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Adam Bup by BirdyWren, visual art

Just a general note Please don't involve me in drama. I genuinely cannot cope with it. I am an extremely anxious person and prone to severe chronic stress. Both of these things have gotten exceedingly worse in the last 3 or so years. I often get very sick from stress (physically and mentally). I do my best to manage it but ngl I really struggle with it.

If you dislike me for any reason please just block me and don't interact with me.

That being said, if anyone ever has an issue with me and they genuinely want to talk to me about it and be mature about it- I'm willing to talk.


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Hey there! My name is Adam! I'm a pretty friendly guy and I'm always up for making new friends. I can be very anxious at times, so sorry if I ever come off awkward or quiet.


Art progress may be slow due to chronic arm pain! Rain severely escalates the pain. I cannot draw at all when it rains. (I also have numerous other health conditions that affect my daily life that also affect my art progress on a regular basis) I do my best to work on owed art as quickly as my body allows me ;;

I'm always happy to give updates on owed art progress if/when you ask!!