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Corpse Groom chapter 3I thank December Silentvale for helping. The song is "Hello" by Evanescence.As thunder crashed in the sky overhead, the married couple and Liam made their way to the tallest building in town. A stone tower with a winding staircase. Emill led Trisha as Liam trotted along ahead of them, reaching the top, Liam barked, as if announcing their arrival. The top of the tower a sort of private library as books where heaped atop one another in stacks. Bookshelves bending under the weight. There appeared to be once a glass dome roof overhead, the glass long removed and the wire frame becoming resting stops for crows. The room was dark and there didn't seem to be a soul there, living or otherwise."Shh, Liam." Emill whispered, not wanting the dog to cause the elder any trouble."Elder Gutknecht… are you there?" Emill called out, raising his voice slightly from his whispering. "Hello? ls anyone home? Hello?" He called out a little louder, the noise startling the birds as the cawed and flew through the room. This startled Liam as well, barking at the carrion birds.Due to the commotion, the birds removed themselves from around the single lantern in the room, shedding some light as Trisha gasped, shielding her eyes from it. As the lantern swung back and forth, a skinny, old skeletal hand reached out to steady it.As the hunched over skeleton coughed, Trisha assumed this was Elder Gutknecht. Even by the other skeletons Trisha had seen, she could tell the one before her was quite old. His skull cracked and a side jutting up. A small wispy patch of white hair clung to his chin, the last remnants of a small beard. His teeth long gone. Even by skeleton standards, he was skinny, Trisha couldn't help but wonder if he had been malnourished when he was once alive."There you are!" Emill beamed, confirming Trisha's suspicions as to who the skeleton was.Adjusting his half-moon glasses, Elder Gutknecht looked down from his perch atop a bookstand. "Oh, my boy. There you are.""l've brought my wife, Trisha." Emill introduced."What's that? Wife?" Gutknecht asked, scratching his skull in confusion."Pleasure to meet you, sir." Trisha said, raising her voice for the old man to hear her properly."We need to go up. To the surface. To visit the land of the living." Emill explained the purpose of their visit."Land of the living? Oh, my boy." Gutknecht spoke as he walked down the makeshift book stairs towards them."Please, Elder Gutknecht." Emill begged."Now, why go up there, when people are dying to get down here?" Gutknecht asked."Please, sir. We have some unfinished business left. We'd really appreciate it. It would mean so much. We won't stay long. Think of it as our wedding gift!" Trisha suggested happily."I don't know, it's just not natural." Gutknecht told them, scratching his, his bony fingers touching the broken piece of his skull."Please, Elder Gutknecht. Surely there must be something you can do." Emill implored him, holding the elder's hand."Hmm." Gutknecht hummed before patting Emill's hand. "Let me see what l can do. Where did l put that book?" He asked himself as he walked around his library.Opening a cabinet, he moved some of the books inside before shutting it again. Going to a drawer, he opened it and crows cawed as they were freed from the furniture."l left it here somewhere." Gutknecht assured them, tossing books from a pile, nearly hitting Liam as he yelped and ran out of the danger zone."Ah, there's the one." Gutknecht stated, pulling a think red book from the shelf and blowing off the dust. Climbing back to the bookstand, Elder Gutknecht took the book and a few bottles and settled them around him. Opening the book, he flicked through the pages before he found what he was looking for. "Umm… l have it.""A Ukrainian haunting spell. Just the thing for these quick trips." Gutknecht informed them as he adjusted his glasses.Emill was bouncing in excitement. He was excited to see what Trisha's home town was like. Maybe he'd see Trisha's former-fiancé give him a piece of his mind. Or maybe he'd thank him, since without him, Emill would have never met Trisha. Either way, after this, Trisha would be free from any lingering attachments to the world of the living and be his... forever..."I'm so excited. I hope this makes up for me bringing you here without asking first." He stated nervously, worried she might still be upset about it."Are you still hung up on that?" Tisha asked with a chuckle, surprised that bothered him still. "It's fine. But I thank you for giving me the chance to tie up the loose ends."Above them, Gutknecht took a cup and began to pour some of the bottles into it, sprinkling some powder into it as it bubbled. Plucking a feather from a crow, the animal squawked as the elder added it to the cup. As the cup emitted a puff of red smoke, Gutknecht coughed before taking the glass and suddenly drunk it. The liquid falling through his bones."Now, then…" Gutknecht stated before burping, the loose skull fragment jumping a bit. "...where were we?""The Ukrainian haunting spell?" Emill reminded him."Aha." Gutknecht replied, taking the crow from before by the throat as it cawed in protest.Liam whimpering as he hid under a book.Gutknecht squeezed the crow and out popped an egg. Releasing the bird, it flew off as Gutknecht held the egg. "Ah, here we have it. Ready?" He asked as they nodded. "Just remember, when you want to come back, say 'Hopscotch.'""Hopscotch? Would it work if either one of us says it?" Trisha asked."Yes. That's it." Gutknecht answered, cracking the egg as the continents flowed down around them like clouds. Whisking them away to the world of the living.XXXXXXXXXXXXBefore they knew it, they had returned to the land of the living. As they stood before Emill's grave, a muster of crows rested on the limbs of the fallen oak tree. The night was no longer clouded as they gazed at the full moon shining through the trees.Resting a hand on his chest, Emill looked as if his breath had been taken away, not that he had one. The moon bewitching his eyes."l spent so long in the darkness, I'd almost forgotten how beautiful the moonlight is." Emill confessed, his voice a little wistful, a small smile on his face. Looking at his bride, Emill bowed and offered his hand to her."May I have this moonlight dance, my bride?" Emill asked, feeling a flush of happiness when he called her his bride.Smiling at the gesture, Trisha placed her hand in his. "Of course, my groom." She answered.As they intertwined their hands, Trisha was once again reminded her husband was a corpse, his hand deathly cold against her own living flesh. His right skeletal hand rested on her lower back. It was funny how she had almost forgotten that. But as they started to dance, she couldn't help but forget that fact yet again. They had no music to dance to, no band to play, but as Trisha listened closely, she could hear Emill begin to hum a waltz. Growing louder as his confidence grew. Remembering the steps as he twirled her around and even dipped her. He had an ethereal air and grace about him in the moonlight.By the end of it, Trisha was breathless, but glowing in happiness."Having fun?" Emill asked."Yes." Trisha replied, catching her breath before looking towards town with a frown."What's wrong?" Emill asked."It's really late by now, but there might still be people out and about. Some might think they were seeing things, but if someone comes close, they're going to notice." She gestured to his hand. "No offence intended, but we don't want an angry mob on our hands thinking you're a demon.""Hm. Fair enough." He admitted, seeing the logic. Thinking of what to do before it hit him. "I think I got an idea."Gesturing for her to stand, Emill had her stand on his right. Offering her arm out to her, she accepted it and the sleeve of her dress hid his arm."As long as you stand on my right whenever someone sees us, your dress will hide my leg and my arm. That way we won't look suspicious, just a happy couple on a walk. As long as we keep to the shadows and our distance, no one should notice a thing." Emill explained."Hm. I think that might work, but we still have to be careful." Trisha reminded him."Right."With that in mind, the couple headed out of the forest and into town. Being so late, there wasn't a soul on the street so it made getting around easy. Only the crows witnessed their evening together. Emill enjoyed the walk, asking Trisha questions about the town and if there were any fond memories parts of town might have. Trisha pointed out places as they passed them. The statue where she chased Liam around on sunny days, a particular shop she liked to frequent, such as a small music store and a bookshop. Emill was especially interested in the music store.When they reached her house, they found the door unlocked and the servants asleep. Creeping up to her room, Trisha asked him to wait outside the door, explaining she didn't want him to see the wedding dress yet. Taking a suitcase, Trisha slipped in the white dress of the manikin. The style was unusual for a dress of the time, her mother had nearly thrown a fit about it, but relented as it was the only thing Trisha was allowed to make her own decisions about. It had only one shoulder on her right with a blue flower sewn on. Down to her waist, a bigger and more detailed blue flower decorated that spot. The rest of the dress trailed down to the floor and would trail behind her as she walked. One it was properly packed, Tisha moved onto her accessories.The dress came with a set of fingerless gloves that ended at her elbows. Along with the gloves, Trisha packed her veil which was attached to a ring of flowers of red, purple, and pink. For jewelry, she took a pair of simple blue earrings and a necklace that matched the flowers in her dress. Trisha couldn't wait to see what Emill thought when she had the chance to put it on.Exiting the room with her suitcase, she turned to Emill. "All that's left now is Trevor." Trisha announced."Right." He answered with a nod, the two heading across the street to the Einhorn's house.Approaching the front door, they stopped when they heard a voice from inside."If ever l see that Volkel girl, l'll strangle her with my bare hands." Wolfgang promised, slamming one of the locks closed."Your hands are too fat, and her neck is too thin. You'll have to use a rope." Ingrid informed her husband as she closed the upper lock."Was that Trevor?" Emill whispered, thinking of the male voice and how unpleasant he sounded."No, that was his father. We can't sneak in through here, the door's locked and Trevor's parents are there." Trisha huffed in aggravation.Looking for another way in, they rounded the building and Emill pointed at a patch of vines climbing up a column to a balcony. Thanking him, Trisha climbed up, though Emill had to look away so he wouldn't see up her dress. Up on the balcony, Trisha was surprised to see the balcony belonged to Trevor. Walking up to the window, she knocked on it.Hearing the knock, Trevor turned, expecting a bird of some sort, only to be shocked and flabbergasted to see Trisha."Volkel! What in the world are you doing!? How did you even get up here?! Climbing up to a balcony is not ladylike! Where have you been? You foolish parents have been searching for you all night. Do you even realize what hour it is?" Trevor demanded to know, going to open the window.His sneer soon turned into a smirk as he noticed the state of Trisha's clothing. Slightly torn here and there. "Don't tell me you came all the way here at this hour just to apologize to me. Was your guilt eating away at you so badly that it couldn't wait?" He chuckled."Very well. On your knees. Begin your groveling now and I might forgive you by morning. We do have our wedding to attend to. You need your rest for the wedding night, unless you wanted it early, I don't particularly mind either way." He said, turned away from her and sitting on one of his chairs, leaning back with his arms behind his head and legs crossed. The epitome of arrogance and smug.Having been climbing up himself, Emill heard every word Trevor had said. He couldn't help but growl in disgust at the sheer audacity Trevor had in the way he spoke to his wife. Emill didn't feel a lick of guilt from ripping Trisha away from the pig now.Trisha huffed at Trevor's insults and narrowed her eyes at him. She expected as much and would not be moved from her purpose. "I'm sorry, Trevor. But that's not going to happen.""Oh? What a pity then. Still, you have yet to apologize for your conduct earlier this afternoon. Get started." Trevor ordered, growing irritated at her lack of obedience."I didn't come to make amends, I came to say goodbye." Trisha explained."Goodbye...?" Trevor asked, the words unable to process as they failed to fit into his