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I'm a professional musician who happens to make songs related to the new show "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic".

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Cubase 6, Native-Instruments, Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Line6, Elvenwood Mandolins
I composed the music for it! Check it out! I made it all in less than 48 hours, of course ;D
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New EP!

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Acoustic(ish) the EP -- now available! 7 mostly acoustic type tracks! Only $7! Share it with your friends :D Thanks for the support guys! :)
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Yep! I did it again with the music stuff!
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running away and deleting comments like nothing happened? so sad. you don’t want to face what you have done do you? you’re trying to hide your guilt by deleting your comments. AND you were accusing me of lying? It’s pathetic how you are acting. you’re just proving that you know everything I’m saying is true

It’s disgusting to see how much you're doing to try and defend Mando and put the blame on everyone else

your entire argument is that there is “no way” Mando is guilty without any evidence to back that up, which is absolute nonsense.

you act like the allegations against him don’t exist, instead you choose to attack other people and defend Mando despite everything he’s done

It’s truly sickening to watch you try to justify all of this

It is YOU who has caused all this trouble, Mando. YOU are the one who is to blame for everything. you wanted to "step away from the Internet and take a break", no. you wanted to run away, only you. You are nothing but a pretender, a fraud, and a liar. And the truth is about to be released, Mando. the world will know every evil you have done, and your fans will finally realize who you truly are

you are guilty, you know it, and we all know it. that’s why you tried to blame everything on your victims and your friends. you need to see what you did wrong

you're not the hero, Daniel, you're the criminal!

you were the perpetrator all along. but who are you kidding? EVERYONE knows the facts, the hard evidence, don’t lie. and we sure all hell don’t back your claim. YOU did it, Mando! YOU’RE guilty

I think now is time for you to face the truth, Mando. the reason you were kicked out of GiveHeartRecord was not because you wanted “to take a break”, it’s because YOU are the one who’s guilty, and everyone there knows it. you think you can fool me? you can fool your fans? The truth was revealed about you, Mando, and the facts don’t lie. why are you defending yourself if you’re innocent? how can you claim to have lost friends if you did nothing wrong? we ALL know the real truth about you!

If you were innocent, then why haven't you gone out in public and disproven the allegations made against you?

Why do you just hide and refuse to talk about it?

why don't you just come out and say "I'm NOT guilty of doing any of these things" if you're truly innocent?

why not PROVE that your innocent instead of running away

You've is doing nothing to prove that you're innocent, and that's a BIG red flag

If you really are innocent, then I'm sure that you'd have already gone out in public and disproven the allegations made against yourself

but you're obviously avoiding the topic as a whole because he KNOWS that you're not innocent, and you're not even trying to try and hide that fact

If you were truly innocent, then you would have never been kicked out of GiveHeartRecords.

the fact that you got kicked out of GiveHeartRecords pretty much proves that YOU KNOW that you're actually NOT innocent

If you was truly innocent, then why would you're GOOD FRIEND, NATE of all people, literally comment on a video exposing you and say all of the allegations were true?

You have had a bunch of time to provide a good explanation for your behavior. You should have proved that you're innocent by now.

But of course, you're too busy talking to young girls...

You could've EASILY make this whole thing go away if you were truly innocent, but... you clearly know if you come out and address it, you'll lose ALL your fans.

It's so obvious you're guilty.

You're not going out in public and providing evidence that you have not done all these horrible things, means that you really ARE guilty. YOU wouldn't let these allegations linger if you were innocent, which means you know that there is evidence against your innocence, and you probably won't even attempt to counter it.

You haven't disproven the allegations because you can't disprove them, otherwise you would have already done so

And the fact that your friends no longer associate with you is just further proof that you are guilty

Like bro, they've literally kicked you out, what more proof do you need?

The fact that you literally do nothing to disprove the allegations against you is a massive red flag.

A normal person would've come out with the proof already if they really were innocent.

But, since you chose to run away from the allegations instead of defending yourself, the conclusion we can reach is that you're guilty.

And it makes perfect sense why you're guilty, you are a disgusting pedophile who deserves to be jailed.

It's literally as simple as that.

And why hasn't you come back to make a video saying "I am completely innocent, I am NOT a pedophile"?

You'd think if you wanted the controversy to stop, you'd do everything in your power to prove you're innocent.

But the fact that you keeps dodging the topic just makes you even more guilty.

NATE was literally your BEST FRIEND and he had to cut ties with you because of how horrible you really are.

