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I'm attending AFest on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, but not for the whole day (since we're bringing the kid along).
Costume plans:
Friday: Lady White Mage
Saturday: Cinderella (NEW!)
Sunday: not sure yet, maybe Twilight Sparkle
Less than 2 weeks til A-Kon!  Really looking forward to the con this year, especially since the wonderful grandparents are going to be watching my baby boy.  My newest cosplay is nearing completion and I'm very excited about debuting new stuff.

Tentative cosplay plans:

• Thursday - original formal version of Franziska von Karma for the masquerade ball

• Friday morning, Saturday morning/afternoon - Lady White Mage - new costume inspired by the classic Final Fantasy job class and sort of a Renaissance/Game of Thrones regal gown.  The dress is complete, and now I'm working on the light-up healing staff.  Progress pix on my Facebook page.

• Friday evening - Rainbow Brite (with new legwarmers)

• Saturday evening - Kris from Pokemon (possibly a Pokemon Sulfur cosplay reunion with Bobble head Nurse Joy, James, and Pyramid Head)

• Sunday - black Team Rocket dress

Progress photos on my Facebook page (…) so be sure to watch the page for updates! :)
I may not be updating DA for a while.  Still planning to attend some conventions next year, but it will definitely be a new experience.

Looking for an embroidered patch for your cosplay (or just to add some geekery to your gear)?
Look no further than MeowAbout Crafts!…

Here are some samples of things we've made:
- Fix-it Felix hat and shirt patches:…
- Giovanni (Team Rocket) "R" patch:…
- Blue Exorcist patch:…

We also take custom orders!  Price varies by size (we can do as large as 5.5" x 7.5"), complexity, and colors.  Feel free to message me on Etsy for a quote.

Also taking orders for plush Lumas.  Other plush orders are closed.
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I got to debut my 10th Doctor costume at All-Con this past weekend, and it was so much fun!  I've done crossplays before, but not in a while (and rarely this much fun).  It was surprising how many people didn't realize it was ME in the costume, even though I've worn short wigs before.  Kind of amusing to walk up to people I've known for years and they have NO IDEA. :3

Now that All-Con is over, my next costume on deck is Princess Rosalina from Super Mario Galaxy.  I've had the fabric for years, and the wig for awhile as well, but I actually need to make the costume and accessories (and style the wig).  It was planned for last AFest, but then the MLP wedding episodes happened and I had to make Cadance instead. ^^

I wound up with a bunch of conventions for this year due to some very fortunate circumstances.

- Louisianime (cosplay guest)
- A-Kon
- SGC (free passes won at Video Games Live concert)
- WhoFest (a local Doctor Who con?  YES.)

Sadly I'll have to skip AFest this year due to some real life events going on at that time ^^ but our Artist Alley table is scheduled to return for AFest 2014.  Speaking of, the Etsy shop is reopened for some orders.  If you want to order a pony or chibi plush doll, contact me for a quote - for the most part, though, we're hoping to put larger plush items in the shop as they're finished so you can buy already-completed items.  We've got plans for some new fandoms, so stay tuned!…
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We have some pending orders to finish, a convention in 2 weeks, and some real life stuff going on, so plush commissions are temporarily closed.  I'll post another journal when they're open again (and we'll have filly ponies available to order then, too!)
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MeowAbout Crafts is now open once again for custom orders!…

We're currently open for orders on the following:
- Pony plush…
- Luma plush w/ letter from Rosalina…
- Misty and Geno chibi dolls… and…
- Pokemon Perlers…
- Pony-themed fleece scarves - NOW with embroidery machine applique cutie marks!…
- NEW!  Star Trek scarves with applique insignia…

Interested in something not listed in the shop? Want a custom order chibi doll of a different character?  Send me a message here or on Etsy to discuss!  Chibi dolls start at $45, scarves start at $25, Perlers start at $5 - prices depend on complexity (and/or size) of item.

New items will be coming soon:
- Legend of Zelda fleece scarves
- Doctor Who chibi dolls
- Pony plush fillies (Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle, etc)
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  • Playing: Final Fantasy 6 (aka III - SNES)
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2013 Cosplay Plans!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 4:53 PM

Here are my cosplay plans for 2013!

10th Doctor - Doctor Who (Brown suit version: actually found the perfect fabric with the blue pinstripes and all at a fabric warehouse.  Never thought I would ever find it.)

"Souffle Girl" Oswin Oswald - Doctor Who (A bit of a twist on her character, but if you've seen her episode, "Asylum of the Daleks", you'll get the joke.)

Princess Rosalina - Super Mario Galaxy (I've had this fabric and wig components for a while now, and actually planned to make this costume for last AFest.  But then Princess Cadance happened instead. ^^)

Not a lot of conventions planned for this year:

Sadly I will probably miss AFest and Brony Fan Fair this year, but hopefully will be back for 2014. :)

A Premium Membership?? :)

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 17, 2012, 5:04 AM

Thank you so very much to :iconmaryryanbogard: for the month-long gift subscription!  I'm very honored, I've never had a DA subscription before and the gift was very sweet.  Thank you. :)

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I'm doing a giveaway for my Etsy shop, MeowAbout Crafts!  There are 2 ways to enter:

Like our Facebook page for one entry:…
Share this Facebook giveaway image for one entry:…

On November 30, I'll be choosing one random winner from all the entries to receive a free SMALL item of their choice!