plans and expectations. "But my dear, this is hardly the time for goodbyes. We have the rest of our lives to be with one another. Why say goodbye?""I can't marry you because I seem to find myself married already. Even though it's unexpected." Trisha explained, showing him her wedding ring.Then, turning towards the window, Emill entered. Standing tall and proud, Emill approached his wife and wrapped his arms around her. Sending a hateful glare at Trevor and a smug smile knowing that Trevor couldn't hold a candle to him.Looking between Trisha and Emill, Trevor growled. "Who is he?""I'm her husband." Emill growled back, raising his hand to show his own wedding ring.Looking Emill over, Trevor grew pale as he noticed the blemished on Emill's form. The arm, the leg, and the bit of his cheek that had given way to decay."You're mad!" Tevor shouted as he backed away from them. "You-You do realize you've married a corpse!? He's dead!""I know. I don't care. He's my husband now." Trisha answered."You can't marry the dead! You're alive! He is not! You were promised to me first! Your marriage shouldn't be valid!" Trevor shouted."You're too different! Where will you live? In a cemetery? Will you sleep beside him in a coffin? You still live, Trisha Volkel! You require food and shelter! What can he provide you that I can't? You think he will give you children? You will never be able to fulfill your purpose as a woman that way." Trevor ranted."Can he even warm your hand that wears his ring?" He snidely remarked.Listening to the poison spewing from Trevor's mouth, Emill tried to ignore it but to no avail. Trevor brought up some points. But because he was somewhat right, it only ignited his rage."Shut up, you fiendish cur! What do you know of anything between me and Trisha. You lost! She's my woman! Mine!" Emill shouted as he held Trisha tighter."Woman...? Is that all I am to you? You're property, Emill?" Trisha asked, growing offended."W-What?" Emill asked, confused at the angry tone and change in Trisha's now cold demeanor. "D-Darling, of course not! I didn't mean it like that!" He insisted as he released Trisha and waved his hands wildly."Hopscotch." Trisha said darkly. The words echoing as Trisha and her husband were pulled out of the room by a gust of wind, thunder and lighting crackling as crows once again swarmed them and transported them to the land of the dead.Soon, the crows were dispersed and the couple returned to Elder Gutknecht's tower. Huffing in anger, Trisha pushed him away. Turning away from him in a huff."Trisha, Darling, I swear I didn't mean it like that!" Emill told her."Oh, do tell! What exactly did you mean then?" Trisha demanded to know as she whirled around to face him. "You clearly called me 'your woman' and let's not forget the way you growled 'mine' like some possessive beast! I distinctly remember you saying Trevor 'lost'. You acted like I'm some prize to be won at a carnival! It's not a competition! I thought you were different, but you see me as nothing but a possession just like Trevor don't you?" Trisha accused."No! I respect you. I do! I would never treat you like that. I just-When he acted the way he did-I don't know!" Emill groaned, trying to figure out what the right thing to say was. His emotions and nerves already torn to pieces by Trevor and the argument now with Trisha wasn't helping. "Something about him made me act like that. I wasn't thinking straight.""Don't tell me your jealous." Trisha spoke, skeptical as she raised an eyebrow."Jealous! How did you jump to something as ludicrous as that?!" Emill jumped, offended."Oh, so I'm ludicrous now? Some stupid woman now, huh? I'm just your little consolation prize. That's it, isn't it?""What?! No!" Emill denied. "Where is this coming from? Why are you twisting every little thing I say!? Why aren't you listening to me?" He implored her.Ignoring him, Trisha continued her rant. "You don't really care about me! I'm just a substitute for that other woman. You asked me to marry you because you were desperate. It was all because you didn't want to be doomed to be alone forever. It could have been anyone else and you would have married them. The desperate little corpse groom." She mocked.The words stung deeply into his bones. Was that what she really thought? How she viewed his affection for her? Emill was so hurt, he did not take her next words as reassurance. His mind clinging to the harsh words and twisting them just as she had twisted his."I might just be a replacement for her, but this marriage matters to me. I chose you, not Trevor!""No, you didn't!" Emill snapped at her. "You said yourself that you went to the forest to practice for your wedding with Trevor. It was a mistake, a mere fluke that you married me! You only agreed to marry me because you didn't want to marry Trevor! That's the only reason it matters to you! You're that one that was desperate!" He accused."Then this marriage is a mistake!" She shouted back.The room growing silent as the words hung in the air, unable to retreat back from which they came."Trisha..." Emill spoke, begging for something but neither knew what for. The Groom reached out for his bride only for her to jerk away. Tears she had been holding back falling from her eyes."Don't touch me! I'm freezing enough as it is!" Trisha yelled at him.Emill flinched at her words, Trevor's echoing in his mind.Not knowing what to do, the silence stretched on. Emill's eyes cast down to the floor and Trisha's towards the town below. With nothing left to say, Trisha turned and ran down the stairs of the tower with Liam hot on her trail. Leaving Emill alone with the Elder, who had been silent the entire time the argument took place. Gritting his teeth and his hand curling into a fist, he slammed it into a stack of books, the noise startling the crows. Tears falling from his own eyes as his body shook."Heh, I guess this is our first argument as a married couple. And here I thought everything was going so well," Emill chuckled, a sad and small chuckle."Marriage is never easy, my boy." Elder Gutknecht informed Emill as he walked down from his book stand and patted Emill's shoulder reassuringly. "It's amazing that she had taken to the news of marrying you so well to begin with. Give her and yourself some space to think things over. Once you've both cleared your heads, try again."Sighing, Emill nodded and left the tower.Far from the tower, Trisha had run until she was sure no one was following her. Setting down her suitcase with a thump, Trisha sat down and sighed, feeling drained. Liam whimpering as he tried to comfort his mistress. Patting his skull, Trisha looked beside her to see a bouquet of dead, dried up flowers."Roses for eternal love. Lilies for sweetness." Trisha rattled off, her voice wavering from crying as she plucked the flowers from the bouquet before sighing. "Baby's breath." Tossing the bouquet away, Liam sniffed it.Down a couple of alleys, not too far from Trisha coincidently, Emill sat on a coffin he used as a lounge couch.Above him, the Black Widow noticed the melancholy mood the groom was in. Creeping down her web, she spoke to him. "Why so blue?""Maybe Trevor's right. Maybe me and Trisha are too different. Maybe this all was a mistake." Emill said, giving voice to his doubts."If I didn't know better, I would say you really have lost your mind. Why are you listening to that overgrown bag of bones? Are you really going to let what he said poison your relationship? So you're going through a rough patch, it'll get better. If you give in now, that Trevor fellow will have already won." Maggot informed him.Back with Trisha, she grew tired of feeling sad, and begun to sing to cheer herself up and take her mind off things.Playground school bell rings againRain clouds come to play againHas no one told you she's not breathing?Trisha's voice stopping at the end as she sighed, the lyrics only reminding her of her husband.Giving his small friends a tiny smile, Emill began to sing.Hello, I'm your mind giving you someone to talk toHelloIf I smile and don't believeSoon I know I'll wake from this dreamDon't try to fix me, I'm not brokenEmill sang only to frown as he looked as his arm and legs.In the other alley, Trisha began again.Hello, I'm the lie living for you so you can hideDon't cryUnknown to the other, the couple both sang.Suddenly I know I'm not sleepingHello, I'm still hereAll that's left of yesterdayXXXXXXXXXXXXIn the world of the living, the storm had finally reached town as thunder crashed in the sky. Indoors, another storm was breaking as the members of Einhorn family clashed against one another. The maid, Hildegarde, in the room with them."lt's true, Mother! Trisha is married to a dead man. l saw him. A corpse! Standing right here with Trisha." Trevor beseeched his mother to believe him. The heir of the Einhorn family pacing the floor of his room. His mind still trying to make sense of the phenomenon that took place in his private chamber. His hair out of place as he dragged his hands through it and down his face."Trisha was in your room?" Ingrid demanded to know, shocked her son was once again let alone with Trisha without a chaperone."I can't stand for this insult." Trevor growled. "She'd rather marry a dead man than me! She is my bride! She was promised to me first! I have to get back at him. This stain on my honor and reputation will not go unpunished!" He promised.But Ingrid paid no mind to Trevor's ramblings of vengeance, hooked upon the social situation. "The disgrace! Think of your reputation!" Ingrid wailed.Approaching the man, Hildegarde tried to sooth the situation. "Come sit in your chair. "You're shaking like a leaf. Let Hilde fetch you a blanket." The kind maid suggested, trying to guide the young master."Fetch him a straitjacket! He's completely mad!" Wolfgang shouted, walking between the two of them."Come, Hildegarde." Ingrid ordered as she followed her husband out of the room.Leaving Trevor in his room, his parents showed the key before shutting the door and locking it shut. Hearing the click of the lock, Trevor grew enraged. How dare they not believe him. He wasn't going to take this standing down. Turning towards his window and looking out into the rain, he tried the door and opened it.If Trisha in a dress had gotten up, Trevor knew he could escape from his room, but with the balcony wet with rain water he knew he would have to be careful. Taking the drapes and blankets from his room, Trevor tied them together and formed a makeshift rope. Climbing down, he nearly slipped. Recovering from this, he held on tightly as the blanket began to rip and tear. His feet dangling nearly an inch from his father's line of sight. Nearly getting caught.Luck, however, was on Trevor's side as Wolfgang focused on his pocket watch."Wolfgang, come to bed at once." Ingrid called out to her husband.Yawning, Wolfgang did as he was bid and turned away from the window right at the exact moment Trevor fell down. Luckily the drop wasn't too high up to have injured him.Wrapping himself in the blanket, Trevor headed out of town, over the bridge and to the church where he knocked on the door.Awakening from his slumber, Pastor Galswells was lit a candle and headed in his night clothes to answer the door. "What in heaven's name?" As the knocking grew more insistent, Galswells grew even more confused as slightly irritated. "Who could that be at this hour?"Opening the door, Galswells was surprised to see Trevor there once he removed the blanket hiding his face. "Master Einhorn. What are you doing here? You should be at home, wallowing in grief.""Pastor Galswells, l have to ask you something." Trevor explained."This is most irregular." Galswells stated as he drew away from the door, taking the light away with him."Look, old man!" Trevor shouted, his patience long worn-out as he pushed his way in, opening the church doors wide as he marched towards the pastor. The old man backing away at Trevor's unusual behavior. "Like it or not, you are the only one in the village who knows of what awaits beyond the grave.""A grim topic for a groom-to-be." Galswells muttered, though he seemed willing to hear what Trevor had to say at the very least."It is the dead that mocks and insults me, a groom that has stolen was rightfully mine and belongs to the living, so answer me this. Can the living marry the dead?" Trevor asked.At that question, lighting flashed as Galswells jumped back in horror of such a thing as what Trevor was proposing. "What on earth are you speaking about?" He demanded."It's Trisha. She has gone mad! She's married to a corpse. She has a corpse groom! I need to make him pay for stealing my bride! My woman! For stealing the dowry promised to me and my family!" Trevor shouted."l believe l know the thing to do. Come with me." Galswells instructed him, putting out the candle.