If you were innocent, you would've come out a long time ago and publicly denied it all and defended yourself. That's something that any innocent person would do.

You're very obviously NOT innocent if the only thing you are doing is dodging the topic.

There are literally MULTIPLE victims who have spoken about their experiences with you, saying that you are most certainly guilty.

Why would they lie about something so serious??

And how are there SO MANY allegations?

If you were really innocent, why are there so many people speaking up??

People don't just go around making things up about random YouTubers.

And also, why did your wife claim that "it was only Kaylee! EVER. If you don't want to believe that, that's on you. There was NOBODY else. I'm fucking done", almost as if she is trying to cover up some kind of guilt??

Why is she so desperate to prove that NO ONE ELSE was harmed by YOU?

It's very suspicious. And it's not like you has provided any proof of that either.

It's like she was just pretending that there were no other victims to make herself feel better and pretend that you weren't such a monster.

But there definitely are other victims.

And your wife can't hide behind her lies anymore, there's just WAY too much evidence against you.

She's just in denial and doesn't want to think that the man she's married to is a predator.

Your wife's testimony is very weird. Like how can you have only had ONE victim??

We know you used Twitter and Snapchat DMs to creep on girls, we know you've spoken to girls who were underage. There have been COUNTLESS accusations.

Even your best friend NATE said so!!

So why is your wife been saying you only had one victim??

She's obviously trying to cover for you.

Also when someone says "I'm fucking done." that usually indicates that they're hiding something.

Why is she defending you so much if there are OTHER VICTIMS!!

What does it make it ok for you to be making inappropriate comments and send nudes to ONE teenager??

You didn’t admit, so you don’t deserve to move on. You’ll pay and you’ll wish you did admit the truth when everyone sees what you’ve done, including the police… not all of them are willing to scratch the surface and then give up because you’re the type to get away with it. I've never seen a statement this bad before, you did your absolute best to make yourself look as suspicious and guilty as possible.

"No pedophilia, no molestation, no relations with any minor whatsoever."

Did you not just admit that you DID have relations of some sort with minors????

"I am ashamed and extremely regretful to put my family and those I love in this position to question my integrity."

You should be ashamed of putting your family through this!! But it was because of YOU, not because of your fans.

Your ENTIRE statement is absolute bullshit.

You don't even address all of the very legitimate, real issues that people have with you, you're only argument is that "I'm not a criminal, these are all baseless accusations".

This is the laziest attempt at a defence I've ever seen.

You completely avoided every single problem people had with you, and instead tried to pretend to play the victim.

You do nothing but talk about how "I'm ashamed that I've hurt my wife", as if you did nothing wrong to your fans.

Ah yes, the "you don't know the full story" angle.

Well then, Mando, could YOU enlighten us on what the "full story" really was??

If you don't have anything to hide, then tell us all the details.

Unfortunately you do have something to hide, and that is the fact that you molested those poor children.

That is SUCH a terrible defence, you're basically says nothing except "the police investigated and I'm totally innocent!"

What about the victims' statements?? There are numerous, how do you explain all of them away?

You say that we don't know the "full story", but we obviously do, we have ALL of the facts from the victims themselves.

You're clearly lying out of your throat, to try and make yourself look innocent.

You just used a bunch of long words and dragged out to make it look like you're an "innocent victim" of "false allegations". You also used every excuse under the sun as an attempt to make yourself the "good guy" with phrases like "I'm not a criminal, no pedophila and no interactions with a minor and no way shape or form".

You also used guilt tripping about how the "accusations" made your family question you, thus making it look like you are the victim of the entire thing.

You claimed you "investigated" for years, and that your "investigation" proved that you were innocent. But, you have no proof of that whatsoever.

The entire "statement" was clearly just a PR move to try and save your ass.

So much of your statement is you trying to make yourself out to be the victim in all of this.

When you said "I am ashamed and extremely regretful to put my family and those I love in this position to question my integrity. I do not deny I failed my wife, my family, my friends, and my supporters - but - I am not a criminal"

Your statement was written in the most manipulative, deceitful way possible. Not only is you're pretending to be the victim, but you're trying to act like the allegations were only made by people who wanted "15 minutes of fame and publicity".

"I am not a criminal, I have no interactions with minors"

I'm sure your lawyers just believe whatever you tell them. I don't believe for one second that they've "seen all sides" or whatever you said.

