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Less than 2 weeks til A-Kon!  Really looking forward to the con this year, especially since the wonderful grandparents are going to be watching my baby boy.  My newest cosplay is nearing completion and I'm very excited about debuting new stuff.

Tentative cosplay plans:

• Thursday - original formal version of Franziska von Karma for the masquerade ball

• Friday morning, Saturday morning/afternoon - Lady White Mage - new costume inspired by the classic Final Fantasy job class and sort of a Renaissance/Game of Thrones regal gown.  The dress is complete, and now I'm working on the light-up healing staff.  Progress pix on my Facebook page.

• Friday evening - Rainbow Brite (with new legwarmers)

• Saturday evening - Kris from Pokemon (possibly a Pokemon Sulfur cosplay reunion with Bobble head Nurse Joy, James, and Pyramid Head)

• Sunday - black Team Rocket dress

Progress photos on my Facebook page (…) so be sure to watch the page for updates! :)
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May 23, 2014


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