Corpse Groom chapter 2I thank December Silentvale for helping.Awakening, Trisha's mind was a jumbled mess, her eyesight blurry at first as the world around her became clearer. Surrounding her, was nothing but the dead. To her left, were two well dressed skeletons. Neither had eyes in their eye sockets. The farthest wearing a suit and top hat while he held a drink. The closest of the skeletons wore a similar purple suit without a hat and still had a dark mustache clinging to his skull without skin. A pipe clenched in his teeth.To Trisha's left, the Corpse Groom leaned in close with another corpse dressed as a chef beside him. The Corpse Groom looking concerned."A new arrival." The mustached skeleton announced happily.Hearing him speak, more noise was introduced to Trisha's ears. It sounded like a pub of some sort and actually sounded pretty good, Trisha couldn't help but think absentmindedly.Seeing Trisha's confused expression, the Corpse Groom leaned in closer and used his hand to support Trisha's head."She must've fainted. Are you all right?" The Corpse Groom asked.Looking up at the Corpse Groom in a different lighting, he was quite different from how he appeared in the spooky winter night. The clouds having kept any moonlight from even coming close to seeing the Corpse Groom properly. In the better light of the pub, he was actually quite the catch. Despite the slight spots of decay here and there, he was still handsome.Seeing everyone staring at her, Trisha broke out of her stare with the Corpse Groom and looked around her surroundings."What-? What happened?" Trisha asked."By Jove, man. Looks like we've got ourselves a breather." The mustached skeleton noticed.Pushing him out of the way, another corpse, a woman in chef's attire came over for a better look at Trisha. Her blue skin wrinkled and her hair wiry as it stood up. The woman, known as Mrs. Plum, spoke. "Does she have a dead brother?""She's still soft." A skeleton boy pointed out, wearing a sailor outfit and his bones brown with age, darker than the two skeletons from before, and lacking eyes just they did, poked Trisha and her soft skin."Stop that." Trisha told him, gently moving the little boy's bony hand away from her.Still a little shaken up, Trisha backed away from the skeleton child and stood up. Looking around, Trisha saw other skeletons and corpses around the pub.Dressed in what appeared to be a royal navy captain's uniform, Trisha wasn't entirely sure, a dwarf skeleton with eyes in his sockets and a sword ran through his chest spoke up."A toast, then." The skeleton known around the pub as General Bonesapart offered a to a Prussian skeleton soldier next to him, the man wearing an eye patch and a hole through his chest where maybe a cannonball went through. The two hitting their steins together before Bonesapart took a drink, the Prussian soldier removing the sword and the drink flowing into his own stein. Drinking it as it reappeared through the cannon hole."To the newlyweds." Bonesapart finished. The sword sheathed back inside the man."Newlyweds?" Trisha asked.Hearing what she said, the Corpse Groom chuckled as he cleared it up for her. "Back in the woods, your vows were perfect." Holding her hand in his own, he showed her the ring she had put on. Looking at his own hand, Trisha saw her ring on his own finger."They were? They were." Trisha realized. Turning to the bar, Trisha couldn't believe this was truly happening. "I'm dreaming! I'm dreaming! Wake up! Wake up!" She shouted at herself, hitting her head repeatedly against the wood in an effort to wake up. But the pain was all too real.The Corpse Groom jumping with a start as he watched his bride freak out, at a loss of what to do."Bonjour!" A voice called out. Looking up from the counter, Trisha saw the chef from earlier coming through the crowd of skeletons and corpses with a tray. Leaning the tray to the bar, a green skinned head came forward using bugs that seemed to be eating him to approach, two beetles forming a makeshift bow tie. "Coming through, coming through. My name is Paul, l am the head waiter." The head introduced himself, laughing at his own pun.Backing away from the bar, Trisha gasped at the sight."l will be creating your wedding feast." Paul announced."Wedding feast! l'm salivating." A voice cheered, turning around, Trisha saw the voice came from a maggot that had come from underneath the Groom's hair covering his left eye.Pushing it back, the Corpse Groom nervously claimed. "Maggots. You know. Such a pain.""Oh!" Trisha jumped, bumping into another corpse."Hey!" The man barked at her.Moving away from him, Trisha was still freaking out as she moved away. "Keep away!" She shouted, the corpses and skeletons giving her confused looks, wondering what was wrong with the bride.Reaching for something to give her some space, her hands grabbed the handle of Bonesbart's sword. Unable to fully pull it out, Trisha held the sword and dwarf as a weapon. "I've got a- I've got a dwarf. And I'm not afraid to use him. I need answers. Now! What's going on here? Where am l? Who are you?" She directed the last question to the Groom.The other pub goers silent as the Corpse Groom stepped forward. Chuckling nervously, and rubbing the back of his next, the Groom was embarrassed to have forgotten to introduce himself to his new bride. "Well, first off, I'm Emill. Secondly, that's kind of a long story.""What a story it is." A male voice spoke up, in the shadows, a skeleton with single eye and a bowler hat was revealed via a spot light. "A tragic tale of romance, passion and murder most foul.""Thank you, Bonejangles. But I can tell it." Emill informed the skeleton."Aw!" The now known Bonejangles groaned in disappointment.Smiling at the owner of the pub they were in, the Ball and Socket, Emill spoke up. "You can play some music for it, help set the mood, Bonejangles!"Smiling in pleasure, Bonejangles had the band get up and start some music.Clearing his throat, Emill sat down on a bench, offering the spot beside him for Trisha. Hesitantly, and with urging from the other corpses, Trisha sat down beside the Groom. The corpses and skeletons gathering around to hear Emill's story though they had all heard it before. But it was a treat for them since Emill didn't like talking about it often."It was some time ago, though I couldn't tell you exactly when. I honestly haven't kept track. Time matters little when you're dead. I was once a wealthy bachelor in my hometown. My friends assured me I was quite the looker, though I had my doubts. Well liked and respected among my neighbors. I had studied abroad in my youth and was skilled in matters of the arts regarding music. I was known for miles around.""One day, a mysterious woman came into town. She was beautiful, but all alone in the world. She had no family or dowry, not a single coin to her name and only the clothes on her back. Well, I fell for her. I never had much experience with girls, I was a stuttering mess. But she was different from other women. I begged my father for his blessing, but he refused. I didn't know what to do. I felt I couldn't live without her." His last statement earning a chuckle from the crowd, though Trisha didn't quite get it yet."When I told her my father had refused to give his blessing, she was the first to suggest the idea to elope. We agreed, it was the only way in the end. We never told a soul what we were planning on doing, we would meet late in the night, next to the graveyard by the old oak tree. A quarter to three. That dark foggy night when everyone else was asleep, I snuck out of my room, my best suit ready and fit like a glove. To me, I didn't need much else when there was love. But, being practical, my love insisted on getting the family jewels and a satchel of gold. Enough to support us more than comfortably until we found a place of our own and I got a job. I planned to send back what was left to my family and one day pay them back. Once they saw how happy and well off we were, I hoped my family would come to accept her and forgive me for what I had done.""I was there as planned, everything was ready. But she wasn't there yet." Emill explained."And then?" The others asked, waiting in anticipation."I waited for her. Out of the shadows, she finally arrived. I was relieved. She explained she had been busy getting wine and two glasses, to celebrate our elopement. I was touched. She poured us each a drink. 'A toast. To marriage, your life, and never being poor.' She had said. I drank it willingly. Little did I know, at the time, she had poisoned mine. I choked, my throat was on fire. I collapsed to the ground, reaching out to her for help. But she smiled at me, grabbing the jewels and the money, leaving behind only the ring that had fallen from my pocket, when I had tried to give it to her before the poison kicked in. Seeing I wasn't dead yet, she took a stone and hit me on the head, but even then I still wasn't dead. Clinging to life. She left me for dead and that was the last thing I saw alive." Emill explained.His face pained and betrayed. The wound still fresh in his mind. Trisha couldn't help but feel sorry for her Corpse Groom."The next thing I knew, I awoke dead. I made a vow lying under that tree. I would wait for my true love to set me free. Waiting for that day someone would ask for my hand." Emill said fondly as he turned to Trisha, taking her hand in his. "Then one winter night, a young woman appeared by my graveside. That woman being you, my bride." His face filled with joy."You stated your vows, promising to forever be mine. And that is the story of your Corpse Groom." Emill finished.The pub cheering at the happy ending for Emill."Stop! Ah." Trisha yelled, everyone silent as they turned to her. Blushing under their scrutiny, Trisha cleared her throat and smiled at the crowd. "Look, I'm very flattered you think I'm a good match for your groom. But, this is all happening so fast, and I don't know what to make of it. Please, I need to be alone for a while."Heading towards the stairs and the door, the crowd parted for Trisha as she made a quick exit. Once the bride was gone, the crowd was unsettled by the development. Emill was unsure what to do. Did his story upset her somehow? Scratching the back of his head, he sighed. This wasn't at all going quite as he hoped.Seeing their friend was troubled, the mustached skeleton approached Emill. Being a former married man, he thought giving Emill some advice wouldn't hurt. "Don't worry old chap." He said, patting Emill's shoulder. "I'm sure it's just a little bit of wedding nerves. It's not everyday a girl gets married to a fine catch as yourself. It's a big change. Give her a little space to adjust and take it all in and I'm sure she'll warm up to you in no time.""Though, you know, you did kind of bring her here without asking her first. Even though she just fainted." Mrs. Plum stated.Emill flinched at the reminder. Looking towards the stairs his bride had run off through, Emill began to worry she would get lost. He wanted to follow his friends advice, but he certainly didn't want anything bad happening to her. Sighing, he stood and went after her.XXXXXXXXXXXXIn the world of the living, Trisha's long absence was duly noted. Outside the Einhorn's mansion and in the cold, Mayhew coughed as he lit a match and continued to smoke his pipe. The horse whinnying beside him. Inside, his masters, the Volkels had yet to leave. Both the Volkels and the Einhorns waiting for the bride to return."Trevor, come away from the window." Ingrid ordered her son.The man still fuming in anger. "Mother, how can you be so calm!? I have never been more insulted in my life! Did you hear what she said to me?" Trevor asked, beginning his rant. Pacing the floor. "How dare she'd call me disgraceful, rude, arrogant, degrading, conceited, and overall just plain unpleasant!""Well, she does have a point." Mr. Volkel spoke up. Mrs. Volkel smacking him with her fan to shut him up.Unknown to him and Trevor, many in the room actually agreed with what Trisha said. They simply thought it better not to voice their opinions.Growling at him, Trevor continued. "Then she had the gall to say she refused to marry me! Ungrateful delusional woman!""Oh, please calm yourself, sir. I'm sure she'll be back shortly. I'm sure her outburst was nothing but nerves. Pre-Wedding stress, you know. She