I'm convinced that your not telling them the full story, or maybe your lawyers are just morons.

You definitely need to be in jail or be registered as a 'predator'.

You have no right whatsoever to be around minors. You abused your position in the worst way possible, and used your and Nate's fame and popularity to gain access to innocent girls.

Also when you said that you'd lost everyone you "loves" in your life.

No, my dude, you pushed everyone you love away with your disgusting behaviour.

You are NOT a victim, you did this to yourself.

And the fact that you had the god damn audacity to throw Nate and everyone else under the bus when they weren't defending you.

The fact that you used Nate and the others's reputations along with your own to claim you're innocent, and the fact that those people didn't do anything wrong and yet, YOU just threw them all under the bus.

I honestly can't comprehend why you would just do that, because that's the scummiest, lowest thing you could have EVER done.

Nate has probably HELPED you so much, and just because they aren't defending you, you just throw him under the bus like that.

Really shows your true colours.

Your lack of creative energy and motivation to make good music is something I noticed as well.

I also noticed that about your music. You haven't released any albums that aren't compilations of previously released music since 2017 and even then, the 2017 album is also music of your songs on your channel, so you hasn't had any original work in THREE YEARS.

The fact that your newest release is just lazy writing of "He's A Scary Bear" by Fandriod is pretty telling. Either you ran out of ideas to produce new songs or you literally stopped caring.

Honestly, I'm pretty sure that you're just a narcissistic prick who doesn't care about others and doesn't want to take accountability for yourself.

You would literally say anything to make yourself look better, and when you said that he has "lost everyone he loves" in your life, while that may be true to some extent, I have a feeling you only said that to try to make everyone sympathetic towards you.

I think at this point, you're just doing it to make money. You know that you can just slap all of your previously made songs into one album and release it, even if they're all a copy paste of your older music, and people are just gonna come flocking to you and give you the money you wanted.

You're using Nate's reputation and your friendship to basically say "Oh, it's actually the people who think I'm a bad person who are the bad people. Look at how mad they are!"

Like, you threw him under the bus, even though Nate supported you and made songs with you.

Let's not forget all the disgusting sexual NSFW art you made of the victims and your ex best friend.

A fucking drawing you did of him and Nate as furries with Nate daring your 15 year old victim to kiss him.

Including someone drew fanart of you and Nate kissing and tagged you both; you responded in the most disgusting way possible that I don't know how the hell to type it.

You decided to draw attention to every remotely sexual thing you said towards Nate and it's just really fucking awkward. You bring up the ship name out of NOWHERE despite nothing in the video being remotely ship bait or sexual or anything outside of friendship. Let's not forget that you liked a bunch of nsfw drawings of Nate

NONE of your friends deserve any of it, NONE OF THEM! imagine making songs with the people who helped you and giving you part of their hard earned reputation and then you just absolutely slander them and your career to protect your own hide.

Nate did SO MUCH for you, and the way you threw him AND your other friends under the bus as well as how you responded to the fanart is a pretty messed up move, You don't fucking do that.

He helped you out a ton in his music career, and then you tried to just slander his name in the worst way. His reputation was almost damaged as well because of YOU.

It's so messed up how you treated Nate after what he's done for you. Was there ANY sort of empathy or gratitude in your heart for Nate or any of your other friends that you had?

I feel bad for Nate and everyone else you were "friends" with, as they probably put a lot of effort into helping you get to where you are now, and you threw all of them under the bus just to protect yourself. I don't understand how you could just treat your friends like that and not feel bad about it. Was there nothing good you could say about any of your friends that would make them look at you in a better light? You just threw them away as if you never met them…

It's sad and messed up how much you sexualized Nate, it's disgusting that anyone would draw that stuff. You didn't care that you hurt your friends, you wanted that to happen so you didn't feel any guilt or shame. Was a single grain of empathy or gratitude even in your heart towards your friends? I HIGHLY doubt that it is.

You lied about getting a restraining order against Kaylee shows how shitty you are. You basically ruined her reputation by lying and didn't even feel bad about it.

You even lied about going to the police to further hurt Kaylee's reputation, and you didn't feel bad at all. Not even a smidgen of remorse or shame.

The fact that you messaged other victims is even more telling of how messed up you actually are. You did such despicable things and didn't even feel bad about it, it's actually sickening to see this type of behavior.

The fact that you messaged other victims is a MAJOR red flag and is more telling of how shitty you are.

