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Is there...?
:music: Is there anybody out there...?

I miss this place.
Most of the people I've known here since 2010, aren't using their accounts anymore. Seeing these crossed out names on my friends list makes me a bit sad. Happily, there are other ways of keeping in touch...but some of you are only a part of my past. In case anyone of these people reads this: I miss You. And I wish You all the best. :heart:
On the other hands, some of these dA friendships of mine got even stronger during the last years. The best example is my little darling sister "Fairy-of-the-valley. We met this summer for the first time and it was one of the greatest days of my life.
I've been absent, but I've never wanted to leave this place! I still believe it can bring even more happiness into my life.
I've cleaned up my gallery a bit, deleted some things I could not even believe I'd ever posted and I ha
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Thranduil x Reader: Wisdom

:bulletpurple: Thranduil x Reader: Wisdom :bulletpurple: 

He watched her with piercing eyes, brilliantly blue and calculating. The room was still, and despite his earlier invitation for her to be at ease, the Elf’s guest would not look at him directly.
From where he rested several feet away from the human woman, Thranduil- King of the Woodland Realm- addressed her, his voice as smooth and deep as a midnight pool.
“What troubles you, Lady (F/n)? You have not been yourself this evening tide.”
The woman slowly lifted her (e/c) eyes, though she still didn't meet his undeviating gaze. “Just thinking, sire.”
“What of?” The question was simple, but his tone left no room for dismissal. He wanted the full truth, and he made it well known by the slight quirking at the side of his otherwise still mouth.
“The past,” she said after a sort time. “And what possibilities my future might hold.”
“And these mus
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Calpernia as a cat by mysteriousharu
Mature content
Calpernia as a cat :iconmysteriousharu:mysteriousharu 12 0
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I remember you having me listen to a song when I was ten or eleven.
It was "I Love the Dead" by Alice Cooper.
This was long before I learned to love horror,
and the song horrified me.

I remember you showing me Eric Clapton's Blind Faith album cover.
I was too sheltered to appreciate the art.  
The sight of boobs sickened me.
I couldn't finish the chicken noodle soup you made for me.

I just now listened to the song again, because I remembered part of it, even though I hadn't heard it in so long.  That's how much of an impact it had on me.  
I like it now.  I wish I hadn't been too sheltered to like it then.

I just now looked up the Blind Faith cover again.  
I remembered it differently.
I still don't like chicken noodle soup.
But I never liked it anyway.  

I think you're one of the many reasons I love horror now.

Thank you.
A Memory
Just a little something I came up with a few minutes ago.  My best childhood friend was two years older than me, and a hell of a lot less sheltered.  I went over to her house a lot, and it was only there that I saw shows like Beavis and Butthead (I hated it). 

Some might say she was a "bad influence", but I'm grateful to her for a lot of things. 

Love you, Camren!
Does a Chucky doll count as mature content?
More pictures from my bedroom walls....hope this isn't boring anyone hehe :blush:
It's Me!
My good friend :iconspiritualsketcher: drew this for me! Isn't it cute? :heart:
...and now I can't sort my favorites into folders anymore! What's up with that? 

Is that a fairly new feature? I don't like it!

Hey, guys, I'm back! Sorry I was gone so long.  For some reason my laptop has decided to give me a break and actually work with this site.  It's the darndest thing, it wasn't working for so long and now it does *scratches head*.

Back in April I was hit with a huge bout of illness.  I was hospitalized with pneumococcal pneumonia, which then spiraled into fungal meningitis.  I was out of it for a week or two, then spent another week in the hospital before they let me go home.  The doctors told my parents that they'd only see two other cases ALMOST as bad as mine...and one of them died :fear:.  I'm glad I'm still here, I was so delirious I could have died and not even known I was dying.  Scary. 

In other news, Johnathan and I and our friend Damien have moved into a house together! :D We're still getting stuff cleaned up and put into their proper places, but I think it's gonna be a great place to live :D

Anyway, sorry I was gone so long, folks! I missed you all :heart: and I'm glad to be back!


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Those are great! :D
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Thank you!
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You're welcome :D
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Hey I have some new Brad stuff if you want to look at them!

My Little Billy Bibbit
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280077s Featured By Owner May 18, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey, hope all is well, I've been thinking about you a lot. Sending good vibes and this emote :iconplzhug:
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:iconplzhug: thank you! How are you doing?
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Welcome! I'm good thanks, no complaints, taking off for the summer then going back to college in the fall, other than that, I'm excited for the upcoming Jurassic World movie. How are you? <33333333
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I wanna see Jurassic World too! :D

I'm good :)
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! :love: :happybounce: <3 <3 <3 
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