will get cold, tired, and hungry eventually and come back home if she hasn't already." Everette assured them.Before she could continue, there was a knock on the door of the drawing room."Enter." Wolfgang called out. Half-hoping it was the bride.Upon the door opening, Berta entered instead."Ah, Lady Berta." Ingrid addressed her, far more pleased to have Berta around than Trisha. "l trust the room is to your liking.""Thank you, you are a most gracious hostess. Which is why it pains me to be the bearer of such bad news." Berta explained as she came into the room and snapped her fingers, the town crier coming in behind her."Would you care to repeat tonight's headline for us?" Berta requested."Hear ye, hear ye! Trisha Volkel seen this night on the bridge in the arms of a mystery man! The dark-haired tempter and Miss Volkel slipped away into the night!" The town crier shouted, ringing his bell even indoors as the silverware trembled.Finishing the headline, the town crier returned to a proper inside voice. "And now, the weather. Scattered showers-""Enough! That will be all." Berta interrupted.Having done his duty, the crier left to spread the word."Mystery man? She doesn't even know any men!" Everette declared, scandalized at the idea of such a thing."Or so you thought." Berta replied, exiting the room. Turning, she smiled as she held the door. "Do call for me if you need my assistance… in any way." She said with a seductive smile towards Trevor. Shutting the door behind her."Hmm. Perhaps she could be of some assistance." Trevor muttered happily, his thoughts filled with impure intention of what that assistance could be."Good heavens, Wolfgang, what should we do?" Ingrid asked, fearful of the implications this could mean for them."Fetch me musket." Wolfgang ordered."Lester, do something." Everette told her husband.Rising to his feet, Lester took the musket from the butler before it could be given to Wolfgang. "The town crier probably just had a slow news day. You know how it is, you need a little something to cry about." He assured the man before placing the weapon above the mantle."Regardless, we are one bride short for the wedding tomorrow." Wolfgang reminded them. "Not to mention the financial implications." He muttered worriedly to himself."A most scandalous embarrassment for us all." Ingrid bemoaned her fate."Oh, give us a chance to find her, we beg of you. Just give us until dawn." Everette begged."Very well. Till dawn." Ingrid agreed.XXXXXXXXXXXXLooking around from the entrance of the Ball and Socket, Emill looked left and right for his bride."Where could she have gone?" Emill muttered."If you ask me, your girlfriend is kind of skittish." Maggot commented from the inside of Emill's head.Rolling his eyes, Emill replied. "She's not my girlfriend, she's my wife." His eyes lingering on the wedding ring that his bride gave him."Toe-may-to, ta-ma-toe, whatever you call her, that doesn't change the fact she seems skittish. You saw how she acted around everyone else. She looked ready to jump out of her skin." Maggot continued.Sighing, Emill continued on. "What a way to start a marriage." He muttered.Further away from her groom, Trisha was walking around, nervous and a little scared to be surrounded by the dead. Walking past a literal 2nd hand shop, she came upon an alleyway full of coffins. Looking around, she was greeted by a Black Widow Spider."Married, huh?" Black Widow asked, noticing the ring on Trisha's hand. "I'm a widow.""Oh, great. First a maggot and now a spider is talking." Trisha muttered, surely losing her mind before a thought struck her. "Wait a minute. Aren't you poisonous? You're not going to try and kill me, are you?" Trisha asked, backing away."How rude. Kill you? Why would I ever do that to you?" Black Widow asked, almost offended."Sorry. It's been a long day. Please, excuse me." Trisha said, walking away. Wishing to be left alone for a moment to get her thoughts straightened out.Walking along, Trisha walked towards an archway, nearly running into a gentleman corpse."Excuse me." He said, trying to move out of the way only for them to move to the same spot. "Excuse me." He said again, dividing himself into two halves. "Excuse me." This time, each side went around her. "Thank you.""Sorry if I caused you trouble, sir." Trisha called out. A little horrified, yet intrigued by the insides."No trouble at all, miss." The halves said, pulling themselves back together and carrying on his way.Shivering a bit, Trisha found a set of stairs. Climbing up, she was brought to the top of a cliff overlooking the city of the dead. Seeing a bench and no one else around, Trisha sighed in relief. Sitting down, she looked out into the strange new place she found herself in. Even though this world was for the dead, there was something special about it that her town never had. The citizens were going about their afterlife with happiness, free of the pain that life was filled with. Despite being dead, they were not lifeless if you pardoned the pun. They had an energy about them and color that the world of the living lacked. A part of her couldn't help but wonder if there was a place somewhere in her world, that was filled with happiness, energy and colorful like this place and much more than her town. Her town was all stiff and uncomfortable. Dull and meticulous.Not being observant of her direct surroundings, she didn't notice when Emill finally found her.Coughing politely, Emill gained her attention, but once he did, he wasn't entirely sure how to proceed."The, uh, the view is beautiful, isn't it?" Emill stuttered."Yes." Trisha answered.Flailing, Emill looked at the open spot beside her, and he gestured towards it. "May I sit down?""I guess so." Trisha replied."Right." Emill said, still a little awkward. Rubbing his hands together, he sighed and decided to just go for what felt right. "Look, I'm sorry I brought you here against your will. I freaked out too when I first got here. It's just that I've been here for so long with heartbreak, it's unbearable." He explained, turning to give her a smile and attempt to reassure her.Despite the smile, she could see how true his words were. The way his form slumped forward in his seat as he rested his elbows on his knees. He was truly a tortured soul. Yet, here he was trying to make her comfortable."How can you keep smiling even after all that's happened to you?" Trisha asked. After hearing his story, Trisha couldn't help but wonder why he didn't hate all women after what the first had done to him. It amazed her that he still searched for love."Well," Emill thought as he looked out at the city. "I didn't have much time to smile in life, so I figured I might try to make up for it now. When you eventually turn into a skeleton, you can't help but smile all the time." He joked, trying to lighten the mood.Trisha laughed at the morbid humor, Emill's smile only brightening with the success."Besides," He stated. "It wasn't all bad. I lived a nice life. I had nice parents that supported my passions for the arts. In the end, my patience was well rewarded. If it wasn't for that witch, I wouldn't have met you."Trisha's eyes softened at the admission. "I wish I had met you sooner. You really are a nice guy.""You know, Emill is a nice name. I'm Trisha, by the way. Sorry for not introducing myself sooner." Trisha introduced herself.Nodding, Emill then remembered something. "Oh, l almost forgot. l have something for you." He informed her, placing a gift box on her lap, as the contents rattles. Leaning in close he whispered. "lt's a wedding present."Bouncing in his seat, Emill couldn't wait to see her open it and her surprise."Oh, ah." She said, not knowing what to say and feeling bad for not having a present to give Emill. Before she could open it, the present rattled and fell from her lap, the contents falling out before she could catch the box. Assembling the pieces like metal to a magnet, the bones snapped together to form the skeleton of what seemed to be a dog, judging from the barks.By its feet, was a little red dog collar which it brought over in its teeth. Hesitating for a moment, Trisha took the collar from it, which it easily relinquished from its jaws to her. Reading the tag, she looked back at the dog in surprise."Liam?" Trisha asked, dubiously.The little dog, barking in answer to its name."Liam! It's my dog, Liam! Oh, what a good boy!" Trisha cried happily, the little dog sharing his mistress's excitement and jumping up into her lap just like he used to.Emill chuckled at the sight. "l knew you'd be happy to see him.""I've missed you so much." Trisha gushed at the dog as he jumped off."Sit." She ordered, seeing if he still remembered his training. After a moment, the skeleton dog did as he was bid."Roll over." The dog doing so as the skull remained the same."Play dead." Trisha tried next.Only for the dog to whine at her."Oops, sorry. Nevermind. Give me a big hug." Trisha requested.The dog quickly jumped into her lap, laughing at the sight, Emill couldn't help but pet the dog himself."He sure is cute." Emil commented, scratching the dog's back, the tail wagging back and forth in the air."You should have seen him with fur. Mother never approved of Liam jumping up like this. But then again, she never approved of anything." Trisha said, thinking about all the times she tried to get her mother's approval, only to be disappointed."Do you think she would have approved of me?" Emill asked hesitantly.Trisha scoffed. "You're lucky you'll never have to meet her."Absently petting Liam, Trisha couldn't help but wonder if everyone here was given constant reminders of those they left behind. Everywhere she went in this world, her thoughts returned to her parents. Liam still remembered her, even kept the same collar all these years. He was so happy to see her. Emill still remembered his parents and the woman he had wanted to elope with. Were their memories of their loved ones haunting them?Glancing at Emill, Trisha smiled. "I'm starting to think you're not so bad.""What's that supposed to mean?" He asked, mock offended.The two of them laughing."If only you were still alive and I didn't have other problems." Trisha complained."Other problems?" Emill repeated, brow furrowing in worry."The truth is, I have a fiancé up there." Trisha explained.Emill stiffened at the admission, emotions flying though him. The first was the dread filling the pit of his stomach. Followed by the fear he had unintentionally ripped away a lovely girl like Trisha from someone she truly loved. Fearing he would face heartbreak once again. His heart had long ago stopped beating, yet he found it aching all the same. He had just gotten married, was happiness going to be ripped from his grasp once again? Part of him burned with envy, the thought of another man with his wife."A-a f-fiancé?" Emill stuttered, trying to keep the darker emotions at bay. "T-then, why did you-? In the forest-?" His mind whirled as he tried to make sense of why she had accepted him if she loved another."I don't love him. It's something my parents and his arranged. I had no choice in the decision. I hadn't even met him until the rehearsal for the wedding that was tomorrow. I kept messing up and went to the forest to practice." Trisha explained."I-I see..." Emill replied, feeling sorely disappointed. It had all been just a mistake... a fluke that she had married him..."At rehearsal, I flat out told both my parents and his that I refused to marry him. My former-fiancé," She stressed. "Is a horrible man with his arrogance, disgraceful, rude, degrading ideas about women, conceited attitude, and overall just plain unpleasant.""When I was in the forest, I was daydreaming of marrying my soulmate." Trisha admitted, taking Emill's hand and getting him to look at her. "And that's when I met you. I haven't known you long, but I can already tell that I do like you, Emill." She beamed, making hope rise in Emill's heart.Sighing, Trisha turned to look up. "I just wish I could back at him for being such a brute. Maybe even go back to get my wedding dress. "Emill hummed, unsure what to do. Looking over at the sound of barking, Emill listened closely. "What's that, Liam? Oh, no, we couldn't possibly." He stated, hearing the dog's idea. Barking some more, Liam further explained his idea. "Oh, well, if you put it like that." Emill said, reconsidering it.
