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Just wanted to post something to replace my last post. I am transitioning to a new job in two-three weeks, so my time on dA and Tumblr is going to be short, but I do have a few commissions and fanarts going on now, so I won't be inactive like last year. 

Until then, take care, 

I already got enough people, so thank you to those who responded. 
I'm looking for a beta reader for a Jem fan comic. I already have another person doing the artwork, since I can't seem to get in touch with the original one, so I just need a beta reader for the comic.  I had one, but he seemed to not respond to my emails. If anybody is good with grammar, proofreading, story-flow, and knew the original Jem cartoon very much, then PLEASE contact me.
Christianity and Islam has been for a long time bashing and killing gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgenders for ages. It ridiculous to see the Christian rights acting all high and mighty when they have done the same thing, just nothing at this volume that I know of. It's also ridiculous how Muslims are saying that this doesn't happen very often. Hello? Look at all the killings and stoning of LGBT people in the Muslim-ruled Middle East.

To both Christians and Muslims, spare me. You both have committed grave homophobic/biphobic/transphobic crimes in the name of Allah/Lord/Jesus/Mohammed/whatever. 
It is being worked on right now. I assume that it will be done by sometime this week, so yes, a new page of Haruka Strikes Back! The Fall of the Bubuzuke is coming!  It's more than half-way done.  You will finally see who will be in the contest with Haruka and Shizuru.  If you saw the polls, it probably won't be a surprise as to who will participate.

Anyhow, thanks for participating
Life can be a real bitch. My job is about to end soon, and I have to study for a test to get into a job that I don't even care about the first place. The only reason why I am even bothering to go for it is because my significant other's brother pretty much "sponsored" me for the job.  I like my current job and I just wished it didn't end so soon. I would take some time off but I'm in debt (long story) and I need to get some work. I'm trying to get a side-business up though, so hopefully that fall through.

HOPEFULLY, I can find time after Monday to start writing again, starting with Jem and the KnM fan-comic I've put on hold for over two years. I will need a new artist for that one.
Just as the title says. I've been busy because of my job and the tight deadlines. I have some Jem stuff already done, but I'm not sure what the next chapter should be, plus I'm hoping to get back with my partner, formerly known as Chutonon, as I could you the extra advice.  Also, I haven't heard one bit from :iconjadenkaiba: or any more on the Mai-Hime comic.  And also, I'm trying to get the Kannazuki no Miko fan-comic back on track. 
For the pat six months, I've been busy with my job, working long hours, and also to pay off my debts. I'm close to being done with that, and I'm about to wrap up with one the two projects I was involved in, plus the other project should be done in the next two weeks. I will transition into another project in the middle of August. Hopefully, I'll have more time to devote to fan-arts, fan-comics, and possibly, fan-fictions. The bug is coming back to me, and I really want to get back into it.  I might just do a "staycation" and devote one entire week to all my hobbies, including fan-fictions. I was planning to do that this month, or during Labor day, but I had to go and see my brother graduate from Air Force basic training in San Antonio, Texas, and that sucked up three of my PTO, which I only had four.

I haven't finish writing the Jem Fan-Fiction chapter 5. I am somewhat stuck and I could use some help.  It will be more focused on Kimber-Stormer.  Also, I'm looking for a new artist, because I'm planning to pick up the Kannazuki no Miko fan-comic again. As for the Mai-Hime fan-comic, Haruka Strikes Back! The Fall of the Bubuzuke. Page 30 is on the draft board.  Jaiden showed me the outline and I approved it. Hope to see it this month. 

That's all for now. Take care!
I just want to keep you guys posted, since I haven't been very active in dA.  Truth be told, I've been very busy with work and other things, so I haven't been as active as usual.  I am still going with the Jem, Mai-Hime, and Kannazuki no Miko comments, but I won't reply back to your notes or messages as quick as I used to.
The latest fanart I commissioned 

Mature Content

No Man Needed - A B/V Retro Lez Pulp Cover Parody by mandygirl78
, is both a joke and a tribute to the

lesbian pulp fiction that were around during the 50s and 60s. Back then, you could get them at supermarkets, I thnk? But I know you could get them at a regular bookstore. 