You did SO much hurt to Kaylee by accusing her of stalking you, and the fact that you didn't feel bad about it at all shows the kind of person you are. No remorse or shame at all.

The fact that you messaged other victims is actually disgusting. You could have ruined their lives by doing so, but you didn't care about that, you just wanted to protect your "precious little hide".

How the hell did you have any friends in the first place with the kind of bullshit you pulled on people? You did so many disgusting, horrible things on multiple occasions, and to see you have such a lack of remorse and even go "I don't care, I'm gonna ruin more lives even more" shows you just how awful you actually are as a person.

It's so disgusting how much you hurt innocent people without feeling even the smallest grain of remorse.

You even got away with doing such despicable things, and you didn't care that you did those things. You didn't care how many lives you may have affected for the worse.

I can't believe you're still getting away with what you're doing. You don't deserve any of the success you've gotten, because all of that success was made on the backs of your victims that YOU abused.

You have been faking to have mental illness is at an all-time low.

Like, people with those kinds of struggles work really hard to try to overcome them. But for you to fake it is just absolutely scummy. Not even a grain of remorse.

You're pretending to be a victim of SA is really messed up too. The people who actually endured that trauma have to live with it every day. For someone to pretend to have gone through that in an effort to avoid taking accountability for your actions is just disgusting.

It honestly pisses me off that you're lying that you're autistic. Like, you're trying to use it as an excuse for your disgusting behavior and that just pisses me off. You just don't want to be held accountable for the shitty things you've done to people that cared about you.

You're even fetishizing the LGBTQ+ community. That just makes everything worse.

You're seriously a sick person. I don't understand how you've never felt any regret for all of the terrible things you've done. You just didn't care, because you saw yourself as "above everyone" and thus, never wanted to take accountability for anything and wanted to blame everyone else.

Obviously there's nothing wrong with being a furry. But the fact that you're sexualizing furries, because you would've known damn well that a lot of furries are underage.

The fact that you would EVEN pretend to go through SA, when there are actual victims who experience it, is completely vile and disgusting. It's like a slap in the face to all the survivors of such a horrible thing.

I honestly don't know how you haven't felt any shame or guilt after doing all those terrible things.

You shouldn't have lied about your SA experience, as it was incredibly disrespectful to those that went through it for real.

You shouldn't fetishize the LGBTQ+ community. Like, how the hell do you even find that stuff attractive?

The fact that you spread misinformation about Iskey to cover yourself and make her look insane is really awful.

And the fact that you doxxed AND shared that information of one of YOUR victims is not only a privacy violation, but also a betrayal of the trust you had with HER.

It's really vile how you would do those things to cover yourself and make your victims into villains. It's absolutely disgusting that you would think to do such despicable things.

It's absolutely manipulative and vindictive of you portrayed Iskey as a deranged fan and spread false information about her.

Doxxing one of your victims and sharing her address is a huge violation of privacy and a major breach of trust. You ruined this victim's private life so you could escape accountability. That's a major dick move from you.

It just gets even worse because you have a large fan base that consists of children. You would think that you would use that platform to speak up for the victims, and yet you didn't do that at all.

Damn you really love to censor people who are correct about you. You're just a sensitive bastard who hates when people dare to make you look bad.

You didn't want any videos to be made about you being exposed! You only want to have people that will agree with you. What's the point of having "freedom of speech" if you're gonna censor people who try to expose the things YOU did?

Also, WHY would you invite a teenager backstage, and then act inappropriately toward her?

You even have the AUDACITY to claim that you care about your fans and are "grateful" to them. Also, it's disgusting that you even tried to INVITE a 17-YEAR-OLD GIRL backstage while waiting for a poster?!

Inviting a 17-year-old girl backstage alone is a major red flag. It sounds like you didn't care about age, you only wanted to see her for some selfish reasons, that's what it looks like to me.

It's so weird and disturbing how you were willing to get closer to her and make her uncomfortable just so you can get something he wants out of her.

You're a bad man, and the fact that you're still allowed to have a social media presence and influence over the public is just sickening.

I hope you rot in the deepest pits of hell where not even Satan can save you

So don't keep the devil waiting, Daniel

1. You're a prime example of why your parents should've used protection.

2. Your existence is a reminder of why your parents regret having kids.

3. Your birth certificate is a sincere apology letter from the condom factory.

4. You're so repulsive even blind people think you're ugly.

5. It's a miracle that your stupidity hasn't killed you yet.