"What?" Trisha asked, not having understood her dog."Elder Gutknecht." Emill stated, as if that was all the explanation she needed.
Corpse Groom chapter 1Because of the picture of the Corpse Groom by akisaizo77 of Deviantart, it inspired me to create this story. I thank December Silentvale for helping."Hush!""Bu-Ouch! Too tight!""You're getting married, you have to look your best, Trisha." Lady Everette Volkel scolded her daughter for what feels like the hundredth time just that past hour. She watched as the maid tighten the corset around her daughter's waist with a scowl. "Tighter."Trisha gasped as the maid tightened the corset. She looked over at the corner of her room to see her wedding dress with dread filling up her mind. Her parents had Maddie, the maid, place the damn thing on a mannequin until the day of the wedding. "Mother, what if Trevor and I don't like each other? What then?"Everette, if it weren't for her status, she would have rolled her eyes. She took out her fan and lightly fanned herself. "As if that has anything to do with marriage. Do you suppose your father and I like, let alone love each other?"This time, Trisha gasped for a totally different reason. She remained quiet while she finished getting dressed. By then, her father had entered the room with an obvious scowl. Her mother told him about her silly nothing that one must like each other to marry. Perhaps he feels differently? "Surely you two must feel something for the other, even a little? Father?""Of course I do not feel anything towards your mother." Lester Volkel snorted, he walked over the wedding dress and his scowl only seemed to grow. "Your mother and I got married for the sole purpose to grow our respective families fortune and social status. Which you will be doing the same with your marriage to Trevor.""Now, hurry up. We don't want to be late." Everette tutted before leaving the room with Lester following behind her.Trisha could only shake her head at her parent's actions. She motioned for Maddie to leave her be and that she'll finished getting dressed. The old maid already has it rough as it is and with how her mother keeps screaming at her to do something else, Maddie ran off.Putting on her shoes, Trisha sat next to her vanity mirror with photographs of herself and her dog, when she was younger. She couldn't help but smile softly at the picture, her dog was a Rottweiler by the name of Liam. Her father had given her Liam with the excuse that she needed protection from anyone that would want to endanger her. In reality, Trisha suspected he did so due to the fact how lonely she was growing up without any sort of companionship. Even if her parents didn't like each other, Trisha believed, at the very least, that they truly did care about her. Even if her mother treated her with contempt.Next to the photograph was her sketchbook... whatever remained of it that is... her mother didn't approve of her sketching, saying that it's unladylike.Feeling the need for some fresh air, Trisha headed towards one of her windows and opened it as wide as it could go. Even if it was a cloudy day, it did bring her peace. Looking down at the town below, Trisha could see everyone going about their day. Everyone doing their business without a care in the world by the looks of it. At the end of the street, she could see her family's fish shop doing rather well today. Of course... it's all about wealth and social status...As this went on, down below a town crier started to call out the events for the day. Today's event only caused Trisha to wonder what her parents had gotten her into."Here ye, here ye, 10 minutes to go till Volkel's wedding rehearsal!"Down at the Fish shop, Mayhew, an employee of Trisha's parents lifted himself up to the driver's seat of the black family carriage. Smoking his pipe, Mayhew circled the carriage around the square. His terrible cough acting up again as he passed an old woman with a walker."Watch it!" The old woman screeched at him, the carriage having come a little too close for comfort, before continuing onwards.Trisha wondered why her parents even bothered with the carriage, considering they lived right across the square from her fiancé. They could have easily walked. Probably to show off their status, as usual. Mayhew pulled the carriage up in front of the mansion as Trisha continued to look down at it from her bedroom window. Just then, her parents stepped out of the mansion. Little did they realize that a woman was spying on them.In the center of the square, there was a monument dedicated to a commanding officer of recent Franco-Prussian War. The officer riding his horse into battle, standing at the base of it, a young woman watched the Mr. and Mrs. Vokel. She was a stranger to town, but her clothing spoke of wealth and status.It was a rich red fabric laced with black. The neckline of the dress was high up her neck as was the fashion and closed, a ruby broach decorating the spot. The sleeves buttoned tightly. Black gloves covering her hands as ruby rings and a golden signet ring decorated her hands. In them, was a small black purse. Since it was a walking dress, it lacked a long train. But more than made up for it in ruffs down the back and ribbons and bows along the front. A black fur cape keeping out the cold. Her raven hair was done up in clusters of ringlets and with a small hat in red and black perched atop her head with a veil covering her dark brown eyes. As she spied on the fish merchants, the woman's blood red lips were pulled back in a look of disgust."It's a beautiful day for a glorious wedding." Everette enthusiastically spoke, fanning herself with her fan."It's actually a wedding rehearsal to be perfectly clear, my dear." Lester reminded her, helping her put on a stuffed fox stole around her shoulders."If it all goes according to plan, our daughter will be married, and we'll go right into the heights of society!" Everette gushed, imagining the parties they would attend, the nobles they would interact with, and the chance to meet the Emperor of the Empire himself. It would be a chance to finally forget everything she had ever been, the simple wife of fishmonger. Victory was just one day away as long as every little thing went according to plan.Getting into the carriage with a bit of a struggle due to Everette's new dress, the delighted parents waited for their daughter to arrive. Fanning herself slowly at first, Mrs. Volkel grew impatient as she snapped her fan shut and looked around."Where's Trisha? We might be late." Everette asked, refraining from doing something so unladylike as growl or grit her teeth.From across the square, and inside the only other mansion in town, two people were watching Everette and Lester, and they didn't look very happy at all. Their names were Ingrid and Wolfgang Einhorn and they were the couple Everette and Lester had made the arrangement to have Trisha marry their son, Trevor.While both Everette and Lester were thrilled about the wedding, both Ingrid and Wolfgang were filled with regret."Fish merchants. This is a terrible day for this ominous wedding." Ingrid groaned in disgust and contempt that rivaled Everette's."Now don't be that way. We knew it had come to this when we arranged to have our son marry to the fish merchant's daughter. Especially since we have no money at all." Wolfgang reminded his wife."Marrying off our son to those noveaux-rich." She stated with disgust. "So common, So coarse.""It's a sad, sad state of affairs we're in." Wolfgang muttered.The reason why the respective parents of Trevor and Trisha had set up the arranged marriage was because even though Ingrid and Wolfgang were nobility, they were on the verge of bankruptcy. It was the only reason they agreed to the marriage. They were reminded of lack of funds as they once again looked inside the vault to see that where was no money inside it. Only cobwebs and dust filling it until the maid of the house began dusting the inside of it, leaving it truly empty. Once she finished dusting it, Wolfgang closed it, and the butler put up a picture of his late father in front of it.Walking down the hall of portraits depicting their ancestors and their son, the Einhorns headed to the foyer to greet their guest."To think our useless son is finally going to be of some use." Wolfgang stated."Thanks to him, we'll be restored to the lifestyle of our ancestors." Ingrid replied, happily.In said son's room, Trevor stood by the huge window, allowing the gloomy light from outside attempt to brighten the already grey walls. Standing there, he couldn't help but think of the arranged marriage. He was sure his little bride-to-be would swoon at the sight of him. The ladies at the pubs were certainly found of him when he used to visit them.Once they were married, he would finally be able to rejoin his friends for a game of cards or thirty. Oh, how he missed the wine he used to drink before funds became too low. He was sure his fishy wife wouldn't mind. Her dowry alone was quite substantial for a fishmonger's daughter. It would provide lots of entertainment. Of course, he would make some time for her. She was not only providing money, but she would need to provide him an heir as well. He would leave all that entailed to her. It was all women were go for after all in his mind. He was interrupted from his inner musing by a knock at the door, upon opening, Wolfgang addressed his son. "Come on son, it's time.""Coming, Father. Let's go meet the money and baby maker." Trevor joked as he fixed his cravat."Watch your tongue!" Ingrid shouted at her son before she and Wolfgang hurried to the foyer.Getting into the carriage aided by her father, Trisha sat across from her parents as they headed to see the Einhorn's. Mayhew coughing as his flicked the reigns.Not wanting the ride to be silent, Lester spoke up to his daughter. "Don't worry, dear." He assured her. "You've hooked the big fish this time, Trisha. Though, you're quite the catch yourself." Lester joked with a chuckle."Now all you have to do is reel him in." Everette ordered, her clenching fist emphasizing her point."I'm already reeling, Mother. Shouldn't Trevor Einhorn be marrying a rich lady or something?" Trisha asked, expressing her fears and doubts once again to her parents."Oh, nonsense!" Everette stated. "We're every bit as good as the Einhorns. I always knew I deserved better than a fish merchant's life." Pulling out her fan as she fixed her hair, Lester undisturbed by his wife's snide remarks at him."But I've never even spoken to him." Trisha added."Well, at least we have that in our favor." Everette told her.Stopping the carriage, Mayhew coughed again. Trisha worried about the poor man's health, but flinching as her mother shouted at him."Mayhew! Silence that blasted coughing!" Everette shouted.Inside the mansion, Emil, the family butler and one of the last remaining servants of the Einhorn household, did a quick last minute dusting of the stair railing. Humming along as he worked to keep up the place for the sake of appearances for his lord and lady.Standing at the top of the stairs, Ingrid spoke. "Marriage is a partnership, even without liking one another, we work together for the benefit of continuing the family line and honor. You'd think a lifetime watching us might have taught him that.""Now remember, everything must be perfect." Everette reminded her husband and daughter as they walked up the steps to the Einhorn's front door.Sighing, Wolfgang started walking down the stairs. "Everything must be perfect.""Every last little thing..." Lester added, removing some lint from his daughter's coat."Every single, tiny, microscopic little thing must go..." Ingrid listed as she stepped down along with him and removed for lingering dust on the rail."