What? you might say. Yep. Believe it or not, they were common during the repressive 50s and early 60s, right before everything was about to explode in the hippified mid-late 60s. These lesbian pulp novels were mostly written for men, and had a heterosexual slant to them, so most of them didn't have happy endings. For the most part, the cover was much more interesting than the novel itself. Plus, the text and content in those novels were very reflective of the times, so most of what you read will be very outdated. You'll probably moan and groan at how the people react to the news of lesbianism in the story. Or, you'll get quite a few chuckles out of the numerous use of outdated slang, such as "cool cats", or "daddy-o" or "dig it" or "what's cookin'"... You get the idea!

The Bob Montana-style fan art of Betty and Veronica were used, because I felt it was perfect for the era it portrayed. The fan art was strongly influenced by the cover of a lesbian pulp fiction called "Alone at Last"   3390445eb1446a284f77b5a654c0b9fb by mandygirl78.  :iconbiesiuss: and I chose this one over a few others, and he stated to get to work on it. We had planned this for over a month, so I'm glad that it's finally out. Also, a lot of these novels tends to have the publisher's logo on them. So, I decided to have my very own, Sapphire Desire Publications. XD. It was originally a black triangle behind a heart-shaped sapphire gem Sapphire Desire by mandygirl78, but :iconbiesiuss: changed it to the familiar gay rainbow flag colors, and I thought that was better. 

As I said, most of them were depressing. However, there were a few there were good out there, like Odd Girl Out by Ann Bannon  Odd Girl Out Cover 1957 by mandygirl78. She is considered the queen of "twilight love stories", though she only did a few.

If you really want to know more about this fascination piece of gay/lesbian history, you can check out the lesbian pulp and the lavender universe. Also check out this one, and another one.  

There are books devoted to this time period, such as this one. and a few others. There is also a documentary on this, called Forbidden Love: The Unashamed Stories of Lesbian Lives. You can get it here

And finally, let me leave you with a Pinterest link that has a lot of these campy, yet delicious book covers of the somewhat-dark period in LGBT history.
Today is the 10th anniversary of Kannazuki no Miko. Is was first shown on the Japanese network NHK back in October 2, 2004. Come over to #KnM-fan as we dedicate the entire month of October to this great yuri anime.

We even have a fanart dedicated to the anniversary:

It's back!

Chapter 4 is being work on right now by :iconmokona418:. Can't say for sure when it will be ready, but here's a sneak peek, showing that something is getting started.
Just like what the title said. I got a new job this week, though I won't get paid until the early part of mid-September. That's the reason why a lot of the fan comics had to be put on hold. I do hope to get something up on KnM before October, in celebration of the 10th anniversary. I already missed out on the Mai-Hime one, so I don't want to miss out on that one.  I was planning to do something like a Kannazuki no Miko calendar for 2015. I might not have enough time, resources, or money to pull it off though.

Still, hopefully I can get things rolling again. I especially want to get the Kannazuki no Miko and the Jem fan comic up and running again.

Hopefully 2015 will be a better year.
This contest has been closed. Thank you all to those who participated.

Hi everyone, this is mandygirl78, the author of the Haruka/Yukino fan comic "Haruka Strikes Back! The Fall of the Bubuzuke." For those who are not familiar with the comic, the fan comic is about Haruka getting back at Shizuru through a cosplay contest. Like I said, Haruka and Shizuru will take part of the contest, however one more Hime will take part of the contest as well, and the good part about it is that you can decide who will also be in the contest. That's right, YOU can decide who will be in the contest!

The picture shows all the available contestants. They are in order, from left to right:

 Photo of the Mai Hime Cosplay Contest

Yukariko as Bayonetta
Nao Yuuki as Batwoman
Akira Okuzaki as Raphael
Shiho Munakata as King Ghidorah
Mashiro Kazahana as Mariko from Elfen Lied
Fumi Himeno as Nurse Joy

We will have a poll/survey set up so that you can choose one of the six. The poll will be up started at 2014, June 24th and end when Jadenkaiba gets to the contest, which would be around 3-4 months. I will announce the ending date when I get word from :iconjadenkaiba:, so vote as soon as you can!  Thank you very much and keep the Mai Hime spirit alive! 10 years and still going strong!
I think I might have found someone who could have pass as Melody Jones in real-life. Of course, I'm referring to the one in the fan-comic I commissioned.  