What do SMALL items include?
- Luma star plush
- Pokemon "box icon" Perler
- 8-bit or 16-bit Mario hero, item, or small baddie Perler
- 8-bit Megaman Perler
- 8-bit Final Fantasy job class Perler
- Atari Adventure Perler set
- Blacklight-reactive small Perler
- Perler request up to $10 value

Good luck! :)
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I still need sponsors!…
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Join us and watch the fun!…

Still seeking Extra Life sponsors - remember that all donations go directly to helping kids!  AND I'm sending free Perler 1ups to all donors over $5. :)…
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I am still looking for sponsors for this year's Extra Life.  I'm doing a special promotion where anyone who sponsors me for $5 or more will receive an "extra life" Perler sprite of their own!

1up for charity by MandyNeko

All donations go directly to helping kids, and are tax-deductible.  Please contribute to this great cause!

Tomorrow, we'll be Livestreaming the whole day.  Be sure to tune in and watch the crazy in action.  We're going to move the camera around all day so all different gamers will be highlighted. Here's the link:…

On that note, is there anything cosplay-related that you'd like me to Livestream in the future?  Plush making, wig work, etc?  Let me know in the comments!
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Once again, I'll be participating in Extra Life, a charity where gamers raise money for children's hospitals.  I am not a marathon runner - instead I'll be marathon gaming for 24 hours straight to raise money for sick kids.  All proceeds are tax-deductible, and all the money raised goes directly to the kids.

This year, anyone who donates to me will recieve an "extra life" of their own:
1up for charity by MandyNeko

I will be making these for anyone who donates $5 or more to me before next week, and sending them out after the event. :)

If you're interested in donating to this great cause, here is my fundraising page:…

Thanks! :)

PS: We will be Livestreaming the event!  I'll post again with a link once we get it set up!
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Now that AnimeFest is over, our Etsy shop is open for orders!  We're taking commissions on plush ponies and Perler sprite art.
Looking for something specific that I don't have listed?  Click the "Request custom order" link and I'll be happy to get you a quote!…

We'll be taking a limited number of pony plush orders.  I picked up :iconvalleyviolet:'s filly pattern and I can't wait to start making little bitty ponies. :)
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I decided to enter the Otaku House contest again this year, with Rainbow Brite.  Please click this link, and then click "like" on my page to vote for me!…

Upcoming conventions:
Louisianime (May 18-20)
A-Kon (June 1-3)

Also, we're getting an artist alley table at AnimeFest this year!  We'll be carrying plush ponies of many, many characters (I'm hoping for all of the Mane 6, the CMCs, and fan-favorite bg ponies), as well as other plushies in varying price ranges and Perler bead art.  Because of this, my Etsy shop will be temporarily closed so I can accumulate stock for the table. ^^
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I'm working on some MLP G4-styled plushies!  They seem to be coming out rather chibi-styled, but I think they're pretty cute.

Derpy Hooves plush by MandyNeko   Applejack Plush: MLP by MandyNeko

Derpy v.2 and Minty are in progress now.  Derpy v.2 needs her mane, tail, and features.  Minty just needs her face and cutie marks.

There are so many different ponies I want to make plushies of.  A few G1s are on deck (Gusty, Firefly, Medley, Glory, and Surprise), as well as more G4 characters.  Got a pony you want in plush form?  Post a comment on this journal!

I now have an Etsy shop!

You can order plushies that I've made already, and new plushies that I make will go here as well.  I have a FB page for this shop too, please LIKE for updates on new plushies:…

As far as cosplay updates, I've been pretty unmotivated lately.  Going to try to have Future Twilight Sparkle (aka "Metal Gear Twi") for A-Kon, and planning to get Rainbow Brite really finished up by then too (she still needs her boots).

I have to sort through and post new stuff to MeowAbout: Rainbow Brite pix, and photoshoot pix of Malon and Luna (Lunar SSSC) from Skypirate.
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More Ebay stuff is going up, just in time for the holidays!  Star Wars, Hello Kitty, San-X (Nyan Nyan Nyanko), Team Rocket, Intel BunnyPeople, anime collectibles, DS games, dolls, Disney stuff, and the -one and only- PREEMINENT CAR.…

Please take a look and bid! :D
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Just a quick note with my upcoming cosplay plans for the end of this year and beginning of the next:

~ Twilight Sparkle (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic) - I've gotten bitten by the Pony bug!  This is going to be a humanized version of Ms. Sparkle, borrowing some concepts I've seen in fan art and adding a few touches of my own.  This is planned for YuleCon.

~ Rainbow Brite - This seems to be a very 80s cosplay season for me!  This is due to :icontamlin-haven: wanting to make Shy Violet, and we started talking about the series.  Before you know it, we had a cosplay group going!  I would love to do my *favorite* character from the cartoon, Indigo, but I am far too pale to make that work.  So I'll be Rainbow instead!  Finally a chance to get all that obnoxiously shiny/multicolored fabric I'm always looking at.  Holographic spandex?  WHY NOT.  Planning for All-Con with this.

~ Finally planning to properly finish up Vanessa (The Little Mermaid).  Making a long dark blue cloak, and I want to finally get the glowing light working in the seashell necklace.  Hoping to do a really cool photoshoot with this costume in the evening/dusk near a body of water.  Fall/Winter.

Future Plans:

~ Twilight Princess Zelda
~Shiida from Fire Emblem

These costumes have been in progress for a while (YEARS in the case of Zelda), and they'll get done sometime!

Upcoming Conventions:

YuleCon 2011 (Saturday only)
All-Con 2012
A-Kon 2012
AFest 2012
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I'm still taking donations for Extra Life, the 24-hour video game marathon that happens this Saturday!…

All donations go to support local children's hospitals, so it's a really great cause for gamers and video game fans to get behind.  Please consider making a donation to my page, or signing up and getting in the game yourself!
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