...According to plan." Both parents stated even though they were separated by a wall and unable to hear what the others were saying.The Volkel's pulling the chain and the doorbell tolled, announcing their arrival. Glancing at her daughter one last time, Everette scoffed."Look at the way you're standing. You're supposed to be a proper lady." Everette scolded as nitpicked over Trisha's appearance, and Emil opened the door. The Einhorns silently watching until Everette noticed. Chuckling in mild embarrassment.As Emil continued to hold the door, Everette and Lester entered. The butler sniffing the air as they passed and catching a faint fishy smell. Mr. and Mrs. Volkel were too busy to notice as their eyes were taking in the state of the mansion. "Oh, my goodness. Oh, such grandeur! Such impeccable taste!" Everette praised as her voice echoed through the empty and bleak halls."Oh, beautiful, isn't it?" Everette asked her husband."Hmph." Emil quietly huffed in contempt of the commoners."It's not as big as our place, dear. Bit shabby really, isn't it?" Lester asked, once again bad habit of being tactless popping up."Shut up." Everette hushed at him, hitting him with her fan.Closing to door behind Trisha, Emil hurried passed the Volkel's to the base of the stairs where his masters waited."Lord and Lady Einhorn...Mr. and Mrs. Volkel." Emil introduced them."Ah, good day, Lord and Lady Einhorn. It is a pleasure to see you Lady Ingrid. I must say you look very tall today." Lester commented, as he took off his top hat, trying to flatter her. His wife hit him once again with her fan at his tactless comment.Trying and failing to hold back her disgust, Ingrid leaned towards her husband, quietly whispering to him. "Smile, darling, smile."Following her advice, Wolfgang began grunting in an effort for the unused muscles to move into something resembling a smile "Well, hello. What a pleasure. Welcome to our home." Wolfgang welcomed his guest, reciting the words but not truly meaning them."Oh, thank you." Everette replied, not noticing the difference."We'll be taking tea in the west drawing room. Oh, do come this way, it's just through there." Ingrid directed them."Oh, I love what you've done with the place. Who is your decorator?" Everette asked, trying to keep the conversation going.Shaking her head, Trisha followed at the end of the procession. Her eyes lingering on a piano her family passed on the way to the drawing room. Lingering in the foyer, her absence was not even noted by her parents of the Einhorns. Playing a note, Trisha checked to see if anyone heard it. Fortunately for her, no one noticed as the drawing room's door hinges creaked before shutting. Leaving Trisha alone.Testing out the keys, Trisha was pleased to see it was perfectly tuned. The pleasant sounds bringing a smile to her lips as it always had. Never failing to cheer her up. Part of her wondered if the piano would be used to play her wedding march. Brushing the thought aside, Trisha checked again to see if no one was there.Sitting down on the stool and arranging her dress properly, Trisha began to play a sad melody. The sounds at first hesitant before growing louder as Trisha grew more confident. The sound carrying through the building up to Trevor's room as he finished last minute adjustments, gasping in surprise at the sound.It had been a long time since music was played in the Einhorn Mansion. Back when they had money, they would invite talented musicians to play for them. Trevor knew his parents hadn't invited any musicians for the wedding, so who could it be? They didn't play either, so it couldn't be to entertain the guests. Was Mr. Volkel playing, to show off his skills?Curiosity eating at him, Trevor headed down the stairs to investigate. Seeing a girl there at the piano of all things surprised Trevor. Arriving at the bottom floor, he called out to her. "Excuse me."Gasping in shock, Trisha hit a few sour notes, standing up and knocking down the stool. Blushing in embarrassment for being so lost in the music and forgetting her surroundings, she quickly righted the stool and herself. "I'm sorry."Trevor glanced over her, taking in her appearance of her long wavy brown hair and brown eyes, before huffing. Assuming this was his bride-to-be, he wasn't impressed. "You should be. You can't just play something without asking first." He scolded her as he didn't even bother looking at her anymore, more focused on some dirt underneath his fingernails.Abashed, Trisha continued to apologize. "Sorry, it's just that I've always had a passion for the piano. Yours is so well made and well tuned I just couldn't resist." Gazing at it longingly."Women, so like you to give into temptation. " Trevor scoffed before approaching the piano and covering the keys. "You shouldn't be near it anyway. Music is improper for a young lady. It's too passionate. Women are meant to be seen, not heard."Stiffening at his rude comments. Trisha bit her tongue to keep from saying anything improper. His views on women and the insults directly to her, disgusting her more than words could say. When she had been told she was marrying a noble, Trisha had some hopes as to what her fiancé would be like. That even if they never met that they could love each other. Her parents might not like each other, but she believed this wasn't the case for every married couple. But only a few minutes with Lord Trevor and he was already smashing apart her hopes and the image she had of him. He was nothing like the princes in her storybooks.Taking a deep breath, Trisha tried to salvage what dignity she could. "Since I was a child, I've... I've dreamt of my wedding day." She admitted. "I always hoped to find someone I was deeply in love with. Someone to spend the rest of my life with.""Dreaming... That's all women do don't they? Women and their dreams. Rubbish!" Trevor laughed loudly. "Love. I'll sure a fishmonger's daughter needed dreams to help her forget the smell of rotting fish. Spending your days reading about love and all its joys. My dear little fiancé, it seems you parents have failed to properly educate you. Though, women don't need it. Books filling their empty little heads with nonsense. Love is something found only in dreams and fairytales""We are marrying for the benefit of our families and to carry on the Einhorn line. Don't worry, you'll be spending the rest of your life with me. You will provide an heir for me in due time and you will care for the child as it is your duty as a wife, a mother, and most importantly a woman. Nothing more and nothing less." He stated as he thoughtlessly flopped down into a chair and started smoking a cigar.Watching and listening to the man in front of her as he tried to crush her spirit, Trisha grew more and more disgusted. Growing angry at his attitude and thoughtless actions. He half acted like she wasn't even there. Letting her angry and disgust keeping her from getting her spirit crushed. She would never let this man do that to her. She still had her pride."What impropriety is this?" Ingrid asked, entering the to come and find the missing bride and groom. "You shouldn't be alone together. Here it is, one minute before 5, and you're not at the rehearsal. Pastor Galswells is waiting. Come at once." She ordered.XXXXXXXXXXXXThree hours later"Miss Volkel, from the beginning. Again." Pastor Galswells, who was asked to preside over the wedding repeated. His right hand holding his staff and the bible in his left. A plain mitre atop his head to help signify his position as a bishop of the church along with his ceremonial robes."'With this hand, l will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty, for l will be your wine. With this candle, l will light your way in darkness. With this ring, l ask you to be mine.'" Paster Galswells recited. "Let's try it again.""Yes, sir." Trisha stuttered, embarrassed to have to force them to do it once again. It wasn't helping that Trevor was scoffing and snickering at her at every chance. Muttering how it was typical of a woman to keep messing everything up. Only adding to her frustration and making her make more mistakes."With this candle." She repeated, attempting to light it with no success. "This candle." She tries again for the second time. "This candle." She said again before starting to grumble to herself. Brows furrowed how the silly little candle refused to light up. Glancing back at the others, the Einhorns were not amused in the slightest. Trisha could see the family resemblance with the looks of disgust, contempt, and aggravation the three of them shared."Shall l get up there and do it for her?" Everette asked her husband. Fanning herself with her fan and the other hand pressed to her forehead in an attempt to fight off a headache."Don't get all aflutter, dear." Lester said, trying to keep her calm.Hearing Pastor Galswells clearing his throat, Trisha turned away from them and noticed the candle was finally lit. "With this candle." She recited, only for the candle to extinguish itself and the audience to groan."Continue!" Galswells shouted. Only to stop at the sound of the doorbell ringing, his eyes twitching in suppressed anger."Get the door, Emil." Wolfgang ordered. The butler scurrying off to do his master's bidding."Let's just pick it up at the candle bit." Galswells gritted out between his teeth.Returning, Emil handed the unexpected guest's calling card to his master. "A Lady Berta, sir."Accepting the card, Wolfgang inspected it, reading Lady Berta Benzel.As Emil scurried away, Lady Berta entered the room."l haven't a head for dates. Apparently, l'm a day early for the ceremony." Berta stated, explaining her arrival as she inspected her hand.Snatching the card from her husband, Ingrid looked it over herself."ls she from your side of the family?" Wolfgang asked quietly. Hiding his mouth with his hand."I can't recall." Ingrid answered. "Emil, a seat for Lady Berta." She ordered with a snap of her fingers.With a smile, Berta sat down in the chair given to her by Emil. "Do carry on." She insisted with a wave of her hand."Let's try it again, shall we, Miss Volkel?" Galswells asked."Yes, sir." Trisha replied as Trevor rolled his eyes and using his own candle, lit Trisha's. Noticing this, Trisha raised her left hand while her right held the candle."Right." Galswells stated, wanting her to change hands."Right. Oh, right! With this. This-" Trisha stuttered, fumbling a little as she exchanged the two and tried to continue the vow."Hand." Galswells supplied."With this hand," Trisha stated, hesitating to take Trevor's but doing it despite her disgust and the both of them stepping forward. "l- With-" Trisha said, only to not look where she was going and bumping into the table holding the cup and candle."Three steps, three! Can you not count? Do you not wish to be married, Miss Volkel?" Galswells asked."No!" Trisha answered at first, knowing not marrying Trevor would ruin her family's reputation. Before sighing and answering again. "No." This time answering honestly, wishing she could refuse to marry such an intolerable man."Getting cold feet are we, darling?" Trevor asked snidely."No!" Trisha growled at him. "I meant I would love to get married to you. I was saying no to the idea of not getting married to you. Who wouldn't want to get married to a delightful man like yourself!" She quipped sarcastically."Pay attention!" Galswells shouted, slamming his staff on the floor to get her attention away from Trevor. "Have you even remembered to bring the ring?""The ring? Yes. Of course." Trisha answered, holding it between her two fingers before it slipped from her fingers.Seeing this, Ingrid couldn't help but wail."Dropping the ring." Galswells stated, fearing the ill omen."Oh, no, she's dropped the ring!" Ingrid repeated, the ring bouncing off the floor. Dropping down to the floor, Trisha tried to catch it only for it to bounce farther away."This girl doesn't want to get married." Galswells declared to the heavens. The ring rolling across the floor towards the drapes near the window."How disgraceful!" Ingrid wailed.Rushing over, Trisha reached for the ring, finding it and presenting it in front of the others, not noticing the candle in her