Who is she? Well, it's the late, great, beauty Carol Wayne (1942-1985). She's probably mostly know as the ditzy blond sidekick to Johnny Carson's "Art Fern" character in those "Tea Time Movie" sketches he used to have when he was the host of The Tonight Show, a late-night TV program popular in the US and possibly in Canada, that's still going on today. This was back in the 70s, so that makes it even better!  She got the sunshine blond hair, the air-head personality, and even the big... you know what! The only thing missing are the drums!

Unfortunately, she died in a drowning accident while vacationing in Mexico. 

As for any more commissioned stuff from me? I'm still without a steady job, and I'm just trying to hold on to what I got.
While the current front cover was pretty retro, I didn't think it was retro enough, so I had :iconp-joart: create me a few alternatives from designs I picked out from the internet. My favorite is the second one.  The last two were a combination of two designs.

Cover Pattern By P Joart-d71wjx5 by mandygirl78

Cover Pattern3 By P Joart-d71wjsz by mandygirl78

Cover Pattern5 By P Joart-d71wjoo by mandygirl78

Cover Pattern6 By P Joart-d71wjmb by mandygirl78

Page 19 was one of the more interesting pages that me and :iconp-joart: got involved in.  The interior was based on the eating area for Disneyland Hotel in the early-70s, shown in a Japanese magazine. The current design you see wasn't really the first one.  We went through several different versions before we settle on that one.

Originally, it looked like this:

Melody Col 19 By P Joart-d6ze52y by mandygirl78

However, I thought it looked kinda bland, so I told :iconp-joart: to brighten up the ceiling.  This is what she came up with:

Melody Col 19 2 By P Joart-d6zeaq5 by mandygirl78

However, I really wasn't feeling the orange, so I told her to make it yellow, and this is what she came up with:

Melody Col 19 2 Revised1 by mandygirl78

At the same time, I came up with this:

Melody Col 19 2 Revised2 by mandygirl78

However, neither one of us thought the other was suited. P-Jo thought that make a total re-haul could solve the problem:

Melody Col 19.3 by mandygirl78

As groovy as it was, fitting perfectly with the early-70s time-period, I didn't think that such a color scheme would be used in a somewhat-conservative setting like Disneyland Hotel. So I asked her to make another change, and this is what she came up with:

Melody Col 19.4 by mandygirl78

Yikes! That would work well for a Wild Kingdom jungle-themed nightclub or lounge, but not for a family hotel! Thinking that things were going a bit too far and somewhat to left field, I decided to finally stick to this:

Melody Col 19.2 by mandygirl78

Well, there you have it. You get to see some of the process that goes through when you're doing a collaborative fan-comic. When you're not the one drawing, you have to settle with some compromises, which for my case wan't bad at all. The last page will be up on Friday, so come check us out at that time.

They won't be shown here, due to dA being the way they are. Instead you can find that at my tumblr site.  If you got a tumblr account, please do me a favor and reblog it! So that other can see it.

Page 15:

Page 16:

Page 17:
Just before I post it last year, me and :iconp-joart: went through three different versions of the first page.

Melody Pag 1 Testo Disc By P Joart-d70utdx by mandygirl78

Here's one where our credits was in the comic itself. I didn't like it, so I had it changed.

Melody Col 1 Grain By P Joart-d6y6jwx by mandygirl78

This version is suppose to look more like what a printed comic page would. It looks okay on paper, but not on a computer, IMHO.

Melody Let 1 By P Joart-d6zj4wv by mandygirl78

This version, the cartoon bubbles had too much whitespace, so I told her to remove some of it.

Of Dumb Dumbs And Pussycats - Page 2 by mandygirl78

I now have enough material to start posting the comic. I am planning to post one page for 2-3 times a week, most likely on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. There will be an estimate of 18 pages altogether, including the front cover, thus I expect the entire fan-comic to be posted in six weeks.  Besides this and the Mai-Hime fan-comic, I only have one more project going, and it's just a fan-art. After that, I probably won't be posting for a while, until I can find a job and get some more money going.