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Basilica of Holographic Projections

I just love that theory….…
In short: The reality we experience is a holographic projection from the boundary of the black hole we call our universe.

I imagine all surreal imaginings being a penetration of the projected membrane into the REAL REALITY.

Inspired by Giovanni Paolo Pannini's painting of St. Peters Basilica.

MB3D, Photoshop (all images my own stock)

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3D printed Fractal - Libidinis Hexagonis Albidus by MANDELWERK    Kaleidoscopic Fractal Virus Pendant Silver by MANDELWERK    3D Printed - PLANETARIUM Ring - Rose Gold Plated by MANDELWERK   3Dprinted Fractal Bracelet - Intestines of C.N. by MANDELWERK   3D printed Jewelry - By Fractal Mathematics by MANDELWERK

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Amazing guy!!!!!#FractalGenius!!!!!💛💯👍😲!!!