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this is a group focoused around manga and anime!!! join our acadamy and hopefully get even bether at art
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hiya guys!!! this group is really coming along :D

:bulletred: Be kind to other members

:bulletblue: No mature content

:bulletred: You can submit any amount you like just don't submit to featured

:bulletblue: how to submit art!!

you go into the folder in the group you want to submit to (not featured)

then on the right side of the page it says ''contribute to this folder'' or something like that!!

then click ''submit an existing deviation'' and then click on the picture you want to submit :D

:bulletred: also please tell us if were doing something wrong! we would hate to see you leave because of something we done!

our icon was made by Chartokai

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Digital art
IchiGOAT art FREE TO DOWNLOAD by AmirixArt
MerMay 2021 | Ursula by NicoMelba
traditional art
Livingston/Adopt/Auction3/OPEN by MrSneakers
salokig/Adopt/Auction11/OPEN by MrSneakers
Racooga/Adopt/Auction11/OPEN by MrSneakers
TCarnos/Adopt/Auction10/OPEN by MrSneakers
CD: Lady Death by HaraaJubilee
Hinata like Denise Milani(Break Bear) by gekkodimoria
Nenko by Nianzi
Moonlight Healing by HaraaJubilee
are we allies or enemies by sadpacific
CD: Death With Elegance by HaraaJubilee
BlackCat Spiderman by lorayne11
Hinata like Mayday(G.I.JOE EXTREME) 2 by gekkodimoria
open my chest and colour my spine by sadpacific
VRoid Shadow chibi 1 by Zee-qow
Hinata like Ai Shirasaki (Mai Shiranui) 04 by gekkodimoria
Hinata like Evil Jules(Pirates) by gekkodimoria
Rainbow art
Stella x Cornelia - Ma cherie la poupee. by Kawaii-Trix
Doflamingo x Icy - Too much by Kawaii-Trix
Super Hinata 02-03/10(FR) by gekkodimoria
Super Hinata 02-03/10(ITA) by gekkodimoria
fan art
VRoid Hinata 9 by Zee-qow
Venti by CinklTuOderschvank
Cornelia x Misa - The light of my life by Kawaii-Trix
Mina Ashido by Carlotus
manga strips
Desert Rose- Kishar by SunlessRose
Surf Spirit Group #3 by ZenoZi
Mei Rose Surf Skills #2|Surf Spirit by ZenoZi
Ed.141pg000(Head To My Gallery For Full Chapter) by Kasake21
Original art
Kaneki by Scraper28
DinoGamer Girl by Slashser
Guess it's Time by SunlessRose
Rock Star Warriors - Benzo Lido OC by suinewai
Old contests
Adops-Galery-December by ILUSDN
Pixil Art
Halloween Contest folder
Halloween contest entry by dp0128
Manga pages
Sorry I haven't been online in a long time :( I'll try better to be a good founder and fix the group :D Okay so I'm going to start a section in journals now - the featured section :) If anyone has things they want to announce to fellow group members of upcoming events or to look at their art etc just ask me through notes and I'll out you in the section \^o^/ Thank you for your time and I just want to say I'm so proud this group is coming along great we now have 1,548 members so I'm really happy :iconyaayplz: Love yous'! :iconchuplz:
#Much love ~ your founder: I-am-Lancelot :iconi-am-lancelot: :heart:

:bulletpink::bulletyellow:Featured section!:bulletyellow::bulletpink:

:iconjochannon: is now starting to publish comics, graphic novels, manga and artbooks; both fan art and original, from all genres so if anyone is interested please take a look!!!
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ZenoZi Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2021  Student Digital Artist
Thanks for Accepting my Request!

Feel free to visit my Site! Thanks for your Support!

Rikas Surf Skills |Surf Spirit by ZenoZi   Miguel Surf Skills #3 |Surf Spirit by ZenoZi   Surf Spirit Group by ZenoZi   Spike the Cactus|Surf Spirit by ZenoZi   Surf Spirit Group #2 by ZenoZi  
authorromance Featured By Owner May 27, 2021
Buy 30 Free 5 (Manga Commission) by WritingCommissionStu
Buy 30 Free 5 (Manga Commission)

Bonus 5 pages for every 30-page order. First 5 customers only!


5 pages = saves up $500 cheaper!




- 30+5= 35 pages for $2,100, which means per page costs = $60 ($40 cheaper than the regular price!)

