Hommage to Benoit Mandelbrot

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The godfather of fractals, the discoverer of the mandelbrot set, Benoit Mandelbrot [link] died this Thursday, October 14.
Without him my images might have been non existing.

I got the message on Saturday, just when this render was ready. I was going to name this piece "Oceanic Nightmare of Kafka" but because of the dark mood in it and because of this tragic message it had to be "Hommage to Benoit Mandelbrot".

This image is one of the most surreal places I have found yet, check the shapes in the bottom right corner… every time I find an image like this, I think that I will never find a more interesting spot, but then you do… Thank you Benoit and all the people at!

Mandelbulb 3D, Sky from outside my home, added in photoshop.

Animation here: [link]
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Fiery-FireHobbyist Digital Artist
You have been featured in my new journal about Mandelbulbs !!! :boogie:
Here is the link >> [link]
Thank you Fiery, I am honoured°! :party:
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KrzysztofMarczakHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Krysztof! I am glad you like it!
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Your work has been featured in my latest journal [link] Please note me if this represents a problem for you.
No problem, thank you Josette! :)
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Relic of Diaspar!
I am not familliar with diaspar, googled it, some ancient city?
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steve-burgProfessional Filmographer
It looks like an alien city - on some distant world. Truly remarkable! :D
Thank you Steve! :D
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the combo of textures and lighting in freakin' cool. Compositionally, I really like how the story maintains right through the image to the very far back right.
It is one of the most spectacular shapes I have found so far in these new mandelbox / bulb hybrids, thank you very much for you comment Kevin!

( And check this one out too... [link] ...a zoom of thisa one...)
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Beesknees67Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is quite possibly THE best Mandelbulb I've seen, the lighting is incredible. Please, please do a zoom of the bottom right. Absolutely amazing, and a fitting tribute. Benoit would be proud.
Thank you very much Kim :bow:
Actually this is not a mandelbulb per se, this one is a "mandelbox", found when searching for the perfect mandelbulb. A box folded into itself via 4D space, folloing the laws of Z=Z^2 + c
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Beesknees67Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for the explanation....the math has always escaped me but I know a superb image when I see one.

I briefly played around in the mandelbulb program and have no idea what I'm doing, it seems you really do need to understand the math to find the good stuff. I'm sure I will never be able to find an image as fascinating as these. The shapes remind me of the Talis formula in Fractal Explorer and the Ducky formula in UF, that's why I'm so drawn to yours. You should keep exploring in this area! :)
You do not need full understanding of the math (even if it might help)
I have just read a lot about the different new hypercomplex 3D fractals and do not get the math fully, but that knowlede can give me a hint, but just play around gives interesting results sooner or later (I spend too much time with it ;) )

I will stay here for a while, I promise ;)
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wow, impressing work!! :clap:
Thank you Waltz :bow:
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my pleasure :)
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GypsyHHobbyist Digital Artist
Wow what a hommage. He would be so proud.
Thank you Gypsy, i hope so!
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Fantastic composition and ytibute to Benoit Mandelbrot. :)
Thank you Citrouilles! :bow:
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ArtisticLicenseNowHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice alien landscape!
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