22nd Mandelbulb 3D Teaser!!!

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Here are the Rules for the 22nd MB3D Teaser :iconmandelbulb3dteasers:, & a thank you note from Audre :iconaudre:, winner of 21st MB3D Teaser...

=== Thank You Note =============

Thank You to everyone who participated for a really fun contest! :hug: I really didn't see this coming as there were so many entries that totally rocked. All of the entries were interesting and I really enjoyed browsing the gallery to see how people dealt with Glenda's rules. I was really inspired by all the creativity!

=== End Thank You Note =========

==== 22nd Teaser Rules =========

I really liked recycledrelatives previous idea of focusing on a few under-utilized formulas. I chose two which I've personally never had the chance to play with :)

In addition to that, I thought it would be fun to explore features of the Mandelbulb3D program that not everyone might know about, namely the ability to:

- use an image as a lightmap
- create depth of field focus effects

Finally, as much as I LOVE the "Amazing" formulas, I think they are well used and we've seen hundreds of renders with them. Let's EXCLUDE any of the AMAZING formulas. So, no Amazing Surf, Amaxing Box, ABox, or _Amazing anything to spice things up.

*** RULES ***

Formula which MUST be used: "Makin-NSR-tri"  OR  "Faehrten"

Makin-NSR-tri by Knot-A-Typo  OR   Faehrten by Knot-A-Typo

Program features which must used: "Depth of Field" AND "Image Lightmap"

NOT ALLOWED: AMAZING-Anything (Amazing Surf, Amazing Box, ABox, _Amazing etc)

Any number of formulas allowed, in any combination, including both of the 'must use' formulas at once, if you so desire. Any of the other program options, like reflections, volumetric lighting or positional lighting allowed (but not required).

Have fun everyone and good luck!

==== End Teaser Rules ==========

Please submit your deviations in the  "22nd Teaser" folder here mandelbulb3dteasers.deviantart…
Each participant can submit 2 deviations.
Last date of submission - 25th September 2014

General Teaser Rules:-
1. All submissions should be original, i.e., you should start from scratch. No tweaking allowed.

2. Each participant can submit 2 deviations for a teaser but second submission should be significantly different - i. e. not just another view of the same fractal.

3. Parameter sharing is optional but should give a short description of your workflow. Any tips or tricks used, if you care to share.

4. The winner of the teaser will get the privilege to conduct the next teaser i.e., he/she has to set the formulae for the next teaser.

If anybody wants to join these Teasers please send  a note to the group. :D

Most of all, have fun...:dance:
Happy Fractalling!!!

The Team

:iconhaltenny:Hal, :icontimemit:Tim & :iconlaxmijayaraj:Lux
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ah cool, great fun .... lets go :D