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Chimera Chronicles: Errands
III: Flight of Fancy

The comfort of home, it was always nice knowing that not even the rampage of a giant statue could be able to take that away from her. In the week or so after the attack on the nearby city of Andalusst, she along with her new colleges at the Explorers Guild had been hard at work repairing the damage in the aftermath, rebuilding all the homes they could with all the supplies and skills they could muster. Today, however, was her day off, and since her mother was unable to take time off to help her perfect her scalchop skill, she decided to spend the day catching up on her sleep on the living room sofa, dreaming of her taking down that monstrous statue singlehandedly.

The front door to her family’s home suddenly slammed open, snapping the Oshawott back to reality just as the giant in her dreams fell to the ground in defeat.

“Do you have to slam the door any louder?” moaned the sleepy Oshawott as she rubbed her weary eyes, “Some of us like to have some peace and quiet you know.”

“Sorry to have woken you up Sapphira,” the intruder replied, “but you wouldn’t happen to know where mom keeps a mirror around this place, do you?”

When the Oshawott’s eyes refocused, she found herself staring at a most frightening sight. It was her older and evolved sister, Lazuli, and for some reason the fur on her arms and legs was long and ragged, like she hadn’t groomed herself in weeks, and there was a long, unusual extension of blonde hair sweeping over her left side.

“Sis, what happened to you?” The Oshawott exclaimed as she began putting on her light blue vest.

“I don’t have the time to answer that,” her sister replied, grabbing the Oshawott by the collar, “just tell me where I can find a mirror!”

“It’s in mom’s bathroom,” the Oshawott rolled her eyes, but she could deliver a snappy comeback on her sister she plummeted to the ground, watching as her sister ran to their mom’s room while trying to take off her navy blue vest.

“Mah word, that gal can’t sit still for a minute today,” said another, more peculiar voice from the doorway, “and everyone says I’m the fast one on the team…”

The Oshawott turned her eyes back to the front door to find a Delibird wearing a feathery fleeced jacket standing by the doorway with shrugged shoulders and an exasperated look on her face.

“Delilah, what’s up with my sister?” the Oshawott asked, “Why does she have blonde hair all of a sudden?”

“Ya see, them Researchers have been have been havin’ problems catalogin’ their chemicals,” the Delibird explained, “so we volunteered ourselves to help them figure out what’s what.”

“Aren’t chemicals supposed to be dangerous to ingest?” Sapphira tilted her head in confusion.

“Well, that Reuniclus did say there was a chance we’d lose our lunches, but when Lazuli saw that one Bunnelby walkin’ around with all that big fur after ingesting one of them potions, there was no changin’ her mind.”

“Did you ingest some of them too?”

“Yeppers, though mah feather did grow on me, ah did get something else. Why don’t ya come outside and ah’ll show ya.”

With a nod of her head, the Oshawott followed her sister’s friend out the door to the open field in front of her family’s home. She turned her head for a moment in an attempt to see what Delilah had in her sack-like tail of tricks, but the Delibird simply waved her flippers, telling her to move back a little before she could show her.

“Alright Sapphira, ah want ya to come at me with all yer might,” she said once the Oshawott got to a reasonable distance, “Don’t hold back fer anything!”

The Oshawott grabbed the scalchop on her belly by the hinge and charged at the Delibird yelling “WATCHA-OSHA!”, but before she could make contact with the Delibird, she was stopped dead in her tracks and lifted gently up into the air by a strange force, and upon looking towards her sparring partner, she notice the crests on her head were spread out, emitting a light blue aura of psychic energy.

“Ah faintly recall someone sayin’ this, but IT’S NO USE!” shouted Delilah.

“So this is what you got from drinking one of those potions?!” Sapphira exclaimed, “Cool, now you can take me flying!”

“Ya can’t be serious Sapphira!” Delilah exclaimed, “Ah don’t know the extent of this power!”

“Oh come on Delilah, you can just take me on a quick little flight over Andalusst!” Sapphira pouted, “I’ve gotta find something to do besides sit around the house all day!”

The Delibird placed a wing under her chin in thought. She knew that the effects of the potion were only temporary and that if her powers went out midflight, Sapphira might get hurt. However, she did want to give Sapphira a unique experience, for who knows how long it would take for another opportunity, and if there one thing Delilah loved the most was the freedom of flying in the open sky.

“Well, ah guess ah could let ya have yer way,” Delilah sighed, “but ah’m gonna fly lil’ lower than usual just in case.”

