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Unreleased view from the surface of the rotated mandelbox where I found these scenes during the same session:

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SirFerrickHobbyist General Artist

Do you spend much time looking for these? Because i could imagine you livestreaming/filming these landscapes as you move around to find them..
Here are the render where I found this Observer, as promised: [link]
I spend a lot of time looking for the images I put up.
You could say it is a combination of "livestreaming" (with very bad quality) and rendering/looking for nice things.
I actually soon will do something with the image where I saw this formation at the horizon...
Thank you Ferrick!
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segura2112Student Digital Artist
Thank YOU Tony!
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wow! a wonderful work -takes my breath
Thank you once more Johan!
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chrisntheboatHobbyist Digital Artist
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chrisntheboatHobbyist Digital Artist
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BiBiARTsHobbyist Photographer
wonderful work... send you a request of my group :iconsoulcollectors:
Thank you BiBi it is now included in your groups gallery.
Glad you like it!
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BiBiARTsHobbyist Photographer
always my pleasure and I'm glad you accept, Johan!!!
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Spectacular Destination...did you claim the territory? :eyepopping:
I claimed it already in November 25, 2010: [link] ;)
Thank you Stuart!
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sed Digital Artist
:icontxrabbit: Nice job!
;) Thank you Sed!
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What strange new worlds await.
They wait for you.
Thank you Jim!
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weaversssProfessional General Artist

Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations,
Greetings and Salutations, 2 you Maestro Kraftwerk : aka Master Johan Andersson : aka Mandelwerk, aka man ahead of his times!

Diagnosis Critéria : Compositionality : balanced : Light construct : and warm balanced with cold, tiled beams light effectuating illumination from the lower right upward trajectories grace magnificently the geometrousity, adding a touch of drama, as if she was an actress entering upon the stage to deliver her lines, to a packed audience, we applaud her and the Master, for first finding her, and secondly posting it, sharing it, he could of kept it to himself, but he is generous, Thank you master, for making it public!
She sings to us, and her blockbuster beauty knocks us out!

Intro perspective of an meticulously observant observer construct : Data :

How do we, how do we, who are born lacking authoritative understanding skill sets, that for certain are unequal, to natures hope, for us, to ascertain knowledge living with the handicaps and disabilities of an inferior mutant brain structure, devoid of a brain cooling aeration system, to cool down our brains, just like a computer to function, needs a fan device to go to higher states, so to does a human brain require a fan acceleration system to go to higher states, but we were born without one activated, its there but units called humans, till we evolve, it will remain untriggered, thus for all intentional purposes, we can say currently , we do not have one, thus trapped with monkey brains, and abilities, this flaw, that few are working on to rectify, so that at lower temperatures our brains, could be able to begin using our brains to full capacity utilization, instead of only partially, beside those menus of data bases flaws, it is compounded by mutant algorithms in the firing mechanisms of the thinking processor, making vast numbers of the human specie with this obsolete brain, prone to believe in belief systems, devoid of empirical facts, and ridiculous fantasies not just as children, but unfortunately, even as mature adults, compounded additionally with life expectancies constraints down to just paucity of decades, insufficiency time wise, of which, makes humanoids unfit, uneducated, and woefully undisciplined, when compared to other entities, existing in natures portfolio, of entities, who she allows granted, life expectancies in the hundred of years, and thousands of years, thus, allowing for a chance of modicums of knowledge acquisitions, to begin to fathom Mother Nature and her secret purposes, her rules of mental probabilistic engagements, in so far as ethical entreaties, interstitial multi-spacial environments, co-peaceful habitation with other species abiding appropriately, to the rules of comportment amongst higher states of citizenry, existing in the envelopes of the universes, such as the two headed entities, what you symbolically, intentionally, depicted here for us, Master Kraftwerk! What your inputs, outputted for us to see, was an Entity of a one, but a one, with one body, one neck, but bifurcated with two heads each containing an independent thinking brain, interconnecting, thus allowing for intelligent interactional discussion, and consensus decision making, to arrive at the access point, to act intelligently when we are intelligent instead of being somewhat intelligent and acting stupidly, and to become wise, and a humble wisdom seeker.

Thank you Master, for painting and suggesting what mankind must seek to transcend, from unworthiness to a life form of consequence, and worthiness?

The Fractal Forums the possibilities are infinite

I totally agree with your statements.
You describe what nobody else can see...
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Fractal snail !
Thank you Alexsander! :bow:
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KezulosProfessional General Artist
I'm totally seeing a snail's antennae! How fun this is :)
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