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The Solution - and the Cow playing hide and seek..



Full title: The Solution - and the Cow playing hide and seek with Kepler featuring Me as the Strange Attractor

Roadmap of my interaction with for the last 3.something years - and a hommage to all the beautiful "failed" attempts to find the holy grail of the 3D mandelbrot.

Also my last submission to the fractalforums 2013 fractal art competition:…

Mandelbulb 3D + my own photos collaged in Photoshop.
Only Clouds, Images of me and fractals added, the background landscape is one render: it was found on the surface of a box I have visited many times. Actually it is the first rotated mandelbox ever rendered
It was in the image above I found the "Observer", see if you can spot him in the distant horizon…

Observer by MANDELWERK

Another curiosity about this collage is the mandelbulb in the sky, my very first render of the new and exciting 3D mandelbulb (you can find it in the post (posted the 15th of December 2009!!!!!) here:… ) to my latest render to the right.

Some of my earlier images from the caves of this fractal planet:
Strange Attractor Woodlands and Spinal Orchid Sky by MANDELWERK Dimension Attractor Thirteen by MANDELWERK Third Mystery of Rhinoceroses by MANDELWERK Exploding Seeds of Rhino Tree by MANDELWERK

And Keplers Cube is now also available as the Rook of my 3D printed surreal fractal chess set:
Surreal Chess Set - My Masterpieces - the Rook by MANDELWERK
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