- redemption code must be inserted into order form when placing a new order to be considered valid

- offer expires on 30th June 2021. All payments must be completed before this date for offer to be considered eligible

The-JR Featured By Owner May 5, 2021  Student General Artist
I started doing commissions!! \(^0 ^)/
Check the info and some of my works and feel free to contact me with no compromise

-COMMISSION INFO- *OPEN*✨Hello everyone, I decided to try to do some commissions so I'll leave here the info for anyone interested. You can ask with no compromise 😊 ✨How to contact me 📡You can contact me via DeviantArt Note but to specify details I'd prefer an e-mail, but whatever you prefer. E-mail: Give me as many details as you can. Also, I'll work by default on 3508x4961p but knowing what file dimensions you want would be cool. Important note:*I'M PRACTICING DRAWING BACKGROUNDS AND LIGHTS BUT I'M NOT REALLY GOOD AT IT YET SO KEEP THAT IN MIND*I'll accept the commission once I consider I have enough info about it. Payment 💸Once the commission has been accepted, you will be required to pay in advance at least half of the price. Standard prices would be Headshot (7) Half body (15) Full body (25) [ 8USD, 18USD and 30USD aprox. respectively ] Please, know that these prices are subject to vary depending on the complexity of the request, like if you simply want line art or flat color or if you want complex posing and multiple elements, to name some examples. These details shall be discussed once I get all the info about the requestPayment will be made via PaypalTime and Refunds ⌛◼ The amount of time it could take me depends of course on the complexity of the request but I'd ask you to be patient since I'm also studying and don't have all the spare time I'd want. But I'll try not to exceed more than a few weeks (could be less, could be more. As I said, I have other duties to attend). ◼ If I feel like I'm overwhelmed with stuff to do and it's taking me or could take me too long to complete, I'll make you know that I don't see myself capable of properly finish it or ask you if you don't mind to wait a bit longer. If the answer is no and in the first case, I'll refund you what you payed in advance. But I'll try to manage my time as best as I canMethods and Personal use ✏I will provide updates on the process every now and then in case there's something you'd like to change and you can use the final piece for personal use however you want but if you want to share it I'd ask for some credit, naturally. I could use the piece to post it on social media (tagging the client if they want) and maybe on a portfolio with your acknowledgement.What I do:◼ Fanart (I'd feel more motivated if it's about anime and videogames) ◼ Your original character ◼ Possibly drawing a person as an anime character portrait What I don't do: ◼ NSFW content ◼Abusive/violent or offensive content ◼ Furry art (I suck at drawing animals)Feel free to send me something and I'll give you my best!! (ฅ`ωฅ)You can also buy me a coffee if you want :3some examples of works I've done:,,,
Scraper28 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2021  Student Traditional Artist
Bakugouuu by Scraper28   KANEKI by Scraper28  
Scraper28 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2021  Student Traditional Artist
I hate hands by Scraper28   Hanakoooooo by Scraper28   Hanako-kun by Scraper28   Kaneki n Haise by Scraper28   Old hinazuki doodle by Scraper28  
SunlessRose Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
The manga strips folder is full ^^;
StraGen410 Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2021
Terra Thrust by StraGen410   Taruto X (Tokyo Mew Mew) by StraGen410  
SunlessRose Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
300 watcher raffle OPEN! NEW WATCHERS WELCOME! You guys really seemed to love the idea of a raffle to celebrate 300 watchers! Thank you for all your votes and input! And of course thank you for all your continued support through the years! You guys are wonderful! So without further ado, let's get down with the rules of this thing~ :3#1- You must be a watcher to enter. New watchers are welcome, I just ask that you do not un-watch me as soon as the raffle is over cause really...That's not cool.#2- There will be a strict deadline of February 1st when the raffle ends. There is a reason I'm giving so much time which I will address in the next rule. Also, no more entries will be accepted after the deadline.#3- To enter the raffle; in the comments below, you must tell which which character in Black Rose has your favorite design~ You are going against that whole "Don't judge a book by it's cover" thing and TOTALLY judging a book by it's cover! That's also why there's such a long time to the deadline so any new people can read through and find their favorite character design :3It doesn't have to be a novel but also not something like "They look cool"Any comments like that and you won't be allowed to enter. #4- Prizes will be given in order of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Please be patient. I will give updates on the status of the prizes as they come. #5- You will be given a number and winners will be determined by a random number generator. Also, all participants will be awarded 100 points. #6- There are certain things I'm not comfortable with drawing so please bear that in mind if you win some artwork. We will discuss over DM. To be honest though, I don't think you guys would give me anything I'm not okay with XD_______________________________________________________Onto the exciting part~The PRIZES!1st place will get1000 points and1 full body, colored drawing of a character of their choice OR a full colored half-body crossover drawing with one of my characters.2nd place will get500 points and1 full colored chibi OR 2 black and white chibi's in a crossover with one of my characters.3rd place will get 250 points and1 sketchy headshot of a character of their choice. I think that just about wraps it up~If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and ask!
Thank you all so much for all your love and support over the years!...
Razvip15 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2021
i am new here 
Kyomeiyu Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2020  Professional Digital Artist
All is full :/ Celebi a Time travel Pokemon by Kyomeiyu anyway have a cool art to be happy :)
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