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Literature and Fan-Fics
Te Dralyc Kar 4 [Star Wars Fanfic]Setting Anakin down he smirks as the blonde runs excitedly into the room, laughing happily. “Auntie Roz!” The pink Toydarian smiles and lands, opening her arms so the little blonde can give her a welcoming hug. It was nice to see that his treatment by his previous master hadn’t colored his son’s view of all Toydarians. Then again Anakin had a deep capacity to care for others, a compassion that at times made him feel ashamed of his own actions, or inactions.“Hello again Anakin, have you been a good boy for your buir?” He smiled and nodded, looking back at Jango for confirmation. He couldn’t help but snort in amusement.“He only got up to the usual amount of osik.” Except for one thing, but that wasn’t really his son’s fault. “An’ika, go put your bag in your room. I need to talk to your aunt.” With a small pout at his greeting being cut off early his son took the duffel bag stuffed full of his things, including his tools and a gutted datapad he’d been trying to get working again. With one last look back at the two of them his son slinked off to the guest room Roz always kept for him.Stars. He didn’t want to leave his son behind but where he was going it was far too dangerous for a seven year old, little genius or not.“What happened Jango?” Roz’s voice brought him back from his musings and he sighed. Setting his helmet down on her desk he took a seat and ran a hand through his short, curly, hair.“Slavers, Roz. They had my boy.” Stiffening, her eyes going wide, Roz looked at him in horror.“What? How?” He leaned back in the chair, crossing his arms. A muscle along his jaw jumped as he clenched his teeth hard enough to feel them grind.“Drugs and an accomplice. One minute he was there and the next minute…” He’d been talking to a potential client and warned Anakin not to go far. By now the guilds knew he had a kid and word was spreading fast about Anakin but it seemed that the scum of the galaxy were sorely lacking both information and self preservation instincts. His son had been across the street in a droid shop. He should have been safe! But they’d drugged his son and smuggled him out a back door. Jango felt no remorse for torturing the bastard who’d sat back and let some slavers steal his son.“They have a whole operation going. Dealing in kids.” His entire body burned with fury as he stared Roz in the eyes. “I’m going to dismantle it.” Roz grinned at him, yellow eyes filled with understanding. “Mando’ad draar digu.” He said with conviction.A Mandalorian never forgets.[***]Anakin liked Auntie Roz. She was very kind, even if she didn’t let him get away with some of the things his dad did. She gave him access to everything on the station except the parts that his dad said were too dangerous, like the fighting pits. He was allowed to watch the swoop races if he went with a bodyguard though so he didn’t mind. He didn’t like the fighting pits anyway, they reminded him of Tatooine.Looking around at his room he thought back to the first time he’d set foot on the station and just how scared he was. It felt like so long ago, like the Anakin from before was someone else. Well, he guessed he kind of was. Anakin Skywalker was a slave boy from Tatooine with a mom and a master. Anakin Fett was a Mandalorian, the son of a bounty hunter who traveled the stars.He didn’t remember how he’d been adopted, not completely. It always came in confusing flashes that hurt his head and made him crawl into his father’s lap, shaking. It wasn’t often that he had those moments any more but every once in a while something would happen and he’d just flash back to that moment.He remembered turning a corner and running right into the man who would become his dad. He’d been carrying some cables… he didn’t remember why. Behind him his mother was struggling a little with a heavy basket and calling for him to slow down. There was a flash and a scream before the air was filled with the sound of blaster bolts. The cables tangled in the man’s legs as Anakin tripped, startled by the sudden noise. An explosion went off behind him and he remembered clapping his hands to his ears as large gloved hands pulled him to an armored chest. The next thing he knew he was scrambling over to his mom, who’d fallen to the ground. She was bleeding heavily but her smile and kind eyes were the same as always. She looked up at the armored man, who had blasters in his hands and was crouched next to him saying… something.“Please…” His mother had begged, her voice raspy. “Take care of my s-son.” The last thing he remembers from that day was her telling him she loved him and then seeing her soulless eyes. Everything from there was just… blank. Dad didn’t tell him what had happened after that except to make sure he understood that he was free and that he was being adopted.On Tatooine it wasn’t rare for someone to be adopted. Slaves often had a wide network of people they could call family. But he and his mom had been newly sold and hadn’t earned the trust of the others yet. He’d had no one but his mom. But then Jango called him his son. Said words that Anakin still didn’t quite know the meaning of and taken him far away from Tatooine.Then he’d met Auntie Roz and she had practically cooed at him when she saw him. Unlike Watto she wasn’t gruff and didn’t yell at him and his dad. She made snappy remarks but his dad just seemed to think they were funny and would roll his eyes.Speaking of Watto. He wasn’t sure how Roz knew about his old master but she’d said something to Jango that had left Anakin confused. Something about his dad owing her a favor for helping him with Watto. Which made no sense since Auntie Roz hadn’t been on Tatooine to help… unless that was one of the things he couldn’t remember.“An’ika! I need to leave soon, come say good-bye.” Leaving his bag opened but unpacked on his bed he rushed out into the living room and hurried to give his dad a hug. Jango picked him up with a smile and Anakin threw his arms around his neck. His dad had only ever left him with Auntie Roz when his job was so dangerous that even the shop wasn’t considered safe. Even though Anakin was learning how to pilot it, and his dad called him a natural, he still wasn’t old enough to help. Not yet.“K’oyacyi!” Jango pressed their foreheads together and Anakin beamed. His dad had told him it was the Mandalorian equivalent to a hug, something that you only do with family and close friends.“K’oyacyi, ner shu’shu’ika. Don’t cause too much trouble for your ba’vodu.” Although his voice was stern Anakin could see the amusement dancing in his eyes.“Lek, buir!” jango set him down on the floor and grabbed his helmet. They shared one last look before his father was turning and heading out the door. Anakin stood there for long moments, staring at the doorway his father had left through.“He’ll be fine. Don’t you worry about it, sweetie.” Anakin grinned up at his auntie.“I know. He’s the best!”[***]Mando'a Translations:K’oyaci- Has a few different meanings depending on context. Anakin is telling his dad to come back safely and Jango is telling Anakin to hang in there while he’s gone. Ner shu’shu’ika- My little disaster. Lek buir- Yes dad.
