Hyper-Surreal Fractal Chess Set - The GAME

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The Project I have been working on subconsciously for years, which I mentioned in my previous post is now finished.

--- The Hyper Surreal Fractalic Mystical Chess set - My Masterpieces ---

The full set is a play in 7 acts about humanity, the evolution and the quest for knowledge through enlightenment and superfluity until the day when mankind finally became the plague of the planet.

A chess set immensely more surreal than Max Ernsts, Marcel Duchamps and Dalís sets.

Chess was made to be played with pieces of pure fractal mathematics, I now know that!

Fractal Chess Set - 3D printed - The Surreal Game by MANDELWERK

Surreal Fractal Chess Set -Masterpieces- The King by MANDELWERK
The King
- Louis XIV as the Gardens of Versailles -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Queen by MANDELWERK

The Queen
Maria Theresa while wearing The Hall of Mirrors -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Bishops by MANDELWERK
The Bishops
Tycho Brahes Cosmological Cranium -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - the Knight by MANDELWERK
The Knight
The Tumorous Horse -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - the Rook by MANDELWERK
The Rook
- Mysterium Cosmographicum Fractalium - The tower of Kepler -

Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - The Pawn by MANDELWERK
The Pawn
- The infinitely replicating slugs of ignorance - Pawn of Slugs -

Surreal Fractal 3D printed Chess - The SET - IRL by MANDELWERK

The SET - At home at last...


All the pieces can be ordered here: www.shapeways.com/shops/mandel…

The board is still under construction...

A big thanks to the beautiful minds, the mathematicians who made up all the 3D fractal formulas I have used for this set. Karl Menger, Bernhard Riemann, (and msltoe), Doug Bristor, Tom Lowe, Daniel White, Paul Nylander …and many many others.
And of course Jesse and Luca G for providing the tools to transform the formulas into real world objects!

© 2015 - 2021 MANDELWERK
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GeaAusten's avatar
Thank you once again Gea!
TangledWorld's avatar
I am speechless!!!!!!!! this is amazing! great work!!! I am in love with game ! 
:) Thank you Milica, glad you hear you like it, your works looks amazing too!
You're welcome :)
MandyBulb's avatar
Thank you Mandy!
WizardEyesVisuals's avatar
Up above the level up above! This really hits the spot. It is obvious much work went into this and you have executed each step very well.
You are right about that. Thank you very much Brian!
AKS9's avatar
so damn awesome
:) Thank you Andrew!
AsymptoticWay's avatar
I know I said it already but let me tell you once again, this thing is absolutely amazing. Nobody plays chess in my family, and we also have already an old chess set at home (and none of us ever used it lol) - but if things were different and/or if had enough money, I would definitely buy this. Many congrats for completing your set and good luck in selling it! Awesome awesome job! :heart:
:heart: Thank you very much again Kia, glad you enjoy it as much as I do.
Even if you will not use this set you should play a game with that old set of yours...
There is no better game ;)
AsymptoticWay's avatar
I remember I tried to play once with my grandpa when I was little, but I got bored quite fast lol... :D maybe you're right, I should give it another chance though ;)
You're very welcome!!
AliceEsther's avatar
Art and Maths... such an unexpected outcome. The fact that they are 3Dfractal formulas, as well as the story they tell, is what makes this set really special. I am in love with it, and interested into buying it, therefore I have a  question at the moment: how much do the pieces weight on averege? Thank you in advance for your answer.   
Hello Alice, I just weighed the pieces, and here is the result.

Pawn: 11g
Rook: 37g
Knight: 37g
Bishop: 30g
Queen: 27g
King: 44g

AliceEsther's avatar
Thank you for your time and sorry for the bother of having to weigh them. We will keep in touch for furter information.
No problem, it is interesting for all my customers to know, I will put the figures up at Shapeways.
Glad you like it so much Alice, also glad you see the connections wich makes this set very unique.
I understand that the weight is very important, it was important for me too when I designed it.
I have not weighed them because I know how they feel but I will do that for you, I will give you an answer tomorrow.
Thank you for your interest!
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