapter of Roanapur Connection is here. For those who aren't Code Geass fans or have read my CG fics. Roanapur Connection is actually a prequel fic to my own soon to be rebooted Code Geass fic by good friend anneauxdelacroix , Code Geass Colored Memories and in general to Code Geass as well. Since the mid 90's period of it has never been covered in any fanfic, canon source in any real detail despite much happening in it according to the R2 novels and the rise and fall of certain people and powers. Mixed that with my own desire to explore Black Lagoon after watching it and falling in love with it. Along with a fair bit of backstory i came up with for Colored Memories relating to Kaguya Sum

Possible writing Collab for my Crossover ficI'm posting this up today in regards to the possibility of attracting writing collaborators that are looking to dig their teeth into writing for either Code Geass, Black Lagoon or both.
Or to beta/edit instead the fic that I oversee and write for, since it's a ensemble project I'm doing with a few other writers I commission due to the scale of it and because my own free time is limited due to work and other commitments. Roanapur Connection in regards to Outlines, writing chapters or planning stuff out etc. Since my time is becoming more limited as work increases and also because I feel I need more writers for the project.
As I want to make sure that the outline's details and future chapter and planned character arcs are detailed enough, planned out well and make sense etc. That both series are balanced out fairly and fit in with each other.
I'm looking for input/writing the most mainly on the Black Lagoon side of things, as I have been focused mostly on setting up the Code Geass side o

See attached sheet for more details. If you fancy a challenge or are looking to dig into more long term projects. Then this might be for you.
AimiMay Featured By Owner Edited Oct 13, 2018
Open Adopts and commissions! Heart
OPEN 8 Auction Halloween Adopt batch 3/3 by AimiMay 
My normal commissions:

See my CHEAP sketch commissions:
Chibi Headshot couple experimental commission by AimiMay  YCH Couple for BerrieBlosym by AimiMay
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