Te Dralyc Kar 3 [Star Wars Fanfic]Watching his son from the corner of his eye he stood with Dex at the front counter, talking quietly. He’d already paid for their meals but the information broker turned diner owner had some tidbits about his next target that more than made up for the delay. Anakin, the walking disaster magnet, was speaking with a little droid near the door of the diner. His kid was more than happy to talk specs in the chirps and whistles all droids were capable of producing. He still wasn’t sure how the blonde understood the language so damn quickly but he chalked it up to his kid being absolutely brilliant.“K’tharsin, a Red Nikto, I’ve heard rumours he can be found on Karazak when he’s not doing business on Rorak 4.” Jango couldn’t help the vicious grin that crossed his face.“Thanks for the tip, Dex.” The Besalisk gave him a sly smirk in return.“Hey, word travels fast. Make sure you put a few of them down for me.” He glanced over at Anakin then back to Jango. “He’s a great kid.” Jango nodded in understanding. From the moment Anakin had come into his life it was clear to everyone how much he cared for his shu’shu’ika.The door to the diner opened and he glanced over at the two jetii who entered. He grit his teeth, clenching his hand into a fist so he didn’t immediately grab his blaster, and kept them in his peripheral. As long as they didn’t try anything he would remain civil. For Anakin and Dex, if for no other reason.“Before I forget, I grabbed that item for you.” He turned his attention back to Dex as the Besalisk rummaged around behind the counter. He handed over a take-out bag but judging by the weight Jango knew exactly what it was.“I’m not supposed to talk to strangers!” The loud, and very firm, voice of his son grabbed his attention immediately. The two jetii who had come into the diner had stopped and the taller one, a beast of a man really, was bent nearly in half trying to talk to his kid. Anakin had backed away, watching the man warily. From where he was standing he couldn’t hear what the man said next but he could see his son reaching for the knife hidden at his back. The jetii’s redheaded companion, a jet’ika judging by the braid, was looking between the two of them before his blue-green eyes scanned the small diner. The lad took one look at him and his eyes went wide in a pale face.As Jango strode angrily over to the jetiise Dex called out to them. “Qui-gon Jinn, you old rascal! What are you doing accosting my customers?” The older of the two jetii stood and looked toward the Besalisk, just as Jango forced himself between the man and his son. The jetii’s attention turned back to him and a smarmy smile crossed his face.“Greetings, I am Jedi Master Qui-gon Jinn. I was just-” “Back. Off. Now.” He spoke in a low growl that barely contained his anger. The man eyed him carefully, wary. He could probably feel the hatred pouring off Jango as he glared up at the man. The jetii took a few careful steps back, putting distance between them. The diner had gone quiet“Has the child ever been tested for force sensitivity?” Jango bristled. He already knew Anakin was Ka’runi, he didn’t need to be tested. And he certainly didn’t need the jetii to learn how to control his abilities.“No.” The man’s eyes narrowed.“Is he your son?” His anger rose so sharply at the accusation in the voice that his vision turned red at the edges.“Master!” The word was sharp with a rebuke and both of them looked to the padawan. His face had turned a bright shade of red but he stood fast. “You need to speak with Dex about the mission. We are in a hurry, Master.” The jetii stood there a moment longer before nodding and walking away. The young man seemed to relax slightly but flinched when he looked back to Jango.“For my guardian’s actions, I apologize greatly.” Surprise doused his anger as he watched the younger jetii bow low enough to expose the back of his neck. It was an apology he didn’t think he would ever see coming from a jetii.Behind him Anakin poked his head out, curiosity piqued. “You speak Mando’a?” The redhead smiled at the blonde.“I do. I learned from a friend on Manda’yaim.” Jango wondered who in their right mind would teach a jetii their language but the redhead had a Kalevalan accent. So it was probably one of the pacifist ‘New Mandalorians,’ another group Jango despised.“We’re leaving.” Anakin looked up at him and pouted slightly.“Yes buir.” He looked back at the jetii and his eyes seemed to go unfocused for a moment. “See you later Obi.” The jetii stared at his son, slack jawed, but Jango’d had enough. Putting his hand against Anakin’s back he ushered the boy out of the diner, keeping himself between his son and the jetii.On the trip back to the ship he looked down at his son. “How did you know his name?” Anakin smiled up at him.“I saw him. He was in my vision. The one with the black lasersword.” Jango didn’t want to believe him… but he trusted Anakin’s visions. If the jetii was going to somehow become a part of his kid’s life he wanted to keep an eye on him. He’d gather as much information as he could on this… Obi.
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