Mandelbulb 3D v1.91 Released - With Mesh Module!!
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Hi there folks! :wave:

I'm very pleased to announce that the latest version of Mandelbulb 3D - v1.91 - has been released by Andreas - AKA Thargor6. :iconthargor6:

You can download '' for free from:…

The big news of course - and this is something I know lots of users have been asking for - is the addition of what Andreas has termed the 'BulbTracer'. This will allow the creation of exportable 3D meshes directly from M3D! :wow:

Here's Andreas' own rundown of the new feature:

"Here is the new MB3D release with the first version of a new module called "BulbTracer" to easily create meshes from within MB3D.
Its supports the complete workflow of creating, smoothing and previewing the meshes, so no additional software is required.
It works fully multi-threaded, so it is fast, too.


  - to get started just press the "BTracer"-button to open the new module and press the
    "Import parameters"-button to import the current fractal
  - the sizing/positioning works the same way as in the VoxelStack-module, also
    the preview works very similar, but there are 2 new size settings for faster display
  - to get started quickly hust hit the "Generate Mesh"-button and watch what happens.
    You should get a small preview window showing the mesh if all worked right.

    If not, there is probably some problem with the OpenGL-display. In this rare case
    you can still create the meshes, but not preview them from within MB3D. You may use MeshLab instead.
  - Level of detail: Increase the "volumetric resolution" setting. Usually a value of 100...200 is a good start,
    and can 200...300 gives good results. The higher the value, the more detail, but also the more
    vertices and faces are generated, leading to larger files and more consumption of memory.
  - Smoothing: There are two different smoothing options:
      - oversampling: smoothes the mesh during creation and leads to increased creation time
      - Taubin-smooth: post-processing, usually very fast
    It depends on the fractal which works the best, some fractals work best with a combination
    of both.
  - Cancelling: you can cancel the mesh generation at any time and preview the changes
    which were made so far. This is the default behaviour. If you want just cancel,
    you can change this behaviour by chosing the option "Cancel immediately" from within
    the "Cancel type"-listbox.
  - Saving: Usually also saving is very fast and is done automatically. But if you want to try out many settings,
    you may want to turn saving temporary off. In this case, just choose "Dont save, only preview" from
    the "Save type"-listbox
  - Have fun!"

I'm having a good old rummage around the new prog now! So get downloading, and I look forward to seeing what amazing creations you guys come up with in the coming weeks....
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AguraNataHobbyist General Artist
Great Feature, I work every day and have fun!Hug  Clap Clap Clap 
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FractalDeviantHobbyist Digital Artist
Hi! I've this trouble when I try to open certain formulas. This warning shows me: _FoldingTetra3d formula is missing! (Check Ini-dir for formulas). When I see inside folder I find formulas, but still I've this warning. What means? Thanks for help.
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cool feature and save time (no voxel export > fiji and so on).

some hints:

# find the mesh/object
If nothing is to see after "import from main" > scale down with "Overall scale" until something is to see.
Then find the area of interest - adjust it to the middle and scale up, so that it fits to the preview window.

# DE value
Best results with a closed mesh already in "Trace Preview" (best view with 256³ - only if slow go down).
If you have noise, holes and/or to fine lines, take a look to DE value - is often to small.

# prevent from invisible polys inside object
my setups mostly outside meshes. check the In/out option.

# optimizing/smoothing
With higher "Volumetric resolution" meanwhile i deactivate "Oversampling" and "Taubin smooth", because mb3d hangs up in some cases.
Higher Volumetric resolutions means 400-512 (for me ;) ).

external tools
i smooth and reduce the mesh-polys in cinema4D and also meshlab (free) does it.


video tutorial(s)…

# some results……
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jjkieferHobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for posting.  I just installed and am really liking what I see!
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FracZkyHobbyist General Artist
There is a language problem in the software, input commands is in German...
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Undead-AcademyHobbyist Digital Artist
so awesome ,thanks for that :)
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Cool, thank you a lot for the new realese, i try it right now  :)
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