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Hipster Kris
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Published: October 17, 2011
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Poor Kris, she was the first and people just don't remember her at all.

Kris is the Pokemon hipster - while every other trainer has been in at least two games (both color versions in a set, sometimes a third game or a remake), poor Kris only has a single game to her credit. But as Crystal was my very first Pokemon game, she has a special place in my heart.

Just something silly I made with a photo of my Kris cosplay from AFest 2011. :)
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glitz7Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I <3 Kris 
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waterfuzzyHobbyist General Artist
Nice Jigglypuff!
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stealthclaw96Hobbyist General Artist
Kris is one of my fave female trainer from the games :D
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CryOhMyHobbyist Writer
She was my faaaaavorite. q ^ q -grabbyhands-
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Sakura-chan4100Hobbyist General Artist
This is great! I loved being able to play as a girl character for the first time =D
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Pokemon Crystal was my very first Pokemon game (I was late getting into the games) and I loved playing as Kris! Her hair is insane! :D
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MrJechgoHobbyist Photographer
Crystal ? No way !

Dude, I picked her the moment I bought PKMN Crystal, mainly because it was a new feature to get a female trainer and I wanted to try it. So yes, I DO remember her.
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Of course we know you, dear Crystal! :cries: And we wanted you back!
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xo2angelitaxoHobbyist Digital Artist
....................I miss crystal :< Oh god I'm all sad now.
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baxcelraskStudent Artist
i remember her :< i made a big deal of not being able to play her character when heart gold and soul silver came out.. i was waiting for a crystal version xD
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Gold was my first game,but my favorate was Crystal.ALWAYS.If someone were to ask me"Whos your favorate pokemon protagonist?"I would say Kris. Not only is she probaly the only one who really looks like shes ready for an adventure(Not really fond of those mini-skirts >.>Gosh nintendo.) but being the first (playable)Girl is something to be proud of!Darn you nintendo for replaceing her!(Not that i dont like Katone or whatever her name is,i just like Kris better.)
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Kris and May are the most adventurous-looking Pokemon girls, in my opinion. They're wearing what amounts to exercise gear, something that would be practical if you're running around the forest, desert, mountains, etc. to catch fantastic creatures. Mini skirts just seem like they'd be impractical! :)
OceansLugiaSpirit's avatar
Exacly!Theyre both more practical!
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Darklugia2414Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I know her and love her :)
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ErnomaStudent General Artist

God, I love Crystal. I really hate Kotone for shoving her aside >:C
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EEE! I love crystal!!! First pokemon game EVER!
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AlicePhantomhive1Hobbyist Artist
I remeber you!!!! I still have your game!
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eatprayloveHobbyist General Artist
LOL I totally remember her! Mostly because from the side, it looked like her sprite had angry eyes. :XD: Ah, graphical limitations. Srsly, though, she needs an appearance!
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Crystal version is my favourite Pokemon game ever. I will never forget Kris. =D But this is wonderful. xD
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TriedToBeCoolHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't remember her from when the Crystal came out (Pearl was my first game), but Kris will always have a special place in my heart.
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LDboyHobbyist General Artist
to bad she got replaced by what's her face in HG/SS.
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CloakVindermillHobbyist General Artist

SO FREAKING TRUE! WTF happened to Kris? XD
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Kris = My second childhood hero, solely because for the beginning of my time playin Pokemon, I played as a boy named Jennie. >_<
And then she came along and I was all ":OOOOOOO YAY!"
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