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Queen of Hearts

Created for Level 2 of the Playing Card Challenge at :iconmanipulatethis:


Basic card template: [link]
Model: [link]
Two Required Textures:
Chinese brush painting:
Frames brushes: [link]
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I noticed something that I didn't notice before, so I'm writing you a critique.

On a real playing card, the two halves look exactly a like, but yours does not. If i was to flip the bottom to the top, I would see a "yellow flap of fabric" that is not on the other side. In addition, the two decorations on the right hand side are not the same so they do not meet in the middle. So you're not creating a "typical" playing card as the instructions for the challenge says.

You have plenty of time to either edit this one or start a new one, and I hope you do. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Congratulations! This is an "Other Favorite" in the "Cards" challenge at #ManipulateThis and is featured in the Side Bar gallery. :)
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Thank you, it was my first playing card and I learned a lot from the other members. What beautiful cards came out of this challenge.
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I love this one, it really looks like an old oriental style deck :)
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Thank you so much, the model is gorgeous.
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she is...but your treatment of the stock is very good :)
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This is very nice. It has an old vintage feel to it. Good job!
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I appreciate your comments. Thank you.
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I love the oriental feel of this piece - beautifully done! :)
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Thank you so much for your post.
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Outstanding card!!! Love your theme and stock image you selected.

The only thing I would change is the color of the heart and the number...maybe something a little more red and less orange..right now my eye is drawn to the numbers and not your model.
One of the hearts also has a nick that needs to be corrected.
Good luck!! :blowkiss:
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Thank you, Kimmie.
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Wow, so interesting :D This is beautiful, wonderful choice of stock, it's great that you did not keep the two parts identical. The bamboo spacer is a great touch. It feels a bit "messy" like it could do with tidying up a touch, your corners lap a little where the Q is.

This is wonderful and I wish you all the best in the challenge :iconflowersplz:
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Cool idea to make the picture go the opposite way on the bottom, like a real "Queen" of hearts playing card. Good luck in the challenge.
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This is a nice design. See what you can come up with to make it even better. :)
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Beautiful work!
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Thank you; your brushes are wonderful! I love oriental themed art.
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