“Yay, I’m going flying!” Sapphira sang, flapping her arms like she had wings of her own.

“Hang on tight Sapphira; we’re gonna go fer a ride! Here we go!”

With a running start and a flap of her wings, Delilah lifted off the ground with Sapphira in her telekinetic grasp, soaring higher and higher above the open fields surrounding Andalusst with until they could almost touch the low clouds above their heads. Sapphira screamed with joy with every single twist and turn her Delibird wing mate made, and it wasn’t long before their little adventure caught the eye of a baffled Hoppip wearing a pair of turquoise gloves on his hands.

“Hey, how in the world are you doing that?” he asked “Oshawott aren’t supposed to fly like that!”

“It’s a secret!” Sapphira taunted, giving Delilah a small wink before turning her attention back to the Hoppip, “Hey, I think I’ve seen you hanging around the Explorers Guild. What’s your name? I’m Sapphira Dewacha of The Sapphire Chimeras, and this is Delilah from Team Rushing Waters”

“I’m Cerveau,” he replied, “I’m from Team Bramblestar. It’s a pleasure to meet you both!”

“Likewise, ‘Sir Bowl’” Delilah chimed, her mispronunciation obvious to the two youngsters, “Ah hate ta ruin my friend’s secret, but I’m the only that’s helpin’ her fly ‘round here.”

“So you must be using Psychic, am I correct? I thought Delibird couldn’t learn psychic abilities.”

“Tell that to the potion I drank,” Delilah winked, “Now what do ya say we have ourselves a lil’ ol game ‘o aerial tag? Might as well have as much fun as we can before the juice runs out.”

With a nod of his head, Cerveau began circling around his new friends, doing his best to stay ahead of the girls as they each took turns chasing each other through the clouds…

At last, her long day of hard work had come to an end, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. She had been worried about leaving her younger daughter by herself in their home, but now that she had finally gotten off shift, she could come home and start helping her practice with her scalchop training. With a deep breath, the Dewott unzipped her uniform and opened the door to the disgusting sound of someone losing their lunch coming from her own bathroom. She hurried inside to find her older daughter hunched over a trash bin, her fur long and ragged and her clothes strewn all over the floor.

“Lazuli, are you feeling okay?” the motherly Dewott asked.

“That’s the last time I help the Researchers do some taste testing,” the younger Dewott slowly turned her head, her face a sickening green, her hair bearing an oddly blonde extension of her drooping over the left side of her face, and her chest still sporting the same bald spot she had suffered long ago, “and here I thought that I could finally get rid of this bald spot…”

Before her mother could inquire any further, a knock on the door sent the younger Dewott into a panic, crossing her arms in front of her chest for fear that someone might see her. The mother Dewott closed the door to her bathroom so that her daughter could be allowed privacy, and upon opening the front door the Dewott beheld a most peculiar sight.

Standing in front of the door was a Froakie wearing a grayish-white coat sporting an emblem of a sprinting winged Fennekin, but what stood out most to the Dewott was the unnaturally dark green skin he bared.

“Excuse me, have you seen a vest wearing Dewott and her country accented Delibird friend anywhere around here?” he asked with a high pitch in his voice, “they were supposed to come back to the Researchers Guild after a couple of hours.”

“You’re the one that poisoned my daughter?” the Dewott growled as she grabbed the Froakie by the collar.

“Poisoned?” he gagged, “She and her friend volunteered to help us catalog some mislabeled chemicals! We warned her there were going to be some mild side effects!”

“Like overgrowing fur and vomiting?” the Dewott pressed her face against his

“Yeah, I even took some myself,” the Froakie said nervously, “and look at me now; I’m green and sound like a girl! Of course, if you were really lucky, you could’ve obtained temporary abilities like psycokinesis and pryokinesis!”

The Dewott released her grip on the Froakie, realizing that neither her other daughter nor that Delibird friend of theirs had come to greet her arrival. There was also that one Rattata, but she knew he was out helping out the other Explorers rebuild the city, and it wasn’t long before she came to the realization that there might’ve been a connection.

“Lazuli, have you seen Delilah and Sapphira lately?” the Dewott yelled into the home.

“How could I have seen them?” her daughter shouted from the bathroom, “I’ve been puking in here all day long for crying out loud! I did hear Delilah take Sapphira out into the field a couple of hours ago. She probably wanted to show off that psychic stuff she could do now.”

