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Exhibition @ Värmlands museum, Sweden.
19th of may - 2nd October 2012

Back from a great weekend with press conference and opening of the exhibition.
About 100 people attended the opening, and it will go on until October!!!
A BIG THANK YOU to the staff at the museum (Especially Johan Rosén) who did a splendid work arranging this!

My own video from the exhibition:

On the TV-news: www.tv4play.se/nyheter_och_deb…
NOT SURE IF ALL COUNTRIES CAN WATCH IT, but at least bib is speaking English… ;)

Articles from the press, culture: www.vf.se/kultur-noje/kultur/e… nwt.se/kultur/article1109131.e…

See also the thread at fractalforums: www.fractalforums.com/fractal-…

Link to the museum site about the exhibition: www.varmlandsmuseum.se/1/1.0.1…

Basket of bread @ Exhibition by MANDELWERK

Some photos I took just before the opening:

EXHIBITION_Entrance by MANDELWERK Forum triptych as banners by MANDELWERK Wasp Troll and Friends @ Exhibition by MANDELWERK The Tree of Holy Grails @ Exhibition by MANDELWERK Quantum Mechanic Clockwork of the Cosmic EXHIBIT by MANDELWERK Mathematicians framed by their own formulas Exhib. by MANDELWERK

:iconmandelwerk: Johan Andersson aka MANDELWERK & :iconbib993: Jérémie Brunet aka bib993

I am happy to announce my first real life 3D fractal art exhibition.

So all of you who happen to pass the city of Karlstad during this period has the chance to see mine and Jérémie:s works as big prints.

The museum has also arranged with a number of natural fractals, a large Sierpinski pyramid, videos and more.

Basket of bread by MANDELWERK

Links to the DA versions of my works at the exhibition:

Mathematicians framed by their own formulas by MANDELWERK Quantum Mechanic Clockwork of the Cosmic Calendar by MANDELWERK Perfectly Framed Lacemaker by MANDELWERK Mollusk of Love by MANDELWERK Neurotic busyness partners by MANDELWERK Dimension Attractor Thirteen by MANDELWERK Third Mystery of Rhinoceroses by MANDELWERK The Tree of Holy Grails by MANDELWERK The Fractal Wasp Troll by MANDELWERK Pupal Metamorphosis of Queen Cleopatra by MANDELWERK

Besides this my forum triptych below is used as banners for the exhibition.
The Artist by MANDELWERK     The Mathematician by MANDELWERK     The programmer by MANDELWERK

Hope some of you has a chance to see it,  it is really magic!

© 2012 - 2022 MANDELWERK
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