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Inkscape Vector Art Tutorial

By mandydax
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Get Inkscape here: [link]

Here's a tutorial on how to use Inkscape to make pony vectors! [link] is the final product of what I was demonstrating.

.txt file of the text in this tutorial here: [link]
Anyone who wants to translate can do so. Please leave a link in the comments and I'll add it here.

:iconespanolplz: [link] (translated by :iconsorata-daidouji:)

SVG version of this tutorial is at [link]

Questions? Suggestions? Leave them in the comments here.

Hope it helps.
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FireSpark51Hobbyist Digital Artist
Shocked Twilight - Vector #1 by FireSpark51
Your tutorial was really helpful:D (Big Grin) 
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NowhereWoman99Student General Artist
it keeps quitting on
GoldenGriffiness's avatar
GoldenGriffinessProfessional Digital Artist
Could you possibly help me? I can't seam to adjust the stroke with of the pen tool.
Aethon056's avatar
Thanks for this, it was so helpful. I've posted some credit for you on my very first vector!…
OMGWEEGEE2's avatar
OMGWEEGEE2Hobbyist Digital Artist
This was the first and only tutorial I needed for Inkscape over a year ago. Thanks for this tutorial! It helped me so much in the long run :p
GrimdarkFluttershy's avatar
GrimdarkFluttershyStudent Digital Artist
Thank you for this tutorial!It helped me so much!
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ClockblockersHobbyist Digital Artist
How exactly do you make the stroke (not fill) colour white/Whatever?
SenpaiSky's avatar
SenpaiSkyStudent Digital Artist
If you're taking a color from a swatch, go to Fill and Stroke and click Stroke by the top and select the color. Or you hold shift while clicking the color.
Clockblockers's avatar
ClockblockersHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah. Thank ye!
NGPegasus's avatar
Great tutorial, but do you know any that can teach me how to make pony vectors from scratch as opposed to bases?
OctopusWrangl3r's avatar
I feel really silly but I'm having a hard time getting that hair section above the horn. I'm selecting it and pressing ctrl+d and then shit+pg up, but I'm not getting it to go onto the horn layer. :( Am I doing something wrong?
OctopusWrangl3r's avatar
lol Nevermind,  I figured it out! C:
Nibiko's avatar
Thank you so much! ^^ This is an awesome tutorial :) I love Inkscape, it feels so much better than GIMP.
CrystalCadenza's avatar
CrystalCadenzaHobbyist Digital Artist
I know! I have GIMP too and it drives me crazy to try to figure it out. =P (Razz) 
ShadowxShadowAngel's avatar
ShadowxShadowAngelStudent Digital Artist
how to get a swatch set.
angelinabases's avatar
angelinabasesHobbyist Digital Artist
KawaiiNikki's avatar
I have the same problem :c
KawaiiNikki's avatar
But now i finally get it ^^ ( You/We dont need a swatch set ^^)
Ovelayotli's avatar
Ovelayotli Digital Artist
Nice tutorial! it might help me with inkscape~
xRainbowSugar's avatar
xRainbowSugarHobbyist Digital Artist
This helped SOO much! Thanks c:
woorny's avatar
what program is that?
DJ-Pluto's avatar
DJ-PlutoHobbyist Digital Artist
xXPhantomXXx's avatar
xXPhantomXXxStudent Digital Artist
how do you make the palette?
angelinabases's avatar
angelinabasesHobbyist Digital Artist
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