5th Mandelbulb3D Teaser!

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Good Morning! :D

5th Mandelbulb3D Teaser starts today!!! :dance:

As per our group :iconmandelbulb3dteasers: rules, Hal :iconhaltenny:, winner of the 4th Teaser, has to setup the rules for this Teaser...and here it goes...

5th MB3D Teaser Rules
These three formulas must be used: Amazing Box ~ Menger3 ~ IdesFormula. (The IdesFormula is located in the first 3D column)

You can use any order for these formulas you like. You can also use Julia if you wish.

Please submit your deviations in the folder "5th Teaser" mandelbulb3dteasers.deviantart…
Each participant can submit 2 deviations.
Last date of submission - 25th April 2013

General Teaser Rules:-

1. All submissions should be original, i.e., you should start from scratch. No tweaking allowed.

2. If it is necessary, you can use a Background picture, like sky etc... provided, it should not occupy major portion of your deviation.

3. Each participant can submit 2 deviations for a teaser but second submission should be significantly different - i. e. not just another view of the same fractal.

4. Parameter sharing is optional but should give a short description of your workflow. Any tips or tricks used, if you care to share.

5. The winner of the teaser will get the privilege to conduct the next teaser i.e., he/she has to set the formulae for the next teaser

If anybody wants to join these Teasers please send  a note to the group,  you'll get your invite immediately! :D

Most of all, have fun...:dance:
Good Luck to all the participants!!!
Lux :heart:
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I still don't know what I'm doing as most scratch projects end up as dog vomit but I'll give it a go.