The mother Dewott gasped, for though she was certain Sapphira was in good hands with that kindhearted Delibird with the funny accent, she couldn’t help but worry about her well being considering she had been gone for that long. To make matters worse, she could barely make out three small figures darting around a low level cloud hovering above Andalusst City, and if they were what she thought they were, her daughter was in grave danger…

The sun was starting to set upon the city of Andalusst, but approaching darkness was not enough to keep Sapphira and her new friend Cerveau from continuing their long game of tag. They soon came to realize, however, was almost on the verge of falling out of the sky, tired not only from the constant flying around, but also the strain of using her unnatural psychic abilities for so long.

“Hey kids, ya think you can make this round the last one?” she huffed, “Ah gotta hunch ah’m gonna have ta land soon…”

“Awww, do we have to land?” whined the little Oshawott, “Oh alright, let’s do this. Round 187, go!”

The Hoppip zigzagged around the Oshawott and her Delibird chaperone, but as Delilah swung around to guide Sapphira into her playmate, she felt the last of her telepathic strength fade away, and with a swipe of her sweaty head she accidentally released her grip on the Oshawott. Sapphira struggled for a few moments try and get one last tag in, but it was only a matter of time before she helplessly plummeted down onto the streets below. Instead of a hard crashing sound, however, her landing was accompanied by a sound of another voice shouting in pain, and upon floating back down to earth they found Sapphira lying unconscious next to an old Bunnelby, whose fur was as long and ragged as Lazuli’s after she took a potion and his back hunched over in pain.

“I was expecting the worst when I drank one of those potions,” the Bunnelby groaned, “but nobody said the forecast was calling for an Oshawott raining down from the sky!”

“Ah’m terribly sorry mister,” Delilah bowed her head in shame, “ah knew I should’ve come for a landin’ sooner. Hey, aren’t you that Bunnelby from the Researchers Guild, the one with the green Froakie friend?”

“The one and only,” he said in a calmer tone, “let me guess, you showed your temporary power to your friend here and decided to go flying together when your power went away and she fell, right? You’re lucky my back managed to get yours!”

“Oh she’s lucky alright,” growled the last voice Delilah wanted to hear, “lucky I’m not going to pluck her feathers for being so careless with my daughter!”

The Delibird squawked upon turning her head towards Sapphira’s angry mother, whose hands were clenched into tight fists, but before she could beg for mercy, Sapphira moaned and opened her eyes, holding her head from the impact of the landing.

“Sapphira, what do you have to say for yourself?” the Dewott scowled.

“First, you can stop yelling, my head still hurts,” she sighed, “Second, I’m sorry for making you use that temporary psychic power to make me fly Delilah.”

“Well, ah’m the one at fault for not asking yer mom for permission before doing so,” Delilah nervously chuckled, “but at least tell me and you mother this: did ya have any fun flying the friendly skies?”

“You bet I did Delilah,” Sapphira smiled, “and if you ever get a chance to drink that potion again, let me know so you can take me and my mother up into the air.”

“I think I’ll pass on that offer, thank you…” the Dewott sighed, earning a few laughs from the others when another voice called out for Cerveau. They turned their heads to find a lime green scarf wearing Fennekin with hazel eyes running towards them.

“There you are Cerveau, I’ve been looking all over for you!” she said, “Say, who are all these guys?”

Cerveau introduced his new friends to Ciela, his teammate from Team Bramblestar. The Bunnelby in turn introduced himself as Peppy Lepus of the Barrel Rollers, who then promptly recorded the effects Delilah’s potion had on her so that he could give the report to Chelle, one of the head Researchers of Peppy’s guild, and with one final wave of his hand he gingerly began walking back to the guild to deliver his report.

“We should get going too,” Cerveau noted, “maybe we’ll meet each other again someday.”

“Ya’ll take care now ‘Sir Bowl’,” Delilah said as she and her companions waved goodbye, “you too ‘Cielia’”

With their long day over, the girls could finally enjoy some rest and relaxation from their very odd day. As the members of Team Bramblestar looked on, however, Ciela suddenly turned her head towards her Hoppip ally, her face showing a rather displeased look as she whispered a question into his ears:

“Did that bird just mispronounce our names?”
Client: Chelle
Errand no: #3

Date Issued: 3rd May 2014
Date Due: 7th May 2014

Hey, it's the first Chimera Chronicles Errand story! (Even though we're on the third one)


Starring (and earning one Star Coin each)

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Lapis Dewacha, Personal NPC

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