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MeowAbout Crafts is now open once again for custom orders!…

We're currently open for orders on the following:
- Pony plush…
- Luma plush w/ letter from Rosalina…
- Misty and Geno chibi dolls… and…
- Pokemon Perlers…
- Pony-themed fleece scarves - NOW with embroidery machine applique cutie marks!…
- NEW!  Star Trek scarves with applique insignia…

Interested in something not listed in the shop? Want a custom order chibi doll of a different character?  Send me a message here or on Etsy to discuss!  Chibi dolls start at $45, scarves start at $25, Perlers start at $5 - prices depend on complexity (and/or size) of item.

New items will be coming soon:
- Legend of Zelda fleece scarves
- Doctor Who chibi dolls
- Pony plush fillies (Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, etc)
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