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Sparkle Claus Is Coming

Happy Hearth's Warming, everypony! I hope everypony has a safe and joyous Chrismahanukwanzasolstifestivus.

Just a bit of levity and fun for the holiday season. This is my entry into :iconmlp-fans:'s Christmas Contest. [link]

This was quite a nice challenge to set for myself. I had to make pretty much everything except Twilight and her beard, Spike, and Rainbow Dash and her bells from scratch. I did use some reference pictures of real sleighs, Santa hats, bridles and harnesses, and reindeer antlers, but none of that was traced. Also, I had the fun of using a darkness overlay and building a starry skyscape from scratch. (:heart: cloning and random distribution) I got this done over the course of about a week.

Done in Inkscape. [link]
SVG file available here: [link]
Typeface used is Anime Ace. [link]
Text is parody of Clement Clark Moore's classic poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" ("'Twas the Night before Christmas").
MLP:FiM is (c) :iconhasbroplz:; character designs are by :iconfyre-flye:.
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Lol, and wow, RD don't mind being Rudolph. :)
nemathefox's avatar
oh great now they got RAINBOW
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How can Rainbow Dash be pleased to be a reindeer ?

Only one solution : Twilight is driving.
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Twilight told her they had to go fast enough to deliver to all the colts and fillies in one night. Dashie's reply? "You want speed?! I'm in!!"
AlexiSonicKST's avatar
Of course ! =D
And then, Xmas became 20% cooler. :xmas:
yayayayayala's avatar
This is so funny! And of course, RD has to be the reindeer.
mandydax's avatar
Only way to get it all done in one night! :D
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Wait, crap, it that the official name of the holiday? son of a gun, i already came up with "Mid-Winter's Eve" as their holiday...well, i guess i'll have to change my story a bit...
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Yeah, I was just finishing it up, and thought to look at the wiki for the upcoming episode descriptions in case it was listed, like Nightmare Night was. It's actually the next episode's title, "Hearth's Warming Eve." [link]

I like the idea that they might go for something like a Mid-Winter's Eve, but it looks like this episode will actually be adding quite a bit to the mythos of how Equestria was made. :)
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Rainbow isn't enjoying this :lol:
mandydax's avatar
Actually she's loving it! Her smile's a bit obscured by her left forehoof and the shine of the nose. Driven by the thought of being the most famous reindeer of all, I think. :D
fatfan12345's avatar
NO ME SISTER!!! or rather pony i'm not related to in anyway that i'm calling sister in the sense that i'm... OH BUCK THIS!!! i'm not going to talk like that its for dictionary's and people that talk like that!!! but its very clear i won't get any sleep. damn internal clock :(
mandydax's avatar
fatfan12345's avatar
yeah you go do that RARITY!!!... whatever the heck it is your doing... gah SELF Y U NO TIRED!!! stupid current time its times like this i wish i could just skip time's were i stay up all night be bored do boring stuff then unintentionally stab one of my sensitive emotional nerves realize that my family hates me and my siblings wouldn't do jack shit for me if i needed and that i have no real friends aside from the people that laugh at me then make some food item of redic size eat it then cry uncontrollably... GAH I DON'T WANNA HAVE CHARACTER DEPTH!!! that's for normal people and TV people NOT CRAZY SCHIZO'S LIKE ME!!! so does that answer your question rarity XD
RVB476's avatar
Oh look, I got a book from Hearth's Warming.... -_-
mandydax's avatar
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Oh my, I love it :dummy:
mandydax's avatar
MissNessarose's avatar
Rainbow's like, "Get this stupid harness OFF OF ME, TWILIGHT!" XD
mandydax's avatar
Lol, after adding all that leather strapping, I started to worry it was going to look to bondagy. :blush:
MissNessarose's avatar
It probably FEELS bondagy. :D
ParallaxMLP's avatar
That is rather adorable, that is. RBD's glowing nose definitely completes it, haha. :D
mandydax's avatar
Aw, thanks! :) Yeah, I knew she had to have the nose going on, totally.
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