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Kannazuki no Miko Fan Comic - MDOT Page 2 by mandygirl78 Kannazuki no Miko Fan Comic - MDOT Page 2 by mandygirl78
Title: More Dangerous than the Orochi

Page 2



It's a five-page manga written by me and :iconsporadictiger: and drawn by :iconrurutia8:, who drew the Mai-Hime Prehistoric crack-pic of Mikoto hitting Tate with a club. It deals with Himeko and Chikane's recent reactions to all the school shootings that are going on. There's a message of hope despite what seems to be troubling times.
xXAlice-YakumoXx Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2017
School shootings are often the result of bullying and the victem having no where to go. If the staff was awere of this and didn't do their job then it's on them and THEY are responsible for this "Safety" As dark and twisted as this may sound sometimes violence is the only answer. Think of it like this

1. You have tried EVERYTHING including getting help to solve this problem, yet nothing has worked.
2. Whats left? The one thing you haven't tried yet....Violence. Now personally I say punching someone is more effective as they get to keep their life and you've shown them you had enough of their crap. Often it doesn't happen again...shootings are a more...permanant end to the problem and often the shooters life. (Sadly) I hate them too but I can also understand them. The news makes the shooter out to be this awful or sick person, like some kind of comic book villain What's the motive? Is that ever answered? "Oh those poor innocent children." Yeah, no. SOMEONE broke this shooter and whoever did brought this on themselves anyone caught in the crossfire who IS innocent that IS honestly sad. I pity the famlies and others who must mourn them but whoever broke that shooter? They paid the price. (I know I sound like a vile person I can't tell if I'm a realist or just THAT messed up.)

I just hate it when the whole story is never told. I apologize for my rant, I do see the message of hope however and it's a message I've understood and seen many times one even I often spread with my own OC's. 
demonlovers Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013
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