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The Dream Police



A homage to William S. Burroughs [link] and his brilliant book "Naked Lunch" [link] , a book that has been a great inspiration to me all my life...

"During the bienal Panics when the raw, pealed Dream Police storm the City, the Mugwamps take refuge in the deepest crevices of the wall sealing themselves in day cubicles and remain for weeks in biostasis. In those days of gray terror the Reptiles dart about faster and faster, scream past each other at supersonic speed, their flexible sculls flapping in black winds of insect agony."

…also a homage to Gary Numan / Tubeway Army and the song "The Dream Police" inspired by Burroughs book.
Listen to it while viewing my image!: [link]
Actually I think the whole album "Tubeway Army" suits this works atmosphere perfectly… I listened to it while creating this piece.

Mandelbulb 3D, montage, of four different 3D fractals + photo of MANDELWERK + the white monolith, done using Photoshop.
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That´s the kind of stuff that I like!