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Published: September 24, 2010
One more image from the moonlike surface of the "sun" that hides inside the moon you can see about 5 seconds into this animation: [link]

HDR sky added in Photoshop...

mandelbulb 3D

...the next image I will put up will be something completely different (but from the very same fractal.... :)
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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh
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this looks pretty cool I know this sound creepy but when I see this I think of a temple surrounded by skulls
I can see that image too... Thank you again Yagami
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Wow, this piece is awesome! LOVE it! :heart:
Thank you Laura, glad you do.
I see you like Dalí, you should check out my surreal gallery... ;)
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Very welcome! Oh yes, love Dali....I'll check it out now :)
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LevitatingShrubberyHobbyist Digital Artist
I often think that fractals are a mathematician's plaything that, while pretty, lack the compositional complexity of free form arts. Then I see something like this and I am awed and inspired, and I marvel at the hidden beauty in math.
That is exactly why I spend so much time on doing these images.
I am glad to inspire you :)
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milleniumsentryProfessional Digital Artist
This is my favorite of your works. Such great depth. Almost like you are standing there.
Thank you millenium!
You've got some nice ones in your gallery too!
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My God, that's so special and unique. I love it. :D
:D Thanks you again cirouelle! :)
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only one thing to say.... WOW!
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Awesome...a truly alien landscape!!! Great detail and lighting really gives this render the sense of being a real place...I just want to step into it and start exploring!!

Very Best Regards,
You are so kind Eric, tthis place is worth the time it takes to get "the perfect picture", glad you like it!
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MarkJayBeeProfessional General Artist
Aha! A 'landscape' in the truest sense of the word! This really does look like
the kind of 'environment' where creatures could be living!
Nice lighting too J! :clap: :clap::clap:
Thank you Mark! :bow: :bow: :bow:
Looked pretty abandoned, they might be living at a smaller scale... I will zoom in! :)
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MarkJayBeeProfessional General Artist
Actually J, did you ever see a weird old animated movie from the '70's
called 'Fantastic Planet'? This kinda reminds me of a HiRes version of it! :nerd: ;)
I might have a vague memory of it, is it this? [link]
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MarkJayBeeProfessional General Artist
Yep, that's the one!
Hasn't stood the test of time very well though has it?!
Still entertaining in a strange sort of way though! :O_o:
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