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+Lucius and Narcissa Wedding+
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Published: April 6, 2006
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Dibujo del bodorrio: no están todos los que quería poner, pero así ya está bien, si no quedaría muy abarrotao! Quizás me direis que hay gente que NO debería estar AHÍ, hehehhehheeee os dejo que lo interpreteis como querais ;P Las ropas han sido todo problema >___< bueno, a lo que importa, from left to right in the middle of the table: Andromeda, Nymphadora, Ted, Rodolphus Lestrange, Bellatrix, Snape, Sirius y Antoñi...ehem Regulus. De pie, tío Alphard, y los afortunados: Cissy y Lucius. Espero que os guste ;)

Wedding Pic: I wanted to draw more charas, but it was a little bit difficult, cause I wanted to do a decent bg, too XDDDD Perhaps you'll say that there're some people who must NOT be THERE, hehhehee, I let you think what you want about it ;P Cloths have been a big big problem XDDDD Ok, who is who, from left to right arroud the table:Andromeda, Nymphadora, Ted, Rodolphus Lestrange, Bellatrix, Snape, Sirius and An...ehem Regulus. Behind them, uncle Alphard, Cissy and Lucius. I hope you enjoy it ;)
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ElviraFadeoutProfessional Traditional Artist
It's a nice pic, though i don't think Ted and Andromenda would have been there. After all, Andromeda got disinherited for marrying a Muggle-born "mudblood".
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Isn't it rather Legolas and Narcissa wedding ;) ?
GoddessofDrama12's avatar
I thought Rodolphus was Greyback XD
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deideiblueeyezHobbyist General Artist
Wow, I love the detail! Especially since we are not given clear photos or images of characters like Andromeda, Alphard, etc. I love it and I accept these as canon ^_^ 
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PantherfanficsHobbyist General Artist
I love this, it's a great piece of artwork. You did Sirius' expression perfectly, he would hate to be there, surrounded by the people he hates aside from the Tonks family and possibly his brother!
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ninsennansenHobbyist General Artist
Awesome:D I love your art atyle :)
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cute! i liked sirius and snape. they both look quite sour!
Beautyisthebeast13's avatar
I love how Bella has the most cleavage showing
XFreeAngel's avatar
Severus's nose……Well,so……real……
veriaqa's avatar
Lets say this is an AU where the Black family are not bad people... :)
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Yey! Bad people can celebrate a wedding, too XDD
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I love the pic but why would Ted, Andromeda and Tonka be there?? Andromeda got blasted off the family tapestry so I just don't get it
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Thanks for the comment :) I included Ted, Andromeda and Tonks here because I love considering the pureblood Blacks as a hypocrite family. Since they are a famous family, sure they'd like to keep up appearances XD And I think Andromeda loves his sister Narcissa enough to go to the wedding :) It's just my particular point of view. I love family photos XD
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i also love the way you drew rodolphus, and snapes big nose. hehe
Manechan's avatar
XDDD Snape is suposed to have a biiiig nose, so... ;)
svolden614's avatar
interesting you said the clothes were a big problem because I really thought you did a great job on the clothes in particular! I like the whole picture overall, esp sirius looks so cute! =)
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Thankies :)I wanted to draw different but elegant wedding clother.
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BeTheMockingjay23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OH I love it. :)
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BeTheMockingjay23Hobbyist Traditional Artist
No problem! :D
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yeah they're happy now but wait till the alcohol starts to pour
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XDDDDDD Yep, after all is a wedding cellebration ;)
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