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R-54360 Wasp Mandelbrot Radial Engine



Originally radial engines had one row of cylinders, but as engine sizes increased it became necessary to add extra rows. The first known radial-configuration engine to ever use a twin-row design was the 160 hp Gnôme "Double Lambda" rotary engine of 1912

The Pratt & Whitney R-4360 Wasp Major was a large 28-cylinder supercharged air-cooled four-row radial piston aircraft engine designed and built during World War II.[link]

The natural progress after this was to produce fractal radial engines, this development didn't start until the year 2112 though, and it would take 50 years more until the R-54360 Wasp Mandelbrot with infinite cylinders came into full production with the help of Mandelbulb 3D version 182.0.2.
(Some parts of the text taken from wiki: [link])
Mandelbulb 3D + Photoshop for adding my own image of clouds.
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You have been featured in Fractals that ROCK!! pt3 Please enjoy & give much love to all the artists :blowkiss:
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