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Celestia's Morning Ritual

What's her secret? How does she always look so beautiful? Maybe she's born with it... but this is my bet.

Hey, Pinkie, how long did this take me to do?

:iconpinkiepielurk1plz::iconpinkiepielurk2plz::iconsaysplz: For-EEEEVVVVVEEEERRRR!

Yeah, but at least I'm getting faster...

Done in Inkscape
SVG file available here:…
Trollface vector by Evil1888.…
MLP:FIM is Hasbro's.

If you post this elsewhere, please link back to this page.

Fluttershy, how do we feel about feedback?


ETA 8/2/15: Ooh, I got featured on My Little Brony! ^_^…
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no! celestia dont ave a troll face as a cutie mark! discord if he be a pony he will get this! why? is the troller of all equestria! and no body and no pony can troll like him! all the trolling you image is only child play to him!