1st Mandelbulb3D Teaser!

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Good Morning!!!

Hope you are all enjoying the 1st Teaser so far...we have already got some beautiful entries...:dance:
There are only 2 days for the 1st Teaser to end... if you have not submitted your deviation for the teaser...please do so...:D

If any one is interested to join the fun, just send a note to the group, we'll send invitation...

Good Luck to all the participants....Happy Holidays to you & yours...

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Good Morning!!!

As I promised today we are starting our 1st Mandelbulb Teaser.  Here it goes....

Just an hour ago Luca has released Jerusalem Cube3 or Jcube3 to his formula collection.
Make a hybrid Fractal with with  Jcube3 & ABoxVaryScale2. you can enable Julia if you want... try to make it unique!!!

Before starting, please do not forget to download Luca's new set of formulae from here....www.fractalforums.com/mandelbu…

As the holidays are approaching we'll reduce this teaser to 10 days only & the submission of 1 deviation per member. From Jan 2013, we'll conduct regular teasers... Hope you will agree with me....:D

You can submit your deviation till 20th of December. Please submit your deviation in the folder "1st Teaser" and leave a link to this journal also...

Good Luck! Have fun!!!
:love: you all!!!
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I would like to submit this [link] but I'm not allowed to because I'm not a member and join requests are closed.
Anyway, is the image eligible if there is zero Abox iteration? ;):D