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My second image of the two horrible events that took place in Japan in August 1945.
I hope I will never have to create a third image.

Thinking of the hundreds of thousands people who lost their life and to those whose life is still affected by the aftermath of the atomic bomb.

Mandelbulb 3D
My own photo of sky added in Photoshop.

Previous image, Hiroshima:
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DavenwolfHobbyist Photographer
very cool
Thank you Daven
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Amazing, i never paid fractal art much attention until i started seeing your work
Thank you very much Marco.
I am honored to hear that!
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segura2112Student Digital Artist
Amen. Thank You
And thank you Tony!
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segura2112Student Digital Artist
Beautiful and paired with what it is commerating, very powerful. And I too hope you never create a third image.
Thank You
And thank you for a beautiful comment Tony!
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I feel like fraterchaos-what a picture!
Thank you Anders, glad you like it!
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Very good.
Thanks again Fiyas!
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You are welcome.
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weaversssProfessional General Artist
Greeting and Salutations,  again Maestro Kraftwerk : aka Master Johan Andersson : aka Master Mandelwerk, aka Master man ahead of his times!

T H A N K  Y  O U  M A S T E R

T H A N K  Y  O U  M A S T E R

T H A N K  Y  O U  M A S T E R

T H A N K  Y  O U  M A S T E R

T H A N K  Y  O U  M A S T E R

T H A N K  Y  O U  M A S T E R

picture entitled  

" N A G A S A K I "

Decryption :

It is with, with head bowed in shame, with honor and remorse in our thoughts for those lost, with pessimism distain, refrain from incremental insane, war, not the human law,

Unfortunately, Master : data : this is the way it is : data :

Regrettable for thee, Master, this act is what humans do!

May the force be with you, so that you may come to understand your fellow man!

Diagnosis criteria : compositionality : horizontal modulated reflectory psychological manifesting on exterior biological frailties in thoughts over shadowing the glorious creativity of the pictoriality.

data : over shadowed with reference of gloom, it nevertheless is a beautiful abstractionize fractal compilation : data :

What we like about this great picture is the way the arbitrary confabrications, are seen in the upper center of the pictoriality, representing radioactive particles in the rain falling downwards towards the earth, represented in the picture by a flat inhabitable floor, in a color of dried pus color, with puddles of liquid, that were blood stains that turned from blood red to distressed dark emerald green tonalities : data :

The color The Master, chose to represent this rain falling down from the upper center top frame of the picture, is a mocsos drab faded pink, and pale faded blue tonalities! : data : The perpendicular lines of the structure rundown but,  abruptly curve upwards, returning upward representing the rise and fall of moisture in the air, as it redistributes the aerial toxins to be carried around the globe, to manifest for eons!

: data : on the right of the picture frame are seen, a background geometrousities, colored in ranges of purples blues, lined structures representing the souls of spirits of that war, whose  goal is that they  want to come back to the world, but reach a bottle neck point, that forced them to return upward, but when they go upward, there to,  are blocked, deposed of and turn around and run back down to the world only to be turned back again, these troubled souls are trapped in the loop. : Data :  On the extreme upper right of the picture frame is a configuration, in a pale orange color, that represent the dark burned skin tone of a fallen japanese brothers, along with his mothers family that along with a myriad of populations that have perished : data : Although, dead he stretches out his long arm horizontally and his hand to shake the hand of man, to let him know, he has forgiven them, of original sin born in we, this monstrosity to kill each other, endlessly : no no, : data : It is not ours to judge, why Mother Nature wants us this way : data : But  get over it and grow despite of her, yes,  we must attain respect and evolve! : data : To attain empathy, where she to us have shown none : data : Glory be thee :  data : Sensitivity in thee  ; by the power of The Dark Matters, The Universes, the Suns and Daughters of Space : you are a fractal too, blessed B  U!

Go in peace with the Force Master!
Beautiful Weavers!
This is now forever part of this work!
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GrahamSym Digital Artist
Very nice work :)
Thank you Graham!
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DaawwW Traditional Artist
Thank you DaawwW!
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beautiful as ever mandelwerk...
Thank you Cate!
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Xavius-WindsongHobbyist General Artist
obliteration, caught in an instant of beauty...
Formless destruction in a shapeless wonder...
Tragedy made spectacular, while still saddening.

Amazing work!
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