other hand having come too close to the cloth and setting the drapery a flame. The fire erupting as it climbed higher on the old cloth as the Einhorns and Volkels freaked out. Wolfgang moving Trisha to the side as he attempted to stomp out the fire and Everette using her fan, though neither were helping the situation.Each yelling advice, trying to get the fire under control.Shutting his bible, Galswells shook his head at the scene and groaned.Before it escalated too far, Lady Berta came forward with the cup they were using for rehearsal, the cup having been filled with water rather than wine. With a simple flick of her wrist, the water was poured on the fire and put out. Tossing the cup aside, Emil held out a tray and gracefully caught it. Something the butler had plenty of practice when his young master had guests and parties.The Einhorns and Volkels were each amazed at the lady before them as she merely brushed off a little dust from her sleeves."Enough! This wedding cannot take place until she is properly prepared." Galswells declared to the parents. Turning to Trisha, the pastor loomed over her as he spoke. "Young lady, learn your vows."Looking around the room, all eyes were on her. She could feel the harsh daggers from their eyes as they blamed and judged her. Combined with the stress of the rehearsal, mentally preparing for the wedding, and spending what little time together near her horrible fiancé, something in her couldn't hold it in anymore. Something snapped and let it all out.Taking a deep breath, Trisha addressed the pastor. "Learning my vows isn't the problem, Pastor Galswells." Her eyes flashing as she glared at Trevor. "It's learning to like him. Trevor Einhorn is many things, but nothing that makes him husband material. He's disgraceful, rude, arrogant, degrading, conceited, and overall just plain unpleasant!"Turning towards her parents, Trisha spoke. "Mother, Father, I'm sorry, but I can't go through with this. I would regret marrying Trevor for the rest of my life. You care nothing for my happiness and if you truly think my wellbeing will be seen to by Trevor, you are dead wrong! You care only for your social status. Using me as nothing but a tool to grant your wish for a noble title to parade around. You're selling off my entire life, the life of your own daughter and her happiness for no one else's but your own. Leaving me to be miserable until death do we part! Call me ungrateful, call me spoiled, call me disobedient, call me selfish, call me delusional, call me whatever you like! But I want to marry for love, and I don't love Trevor! It is my life and I will decide what I will do with it!"With her tongue lashing done, Trisha turned on her heels. Storming out of the room and the slamming of the front door could be heard echoing through the empty halls. Everyone cringing at the sound."Well, I never. What a vulgar child." Berta commented.XXXXXXXXXXXXLeaving the Einhorn's, Trisha's anger led her away from town. Now in the outskirts, Trisha leaned her arms on the stone bridge connecting the town to the local church Pastor Galswells stayed at. Hours had passed and so had her anger, cooling off as the hour grew late.Sighing, Trisha pinched the bridge of her nose in aggravation at herself. "I can't believe I blew up like that. This day couldn't get any worse."Hearing the ringing of the Town Crier's bell in the distance, Trisha looked up from the stream below and back towards the town gate as the crier announced the latest news."Hear ye, hear ye! Rehearsal in ruins as Volkel girl causes chaos! Fishy fiancé could be canned!" The town crier shouted, though he stopped for a moment upon seeing Trisha before continuing on his way. "Einhorns all fired up as Volkel disaster ruins rehearsal!"Groaning, Trisha turned her back on town and passing the church, headed towards the forest. Thunder rumbling in the skies with the promise of rain along with it.Thinking back to rehearsal, Trisha couldn't help but try to fix her mistakes once again."It really shouldn't be all that difficult. It's just a few simple vows. 'With this hand, l will take your wine.' No." She scoffed at herself, thinking how if she did have to marry Trevor, she would have to take his wine away from him. She hardly thought he would be any kinder to her drunk.Walking deeper and mulling over the words, she tried again. "With this hand... l will cup your- Oh, gods, no." She groaned as she noticed where exactly her hands were and shook her head.Following the path through the trees, she came to an overturned tree and stumps. "With this... With this... With this candle, l will... l will... l will set the drapes on fire." She stated, hitting herself in the face at her own clumsiness. "Oh, who am I kidding?" Trisha groaned to herself, only the crows as an audience to her turmoil.Sitting down on one of the logs, her eyes lingering on the snow, something shiny caught her eye, something half buried in the snow and dirt. Perking up, Trisha leaned down. Using her shoe to dig up the object from the hardened earth, Trisha picked up the object and brushed off the lingering dirt. To her surprise it kind of looked like a ring of some sort. Flipping it over and inspecting it, she pulled out her own ring to compare the two. The one she had found was older, a little dented, and tarnished. Undoubtedly from exposure to the elements for however long it was abandoned there.Sighing once again, Trisha grumbled about her situation once again. "If only I could marry someone who understands I'm happy just the way I am, and doesn't expect me to be the proper lady. And maybe someone who likes the same things I like."Lingering on the idea of such a man, Trisha couldn't help but imagine her soulmate. Though, she wasn't sure how exactly he would look. She liked to think he would probably be tall, and without fat like Mr. Einhorn. Short hair, but with a certain wave to it. Maybe the way it would be parted would cover one of his beautiful eyes, which would be a shame, but she would find it charming all the same. Kind blue eyes, perhaps, and dark hair. A kind smile lingering on his lips. A man highly educated in the arts and in music. Besides being smart, he would be brave, relaxed, and maybe carefree at times. He would encourage her pursuit of the arts and value her independence and freedom just as much as she did. He wouldn't have those old fashioned ideas about women like Trevor did either.Most of all, he would marry her because he loved her. With her soulmate in mind, Trisha imagined herself at the altar with him. The forest their church and the crows the gathered family."With this hand, l will lift your sorrows. Your cup will never empty, for l will be your wine." Trisha declared, standing from the log and tossing the ring in the air before catching it.Seeing a thin tree nearby, she pretended this was her soulmate's father. "Ah, good sir. You look handsome this evening." She complimented as she held a branch as the man's hand and curtsied to him.Turning around, she approached a stump and pretended it was her new mother-in-law. "What's that, madam? Call you 'Mom'? If you insist." She agreed with a chuckle.Breaking off a branch, she pretended it was the candle. "With this candle, l will light your way in darkness."Seeing another twig poking out of the snow, she placed her ring on it, pretending it was the hand of her soulmate. Closing her eyes, fully enveloped in her daydream, Trisha closed her eyes and holding her hand out for her soulmate, she placed the ring she had found on her own finger. "With this ring, I ask you to be mine."So caught up in her imagination, she didn't notice voice whispering gently to her, repeating her words. Gentleness and hope laced in the sacred vow. "With this ring, I ask you to be mine.""l do." Trisha answered with a smile on her lips, before her eyes snapped open in surprise. "Wait, what?" She asked, looking around for who had spoken to her.All around her, the wind began to pick up, the winter wind howling in her ears as the crows in the trees cawed out at her. The setting doing nothing to calm her nerves as she couldn't see who had spoken to her. She began to think it was simply her imagination playing tricks on her.Until she felt something latch onto her wrist. Gasping in shock, she didn't have a moment to speak before whatever grabbed her pulled her down towards the snow. Pulling against it, Trisha grunted as she fought against it, managing to pull herself away from the snowbank and up to her feet. Whatever was latched onto her then gave way, causing her to fall onto the ground with a thud. Looking at her wrist, she gasped at the sight in front of her eyes. It was a blue hand and arm attached to her wrist, the hand only tightening its hold on her.Shaking it off, Trisha looked at it with horror. Looking back where it had come from, Trisha was frozen in fear as the snow and dirt began to give way. Something underneath making its way up to the surface. The snow puffed out once, twice, and a third before the other arm clawed up through the earth. Weeds that lied dormant by the winder cold tumbled out of the hole and moved aside as someone rose from the ground. Vines snapping off and dirt tumbling off their clothing.Shaking the dirt from his wavy blue hair, the person before her stood tall. Adored in a white suit, the right pant leg was torn at the knee to reveal the man's milky white bone down to his ankle was blue skin remained in his white shoes. The left pant leg in better condition except a bit at the ankle that had either been torn or moth eaten. The right arm of the suit and sleeve was ragged and uneven as the cloth came to the middle of his upper arm. His arm was missing, but it was the one laying on the ground. The left side was in the same condition as his pants leg. A red tie was around his neck, but slightly moth eaten. His face was well preserved except for a bit of his right cheek, the skin having disappeared to reveal white teeth.What could only be described as a Corpse Groom opened his blue eyes and with the same voice that spoke to her before, he asked her. "May I kiss the bride?"Gasping in shock, Trisha watched as the man reached out to her, scrambling away, Trisha ran as fast as she could. Behind her, the arm of the corpse twitched and started crawling after her, only to be picked up and reattached by the groom.Running up the hill, she had a dreadful time trying to watch where she was going and not trip over roots, rocks, or her own dress. Running through a graveyard and past trees, she didn't have time to look back to see if she was still being followed. Seeing a frozen stream, she tried to glide across the ice.Looking back, the corpse was still after her. Doubling her efforts to get away, Trisha was glad the ice was at least thick so she wouldn't fall in. Reaching the other side of the stream, she kept running. Through the trees, she was caught by tree branches as they held her clothing at her sleeves and the base of the dress. Grunting at the scratches, Trisha ran through them as it tore her clothing.Finally out of the woods, she ran to the bridge and ducked as crows overhead swooped down and cawed at her. Panting, Trisha stood and looked behind her. But there was no one there. The bridge empty besides herself. Looking back at the edge of the forest, she couldn't see anything white. All she saw was the night, the church, and tombstones.Letting out a sigh, Trisha mumbled to herself. "Come on, Trisha. What's wrong with you? You couldn't have seen a—" The words dying on her lips as she turned to find the man right behind her. A scream clawing at her throat, but refusing to leave. Her body backing away from the man. The crows circling overhead above them.Smiling at her, the Corpse Groom approached. "My Bride." He spoke fondly.Placing his hands on her shoulders, the groom closed in on her and kissed her.A mixture of fear, nerves, and exhaustion from running, Trisha fainted and knew not of what would become of her next.
Sleeping Beauty Crossover Ch 1I do not own Naruto, Bleach, Mortal Kombat, and One pieceIn a far away land, long ago, lived a king named Hiashi Hyuga and his fair queen Hina. Many years had they longed for a child and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Hinata. Yes, they named her after the sun for she filled their lives with happiness. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the kingdom, so that all of high or low estate might pay homage to the infant princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day.As all the people in Konoha village came over to the Hyuga kingdom and sang.Joyfully now to our princess we come, Bringing gifts and all good wishes too.We pledge our loyalty anew.Hail to the princess Hinata!All of her subjects adore her!Hail to the King!Hail to the Queen!Hail to the princess Hinata!Health to the princess,Wealth to the princess,Long live the princess Hinata!Hail Hinata!Hail Hinata!Health to the princess,Wealth to the princess,Long live the princess Hinata!Hail to the King!Hail to the Queen!Hail to the princess Hinata!Thus on this great and joyous day did all the kingdom celebrate the long awaited royal birth. And good King Hiashi and Hina made welcome their life long friend.Trumpets played when someone came to the Hyuga kingdom."Their royal highnesses, King Minato Uzumaki and prince Naruto." The Hyuga Announcer replied as a blond haired man and a eight year old boy came over to the castle.Fondly had these monarchs dreamed one day their kingdoms to unite. Thus today would they announce that Naruto, Minato's son and heir to Hiashi's child would be betrothed. And so to her his gift he brought, and looked, unknowing, on his future bride.Hina brought the blonde boy over to their daughter in the crib. When Naruto sees Hinata, and made a awkward look on his face. Trumpets played again. Suddenly a beam of light shined through the window as a three females holding staffs appeared."The most honored and exalted excellencies, the three magical warriors. Dragon Fukai, Kitsune Minako, and Dark Phoenix Jade." The announcer replied as a girl who in her late 20s, she has dark blue long hair, golden eyes, wears a dark blue hanfu, cloak, boots, fingerless gloves and a circlet on her head. Another girl was a teenager who is seventeen, has white long hair with fox ears, green eyes, and nine tails, she wore a white kimono, with socks and sandels. And the last was a twenty year old girl with Black long hair with red, blue and purple highlights, red eyes, wears a black long kimono, black feathered cloak, boots, fingerless gloves, a ice blue crystal necklace and a circlet. They came over to the crib and was adored when they see baby Hinata."Oh, the little darling!" Jade replied as Fukai and others approaches to Hiashi and Hina."Your majesties," They replied. "Each of us the child may bless with a single gift. No more, no less." Fukai replied as she went to the crib first."Little princess, my gift shall be the gift of beauty." Fukai replied as she waves hers staff around and made a spell for Hinata.One gift, beauty rareFull of midnight blue in her hairLips that shame the red red roseShe'll walk with springtimeWherever she goes.The gift of Beauty casted down on Hinata, as Minako came over to the crib."Tiny princess, my gift shall be the gift of song." Minako replied as she made a spell.One gift, the gift of song. Melody her whole life long. The nightingale's her troubadour. Bringing her sweet serenadeto her door.As the gift of song casted down on Hinata. And lastly Jade came over to her."Sweet princess, my gift shall be ...As Jade was about to cast a spell on Hinata. Suddenly wind blow through the castle, the doors are wide open. Hiashi, Hina and the magical warriors sees who it is. Thunder zapped as black flames appears. A woman who is about Fukai's age has black long hair, wearing black robes, a Xenomorph queen crown on her head, and holding a black staff. A xenomorph bird named Talon flew over and sat on the staff."Why, it's Kurome!" Minako replied."What does she want." Jade growled."Shhh!" Fukai replied."Well, quite a glittering assemblage, Hiashi. Royalty, nobility, the dragon, and, the Kitsune, and even the Dark Phoenix." Kurome replied as Jade was about to attack her but was held by Fukai and Minako"I felt quite distressed of not receiving an invitation." Kurome replied."You weren't invited!" Jade replied."Not wa...? Oh dear, what an awkward situation. I had hoped it was merely due to some oversight. Well, in that event I'd best be on my way." Kurome replied as she was about to leave."And you're not offended, your excellency?" Hina asked."Why no, your majesty. And to show I bear no ill will, I, too, shall bestow a gift on the child as well." Kurome replied as the three magical warriors is protecting baby Hinata."Listen well, all of you! The Hyuga princess shall indeed grow in grace and beauty, beloved by all who know her. But, before the sun rises on her sixteenth birthday, she shall prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die." Kurome replied."Oh no!" Hina replied as she grabs baby Hinata out from the crib and held her closely. Kurome began to laugh evilly."Seize her!" Hiashi shouted as the guards were about to attack Kurome but she stopped them."Stand back you fools." Kurome replied as she disappears in black flames and continued laughing while Talon flew away out of the castle. Hiashi and Hina frowned that Kurome put the curse on their daughter."Don't despair, Hiashi. Jade still has her gift to give." Fukai replied."Can Jade undo the curse?" Hiashi asked."Oh no, Hiashi." Jade answered."Kurome's powers are far too powerful." Fukai replied."But she can help!" Minako added as she and Fukai pushed Jade."But." Jade replied."Just do your best, Jade." Minako replied."Yes." Fukai added as Jade made her spell."Sweet princess, if through this wicked witches trick a spindle should your finger prick, a ray of light there still may be in this, the gift that I give you. Not in death but just in sleep the fateful prophecy you'll keep, and from this slumber you shall awake when true love's kiss the spell shall break." Jade replied as the final gift casted on Hinata.For true love conquers allBut Hiashi, still fearful of his daughter's life, did then and there decree that every spinning wheel in the kingdom should on that very day be burnt. So it was done.All the spinning wheels were being burnt by all the villagers while Fukai sees it outside of the balcony. Both Minako and Jade were drinking red wine."Silly fiddle faddle!" Fukai replied as she came over to the Kitsune and the Dark Phoenix."Now, come have a nice glass of wine, Fukai. I'm sure it'll work out somehow." Minako replied."Well, a bonfire won't stop Kurome." Jade added."Of course not. But what will?" Fukai asked."Well, perhaps if we reason with her." Minako answered."Reason?" Fukai replied."With Kurome?!" Jade replied."Well, she can't be all bad." Minako replied."Oh, yes, she can." Fukai replied."I'd like to turn her into a roach." Jade replied."Now, Jade, that isn't very nice thing to say." Minako replied."Besides, we can't. You know our magic doesn't work that way." Fukai replied."It can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness." Minako replied."Well, that would make me happy." Jade replied."But there must be some way ... There he is!" Fukai replied"There he is?" Jade replied."What is it, Fukai?" Minako asked."I'm going to ... shh, shh, shh! Even walls have ears." Fukai replied as she sneaks around the castle to see no one is hearing them"Follow me!" Fukai replied as she shrink herself along with Jade and Minako and hides into a box filled with jewelry on the table."I'll turn her into a flower." Fukai replied."Kurome?" Jade replied."Oh no, Jade, the princess!" Fukai answered."Oh she'd make a lovely flower." Minako replied."Don't you see, a flower can't prick its finger." Fukai replied."It hasn't any." Jade replied."That's right." Minako replied"She'll be perfectly safe." Fukai replied."Until Kurome sends a frost." Jade replied in sarcasm."Yes, a ...oh dear!" Fukai replied."She always ruins your nicest flowers." Minako replied."You're right. And she'll be expecting us to do something like that." Fukai replied."But what won't she expect, she knows everything." Jade replied."Oh but she doesn't Jade. Kurome doesn't know anything about love, or kindness, or the joy of helping earnest. You know, sometimes I don't think she's really very happy." Minako replied."That's it, of course! It's the only thing she can't understand, and won't expect. oh, oh, now, now ... We have to plan it carefully, let's see, a cottage, yes, yes, the abandoned one, of course Hiashi and Hina will object, but when we explain it's the only way" Fukai replied."Explain what?" Jade asked"About the three women raising a foundling child deep in the forest." Fukai answered."Oh, that's very nice of them." Minako complaint"Who are they?" Jade asked."Turn around!" Fukai replied as Jade and Minako faced a mirror. Fukai turned them into their human form and wearing normal maid dresses."Why, it's ... us!" Minako replied."You mean, us?" Jade added."Take care of baby Hinata?" Minako asked."Why not?" Fukai replied."Oh, i'd like that!" Minako replied as Jade changes her dress from pink to black."Well, yes, yes, but will we have to feed her?" Jade asked."And wash her and dress her and rock her to sleep. Oh I'd love it." Minako replied."You really think we can?" Jade asked."If her parents can do it, so can we." Fukai replied."And we have our magic to help us." Jade replied."That's right." Minako agreed"Oh, no, no, no, no, no magic! I'll take those staffs right now. Oh, better get rid of those feathers, Jade too." Fukai replied."You mean, live like normal? For sixteen years?" Jade asked as Fukai removes the feathers from Jade's back."Now, we don't know how. We've never done anything without magic." Jade replied."And that's why Kurome will never suspect." Fukai replied"But who'll wash, and cook?" Jade asked."Oh, we'll all do it." Fukai answered."I'll take care of Hinata!" Minako replied."Let me have it, Jade." Fukai replied as Jade hands her staff to her."Come along now, We must tell their Hiashi about it." Fukai replied as she changes herself to normal height."Fukai!" Both Jade and Minako shouted as Fukai stops and made a spell again that both Minako and Jade are in their normal height. As they headed ran into the castle. Outside of the castle. Hiashi and Hina looks down on the balcony seeing the magical warriors holding their baby and ran off.As Hiashi and Hina watched with heavy hearts as their most precious posession, their only child, disappeared into the night.
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Happy Early Summer Everyone!

This is an art contest! So we did this 2 years now so where going do it again. He what where going to do rather thing try to come up prizes. And me and other mods picks winner. Why not let the FANS of RWBY that would be YOU pick the winner?  When this contest ends, we’ll have a vote basic on you the people that will pick top 3 winners! A blog will be posted showing all of the entries you can over enter 1 art work per user, and YOU THE FANS OF RWBY in this group can cast your vote of your top 3 favorites. At the end of voting, prizes will be given accordingly by you all THE RWBY FANS! It HAS to be a Summer Theme of someone from RWBY! It can then being Sun Burn, In the Pool, At Summer Camp, Summer School. etc.
Contest End Date:

July 17, 2020

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